Noam, why the long face?

This article, brought to us courtesy of Big Swede, is about Noam Chomsky.

Author Noam Chomsky predicted a grim future in an interview with The New Statesman: “We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history. … It looks like the grim cloud of fascism is spreading over the whole world inexorable. That was in February 1939.”

He is talking about the rise of Nazism.  He needs to get up to speed. I saw fascism in full-dress parade in the Covid scam, an attack on civil liberties that was unlike any before, open, shameless, and brazen. People were locked in their houses, warned to stay six feet apart, forced to wear pointless and useless masks just for humiliation sake. Toilet paper disappeared … no accident. We could not attend public events, including attending church. Where was Uncle Nummy during this human disaster? Supporting it. All of it. Then this:

“People who refuse to accept vaccines, I think the right response for them is not to force them to, but rather to insist that they be isolated. If people decide, ‘I am willing to be a danger to the community by refusing to vaccinate,’ they should say then, ‘Well, I also have the decency to isolate myself. I don’t want a vaccine, but I don’t have the right to run around harming people.’ That should be a convention,” said Chomsky.

Ask what they would do for groceries, he said “Well, that’s actually their problem.” How’s that for glum and oppressive.

I communicated with Chomsky during this time, congratulating him on surviving to an advanced age, and with tongue firmly in cheek suggesting to him that part of the reason for his longevity is that he has never been vaccinated. He quickly answered that oh yes, he’s vaccinated, done the boosters, was vaccinated for everything growing up. I don’t believe a word of it. Vaccination is a class thing, in part a way to dumb us down. His class does not do it. Ever.

Chomsky has many followers. His deceit goes as far back as 1971 when he and fellow travelers Daniel Ellsberg and Howard Zinn played secret agents, allegedly (and comically) running around back streets at night while making copies (using 1970s technology) of a 7,000 page false history of the Vietnam War known as the Pentagon Papers. It was reverse psychology, the public being led to believe that the papers were meant to be kept secret. The real purpose of the Paper Caper, as I call it, was to lend authenticity to false history. Hardly anyone has ever read those papers. However, they would thereafter be referenced by historians (with lowly grad students assigned to read various parts). That is how they sell false history, using reverse psychology. That’s what makes best-selling bullshit history, and textbooks. One thing I know for certain, four people who have never read a page of the Pentagon Papers are … Ellsberg, Zinn, me and Chomsky.

The Paper Caper was 51 years ago. That’s a long career of professional lying. It must wear him down! He has written in the past about the difficulties people face in living dual lives, as pretending to respect a boss they hate, pretending that things known to be false are true (2+2=5).  He should know about duality. He lives it.

When I contacted Chomsky about vaccines, he said he had studied the matter carefully. I doubt it. But his followers (and I was one at one time) trust him to do his diligence, to do the sweat labor they avoid. That is his modus operandi. It’s a confidence game. He’s been used to sell the major scams of our times to the intellectual class, from JFK to 911, the Pentagon Papers, and now Covid and the vaccines. Just trust me, he says. He digs deep, writes intense prose, intense lies. He’s about as real as snake venom causing Covid. His photo above … reminds me of a snake.

Chomsky closed out his latest rant about how we’re all going to die, which I linked to at the opening, with this:

“We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history,” he said. “Nothing like it before. We are now facing the prospect of the destruction of organized human life on Earth from environmental destruction and not in the remote future we are approaching irrevisable turning points which can not be dealt with any longer. It doesn’t mean everybody is going to die but it’s going to mean moving to a future in which the lucky ones will be those who die more quickly.”

Is that doom and gloom I hear? The Earth has been mildly warming now for three and a half centuries, ever since the Little Ice Age bottomed out, around 1680. During the LIA our glaciers either grew or originated. Winter fairs were held on the ice of the Thames. It was a hard time for humanity, people in the temperate zones facing crop losses and starvation. Iceland lost a third of its people.  The Vikings, who had settled in and were farming Greenland, had to leave. The mild warming we’ve experienced since has been a good thing for humanity. The CO2 we’ve put (back) in the atmosphere is helping to spawn a revolution in agriculture. The planet is greening. Food is abundant.

