Face splitting put to good use

The watched a new version of an old tale, The Batman last night. It stars Robert Pattinson, and man is it dark. Every outdoor scene is at night and in pouring rain. Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is morose, depressed. It seems that his mother and father were murdered, and the guy never got over it. So there he is, an orphan, living in a mansion, having all the resources a man can have. He’s got no girlfriend, of course.

At a certain point in the movie, The Riddler (Paul Dano) is in jail, and he and The Batman are conversing. The Riddler subtly implies that he knows that Bruce Wayne is The Batman. Thinking about it, I thought, you know, man, that could be right. I’ve never really thought about it. But I do have this technology here to test this theory.

So I did the usual, setting the eye pupil distance and all of that, and I have to tell you, with The Batman, it was difficult. The guy wears contacts that record everything going on in front of him. So I just sort of had to guess. This is what I got:

There you have it.Bruce Wayne is The Batman. For me, this puts the whole movie, in fact, the entire Batman franchise in new perspective. I’ll never again see two separate and unrelated characters.

Then I thought, while I am at it, there’s another superhero I would like to unmask, so to speak. To the right here is Superman, aka “The Caped Crusader”. Do I have that right? Not sure. Anyway, moving along, there’s another character who turns up in Superman movies, Clark Kent, a mild-mannered newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet. I have pretty sharp eyes, and right away spotted a strong resemblance. I suspected that KC was SM. But how to tease it out? Again, technology.

Here we go:

And there you have it, spot on! Two different men! It could be that there is slight (very slight) distortion caused by Kent’s horned rims, but not enough to matter. These are different dudes in different costumes.

So I have big, big news for Gotham City – Batman has an alter ego. Metropolis … as you were.

I rest my case.

20 thoughts on “Face splitting put to good use

  1. Well, the name Wayne goes all the way back to the Peerage, so I’m not surprised. Here’s the thing about old Clark, though, and I can’t believe nobody’s pointed it out before. If you add the letters O and N to his last name, and change the K to a C, what do you have? That’s right: CLINTON. (Oh yeah, and you have to change the E to an I.)

    These elites think they’re so fucking clever.

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  2. Let me ‘splain – I think the humor is too deeply hidden. The reason that Lois Lane cannot see that Clark Kent is Superman is because of the horn-rimmed glasses. They have magical power, and cast a spell on her. So too with me, I could not see that KC is SM because the glasses cast a spell on me.

    What’s that they say about explaining humor? It is lost in the process. Ah well.

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    1. See, and that’s exactly why I avoid people who wear glasses. Except for myself.
      Yes, I wear them, but I’m not evil. I don’t think. Unless I’m being mind-controlled. Man, I hope not. That would suck.


  3. Per Waki:
    Hypotheses regarding the formation of the asteroid belt from the destruction of a hypothetical fifth planet are today collectively referred to as “the disruption theory”. These hypotheses state that there was once a major planetary member of the Solar System circulating in the present gap between Mars and Jupiter, which was destroyed by one or more of the following hypothetical processes:[citation needed]

    it veered too close to Jupiter and was torn apart by its powerful tides
    it was struck by another large celestial body
    it was destroyed by a hypothetical brown dwarf, the companion star to the Sun, known as Nemesis
    it was shattered by some internal catastrophe

    The disrupted planet hypothesis has also been supported by French-Italian mathematician and astronomer Joseph-Louis Lagrange in 1814;[8] Canadian geologist Reginald Daly in 1943;[9] American geochemists Harrison Brown and Clair Patterson in 1948;[10] Soviet academics Alexander Zavaritskiy in 1948, Vasily Fesenkov in 1950 (who later rejected his own model) and Otto Schmidt (died 1956);[5] British-Canadian astronomer Michael Ovenden in 1972-3;[11][12] and American astronomer Donald Menzel in 1978.[13] Ovenden suggested that the planet be named “Krypton” after the destroyed native world of Superman, as well as believing it to have been a gas giant roughly eighty-five to ninety Earth masses in mass and nearly the size of Saturn.[11]