IPCC Climate models are the basis for Climate terror. The models are wrong about everything. However, they are the basis for policy. It is a hoax of massive measure, with every public figure from comedians to politicians going along. Most of that is just stupidity, an abundant human feature never in short supply. The power on display is oppressive. Even as the mild winds and temperatures outside our homes are barely changed, we imagine that disaster is all about, except outside our car windows.

The planet is OK. Humans are the problem.

I do not know what the ultimate aim of the Climate Change hoax is, but I have my suspicions. Depopulation is surely one goal. Much of it is racist, slavers and crackers reappearing. They are preventing Africa and South America from developing, preventing lesser races from enjoying the benefits of oil, gas and coal. It keeps them from gaining wealth and making better lives. But my point is that fascists are behind it, just as with Covid, and now we know Uncle Nummy is part of it too. Why am I not surprised? Turns out he is what he despises most. He is a self-loathing fascist. But I have to ask, why the long face, Uncle Nummy? Is it possible that you are clinically depressed? Sucks to be you.

Below is a quick video on overpopulation, less than two minutes.

It’s an optimistic outlook, one that poor Uncle Nummy would resent. Of course, it oversimplifies. Even though the entire world population could live in the state of Texas (actually, maybe two-thirds of that state), with each family having a house with a front and back yard, and public parks available for every community of 250 homes or so, there is the matter of growing food for them, providing them with cars and bridges and infrastructure and energy. Though we are yet to reach our limits, there are limits, which is why the narrator assures us that population growth will end naturally in thirty years or so.

We must be realistic about Climate Change, knowing that it is not a problem, but we must also face consequences of continued population growth. We are OK for now and the foreseeable future, but there are limits. Forget the dystopia of movies like Blade Runner and Hunger Games, think about long term and sane and compassionate living, every life having a purpose. The keys to such an existence are fossil fuels, nuclear power. These are the very things that Climate Change fanatics oppose. The key to the riddle? Look at Uncle Nummy’s face above. Do you see what I see? Let his words sink in. He hates himself, for sure. He also hates us. That’s why the long face.

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    1. Seconding the happy birthday wishes, Mark!

      Noam, don’t let the door hit your snake ass on the way out, you gatekeeping fraud. Talk about inversion…ugh. To think I respected him up to a few years ago, even recommending him to students, teens and adults. From the looks of him, methinks he won’t hang around as long as the vampires Heinrich K and Gyorgy S. Maybe Nums don’t like adrenochrome? Too costly?


    2. Maybe that means the antichrist has been born? They do love their numerology. Sure 20/4/2022 turns into 666, somehow 🤔

      Chomsky looks like a shopworn warlock. I remember studying his ‘innate language acquisition device’ in final year psychology. What is that? Humans seem intrinsically wired to learn language(s) before the onset of puberty, therefore the brain must have a language acquisition ‘device’ of some sort. Brilliant. Calling it the LAD or ‘seat of universal syntax’ makes it sound a bit more sciency. Not much though. You can earn a degree if you pretend this stuff isn’t wonky self-evident circular twaddle.

      Universal functions of the brain such as memory and language are not at all understood, 100% theoretical. Some of the theories are based on a sample size of ONE, as in the unfortunate case of ‘Genie’ Wiley. I notice the story surrounding her early diagnosis of autism has also changed in the decade since I was a student, as it renders any conclusions drawn from her circumstances irrelevant.


  1. Chomsky is a sad shill and climate change is a scam, agreed, but to say there is no overpopulation just because we could all fit in Texas is pure nonsense. The world population has increased sevenfold in two hundred years, thanks solely to the manna of fossil fuels, and this exponential growth is completely unsustainable because fossil fuels are finite, like everything else on this planet.
    Aware of this at least since the 1950s (listen to Admiral Hyman Rickover’s speech at the time), our masters are now trying to reduce the population with lethal vaccines and by cutting off access to fossil fuels.


  2. Noam is a trooper, still shilling after all these years. That deserves a bit of credit, no? What diligence and loyalty, and this is what was conditioned and expected and he has paid his dues. And continues even now to pay them. A lifetime achievement award has been earned, no doubt.

    As for ‘climate change’ if you really are interested and serious you would of course not get sucked into the ping-pong match of left-right and focus on the space they try to obscure under the cloak of National Security. That would lead you directly into ‘geoengineering’ and weather modification. Most folks understand something very unusual is happening with the weather. This is their lived experience. They look to the experts and media to quantify these anomalies and they are led into the climate change narrative. If you would really care to redirect this conversation, you will need to go beyond the ‘climate change is fake’ part of the false dichotomy to interact directly with folks’ lived experience. Weather whiplash extremes, flash floods and extended droughts that folks are experiencing over and over again will not just get whitewashed away because some are saying that it’s not actually happening, when folks all over the globe are experiencing this as now a ‘regular’ occurrence in their lives. They look for answers, and they find the MSM, who though they are full of fear mongering are at least calling a spade a spade in that folks are suffering and questioning.

    I can follow the weather engineering just by ‘feels’. Yes, I can see the manufactured clouds very obviously that change the weather, but the now regular extremes also cause ‘dis-ease’. Folks all over the world have been trying to document this for a decade plus. I wonder how it is that some can not sense this at all? Miles Mathis claims the clouds are just the same as they’ve been since ‘we’ were all children. He is of course only one of many trying to redirect and discredit the ‘chemtrails’. It’s beyond obvious and it’s really discouraging and disheartening to see even those who should know better still try to claim it’s not happening.

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    1. I have here in my office temperature and Palmer Drought Index graphs for Colorado (and 47 other states) that show Climate is at once very stable and highly variable. I remember a trip we took with some friends to the Pryor Mountains of Montana to see some petroglyphs. I am not much into Native American culture, some are. The reason I remember that trip is that it rained. Montana was in severe drought. If you look through the records, you’ll find that Montana often has droughts. California and Nevada … very much drought prone.

      The reason I say ” very stable” and “highly variable” is that we use rolling averages for these matters, which are statistically justified, that is, certain guidelines must be met before a rolling average can be used. Within that context, you would be amazed at climate variability. To ascribe it all to men with secret technology is not reasonable. Nature is highly variable. We’ve been suggested to by the Climate freaks that if it gets hot, if we have forest fires, it is climate change. On the other hand, we’ve been suggested to that there is a man behind a curtain. I tend to think that power of suggestion ought to be outlawed.,

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      1. Aerosols are being spread into the atmosphere on an ongoing basis. I have watched this process for years. Why, what is the purpose? There could easily be multiple agendas for these aerosols, using different mixtures to achieve the desired result in any particular area.

        Here, in Oregon, there is always a stepping up of application in advance of projected rain, and also during the precipitation, up above the natural cloud layer. I have seen the rainfall projected two or three days in the future be reduced to much lower levels, repeatedly. This is what Carnicom calls “drought inducement”.

        Out here on the west coast, and inland, we are entrenched in what the climate change alarmists gleefully call “The Great Western drought”. Ongoing, and almost certainly exacerbated by the relentless aerosol application. More and bigger fires, and conditions that make it harder for people to live on the land. All intended effects.

        What happens to the moisture, if it cannot come down on my head? I have a friend in NJ who tells me that they have been receiving unusual amounts of moisture, flooding, accompanied by unusually severe weather, as if the climate is changing from the norm over there.

        Obviously, not every weather event is scripted by the masters up there. However, every large scale effort, as in continual drought inducement, is going to have ripple effects, such as western drought > NJ rainstorms….

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        1. Take a look at the Palmer Drought indexes, an historical record of that feature going back over a century. Drought is a fact of life, but is lessening with the advance of CO2. A question you must answer: Autism, obviously caused by vaccines, only affects those who are vaccinated, and that is not our Chomsky’s and Biden’s. The deleterious effects of vaccines can be directed on a class basis. They obviously don’t care if our children are autistic. They don’t care if our lives are shortened.

          Droughts are another matter. They affect everyone, even the ones in gated communities.If they could control such things, they would do so in a manner that they are not affected while the rest of us are. The Colorado River is the lifeblood of what, 65 million people? Do you imagine that they have such power to control such a massive part of nature? I do not.