  4. As I don’t have a scientific mind, I can’t rightly say I have a clue about what he’s proposing.
    However, lately I’ve been wondering if the calamities of the solar system and earth in particular (ie, ice ages) are prompted, through catastrophes, by planets missing in action.
    The debris field mentioned in the wiki excerpt may be affecting earth in the way an amputee reacts to a phantom limb.
    If there is anything to Miles Mathis’ charge theory, then it would stand to reason that any catastrophe, like an exploding planet, will resonate for sometime in the lives of the surviving planets.
    That’s all I’ve got.
    Recently I’ve been turning over in my mind the absurdity of trans humanism and the concept of detaching our consciousness from our physical bodies. I suspect that if that happened our survival instinct would vanish in an instant. Because at that point we have nothing to protect. And those instincts surely have had a profound influence on the nature of our consciousness.
    Without the context of the physical world, I imagine our detached consciousness would feature nothing more than disjointed memories and images, at one time pleasant or frightening, but now utterly devoid of consequence. I don’t think that is the condition of a ‘higher’ life form.
    Such a condition sounds very much like being dead.
    Which makes me think, if there is something to reincarnation, it is vital to have our memories wiped clean so as not to know what a disembodied consciousness is subjected to: something akin to utter insanity.


  5. What I have read of reincarnation leads me to think that current memories of past lives are mostly connected to tragedies, but that if reincarnation is real, we are kept out of the loop, completely clueless about anything before, and yet somehow kept within distance of a small group. Thus we encounter the same friends and lovers and wonder why powerful attractions to ordinary folks. I have several times been swept off my feet by women of ordinary beauty who I feel I have some connection with. Turns out most often a mutual interest that fizzles. But that initial attraction … man oh man. They were not that beautiful, except in my eyes.

    So what would be the point? Advancement? becoming smarter, mote intuitive, caring, giving, performing good deeds for humanity? Then there would have to be repeat offenders, and a constant influx of new and idiotic humans. OK. I can see that Earth as life 101. But ultimately, what would be the goal? Personages living in unconditional love, all the time? I think we need conflict to survive. Heaven is boring, no jealousy or sex or bar fights.

    I really got nothing.

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    1. But you got “Something”, Man. without all that shit; Life would be boring as hell, And we wouldn’t have anything to complain about.


  6. the world is far less complicated than they try to convince us. I came to the conclusion that the Ukraine war is completely staged, Putin plays along as WEF tells him to do, cities like Mariupol now being completely empty are used as a stage to get rid of all that old war equipment. They just shoot everything into dust there geting rid of the old ammunition. That’s why Germany only send old tanks and rockets to the Ukraine. The ship Moscow was 50 years old and they got rid of it by sinking it. Now the story focuses on the supposed bio-laboratories. I bet they will say it’s where the Corona virus came from and this will end the Corona story together with the war.
    Simon Shacks universe “explains” things no one has ever seen and only NASA claims to be able to see. He even worked for the ESA once, which a sort of European NASA. We now have a constellation where 3 major planets are behind the sun and the Venus is between, all of them “stealing” solar energy from us. That’s why it is so cold in Summer and so mild in Winter in the northern hemisphere. Solar minimum is over and the sun has spots again. But this cannot compensate the loss of energy. This are rare constellations and it can only get better.
    I like the idea of Stefan Lanka that this what we know as the surface of water is the origin substance of life. It exists everywhere and it even keeps the universe together.
    That’s what they observe as water spectrum on foreign galaxies. It feeds insects flying for hours or birds flying between continents. It s what we knew as ether once and other cultures still know as Chi or Prana.
    I’m still very optimistic. The world gets better even if it does not appear so if you look at it at a certain time. TPTB make us think they are bad but they still make the world a better place from century to century. It is what Goethe, who was a Freemason, had in mind when he wrote in the alchemists language of Mephistopheles: “I’m a part of that force that always craves evil and always creates good”.

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  7. I also stumbled upon a very good book recently: “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” from a Dr. Murphy. It is surprisingly good and confirms many of my own thoughts on this topic. Maybe Mark mentioned it already in the past. I may missed that.


  8. Noticed the tag for this post is movies. Here is a form of post production.
    We know about the iconic false flag shoes often placed at events.
    Looks like the ukraine branding is overturned cars.
    fourth time have seen this gimmick… 

    “…Black-ops singing in the dead of night,
    Take these broken cars and learn to see
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment
    to arise…”



    1. Love the modified lyrics…thank you, will adapt it to the narratives as they change. Great image…only a brief glance would convey trauma to the viewer, but a longer look, and WTF? becomes obvious. New bombs that invert cars ever so gently? How diabolical can you get? Maybe it’s a new way to change oil and tranny fluid quicker and easier? Might as well rotate the tires while you’re at it. Does Safelite auto glass know about this bomb technology? Get on the Batphone at once, and call Clark Kent so we can get some press!

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  9. I remember spotting this as a child, also the different Paul Mcartneys. It was more than the different costumes, but I couldn’t convince my parents (I didn’t know how to state my case) and they eventually convinced me otherwise lol. I appreciate your brilliant work, as always. Greetings from South Africa.


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