          Aerosols … MM wrestled with this and concluded that they are using aircraft to dispose of chemicals to avoid coats of regular means … I don’t know, of course. I do know that the airliners give us nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, and that those make us ill. Avoid airports unless you have to travel.


          1. Is there not actual solar evolution to be considered?

            Could be just my view from here outside Shitcago, but that sun of ours is much whiter now – to me – than when I was a kid… I’m not as old as birthday boy, but close enough. I remember that YELLOW ball. I also find the heat, while in the sunlight, to be much more intense – I feel burning on my skin in short order. Yes, this could be atmospheric, but I have read some things indicating a change in the stellar classification.


            1. Many folks have noticed this. The sun also feels much hotter, even on winter days. I believe this is due to the light scattering particulates which are actually visible, with some practice, you have to train your eyes a bit to see them. These aerosols have been tested at altitude and you can watch this on the documentary “The Dimming”.


          2. MT,

            Interestingly, weather engineering patents go back to 1891, originating with Louis Gathmann: The weather warfarers have been awfully busy ever since: I suggest that weaponized acoustics/electromagnetics/plasma science/torsion physics are much more impactful on our environment/climate world-wide than bio-chemicals per sé. As Kensho also implied, I can “feel” it.

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            1. Stephers, later today I will offer up the Palmer Index and precipitation records for New Jersey, and then leave it to you to determine which of the wild oscillations called climate variability are a natural phenomenon, and which are human induced.


              1. MT,

                Oh, man, the PDSI ( is a brand new term for me. I have my homework cut out here – a huge learning curve to tackle. How can I even attempt to address your challenge? That’s a real toughie, MT. But I do appreciate challenges and cordial debate :).

                I sense a major factor in my learning curve equation will need to include the related aspect of machine learning and satellite imagery. Accordingly, without the assistance of AI, I have no idea how I would even begin to determine what is natural vs. technology-induced (I do not perceive that climate variability is human-induced – from us ordinary humans without advanced tech, like HAARP gadgets and stuff.)

                From a May 2021 paper

                The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) is an estimate of relative dryness in an area using temperature, precipitation, and soil characteristics. In general, the PDSI used to take into account of long-term drought which has affected an area for more several months (Mika et al., 2005). The PDSI works based on the water supply and water demand system while considering: (1) potential evapotranspiration calculated using Thornwaite method, (2) the amount of measured soil moisture, (3) the reduced amount of soil moisture due to evapotranspiration, (4) runoff.

                It seems to me that the PDSI is crucial in drought modeling/forecasting ( – leading us right back to AI as their solution to mitigate drought (which I still suggest can be brought on via technological means in any place desirable; hence, problem-reaction-solution). When I see machine learning methods for modeling/predicting/forecasting (, I see (the potential/opportunity for) strategies of control.

                It seems (from a quick review of this paper on the Thornwaite method that (quite similar to a database of genomic sequences) a database of evapotranspiration coefficients has been accrued since 1950 (see the Conclusions section of the linked paper). My guess is that with this type of granular data harvesting/assessment, the AI could potentially inform the precise implementation of militarized drought engineering strategies.

                For me to dig into later:

                As I said, this evapotranspiration/Palmer Index is a whole new language for me to learn. The only thing I learned about precipitation was in 7th grade – something about the hydrologic cycle. This was the extent of it:–watersheds.html.


                1. MT,

                  I learned from Alison that UC Boulder is a pivotal player in the blockchain/IoT space.

                  Here they are discussing this tech to address drought:

                  This indicates to me that the controllers are teaching the AI about drought – via remote sensing (, simulation incorporating the PDSI (, and actual events (whether engineered or natural, or a hybrid) in real-time.


                    1. MT,

                      To clarify . . . Yes, for now, I am suggesting that the weather engineers desire drought in some places (Western U.S.), as well as flooding in others (Northeastern U.S.).

                      Problem-reaction-solution is at play – as in all of their engineering programs (ie – social, political, biological, etc.).

                      My position is that this (essentially, treating climate/weather as a commodity) serves multiple agendas:

                      1) Train the AI/develop precipitation-related algorithms/Big Data for their coveted emergency preparedness programs;
                      2) Establish insider wealth for elites working in weather derivates/impact investing
                      and, of course,
                      3) Accelerate objectives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)/The Great Reset (which only ushers in more – eventually overt – geoengineering programs)

                      All of these aims serve to cement SMART surveillance (and subsequent control) of all populations (of humans, animals, plants, etc.) and, frankly, all of Nature.

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                    2. Kensho,

                      Yes, I should have mentioned agriculture control – via AI and the “Planetary Computer” (including AI for Earth – AKA Precision Agriculture, or Agriculture 4.0.

                      Read here on drought and Agriculture 4.0:


                      To keep in mind . . . Climate change narratives/initiatives have everything to do with commerce and digital transformation (hence the constant and incestuous involvement of the U.S. Dept of Commerce (nationally) and the World Economic Forum (globally).

                      UN SDG 6 is Clean Water and Sanitation:

                      In order to build out their coveted resiliency programs (incorporating risk/impact management for stakeholder/disaster capitalism, they need water crises to take center stage:

                      Ultimately, this is about complete digitization of the water cycle – for full-spectrum dominance. Water is life. We know this, and they know this.

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                2. Let’s give it a day. I have to do a quick post here, and then it is a workday. We’ll catch up tomorrow and I will scan some data for New Jersey on climate, 1918 to 2018.


            2. Yes, also pressure domes. I believe this is where the feeling comes from, the ‘abrupt’ and deliberate ‘collapse’ of the ionosphere in order to move the weather systems. I liken it to that scene from
              Top Gun where they are training in the simulator. Each individual had different reactions to that intense pressure lift then fall, some of them felt almost nothing, others had to quit the training after that it was so felt so intensely for them.


          3. You said, “Climate is at once very stable and highly variable.” I agree, and I don’t think anyone here has contradicted that statement. I don’t think the man behind the curtain (the one who pulled off that world-wide covid stunt) can “change” the climate. Can he induce/exacerbate weather events? Yes. Can he induce/exacerbate drought conditions in already drought-prone areas? Yes. Will there be ripple effects felt elsewhere due to extensive drying/heating of the air in those areas? Yes. Thinking of moisture, what goes up must come down. And how it comes down may mean an increase in weather events elsewhere, stories of which “the man” will sensationalize to support his agenda…..and of course this is just using one example of how their meddling with the atmosphere can have effects.

            “Droughts are another matter. They affect everyone, even the ones in gated communities. If they could control such things, they would do so in a manner that they are not affected” I agree with that principle, generally, but Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, or any other of the elite players who live within the confines of the “Great Western Drought”, are not going to have their lives ruined, or be made homeless because of it. What will happen is more fires, an increase in the incendiary quality of burnables due to the elements that are dispersed, all followed by the outcry about how climate change will ruin us all if we don’t wake up to it twenty years ago already.

            There are several things that tell me that this drought is being exacerbated.
            -I see the massive application of aerosols with my own eyes, especially preceding and during fronts bringing moisture.
            -Carnicom’s science re atmospheric drying appears sound
            -The mainstream is advertising and celebrating this drought. It is desirable for the global warming narrative, evidenced by the extensive NYTimes (and others) coverage of the extent and longevity of this event. Perfect material for pushing the climate change agenda.

            Regarding “MM”. His statements re chemtrails, evidenced by the “rigor” of his research, are worth the same as his statements re the virus (or viruses). That is to say…nothing.


            1. To both you and Kenshohomestead, more data is needed. I have published a link to a man who analyzes con and chemtrails, and the speed at which they should dissipate, very precise work. He claims that when they do not disspate within that time, they are chemtrails. I’ve seen your photos, and live near DIA, and on many days our own skies are filled with plumes. But I do not make the jump to presuming that behind them is weather modification.

              Regarding Western drought, a drought occurring in a drought-prone area is not news. The reason for the great hydro projects out west, Glen Canyon, Hoover, etc., is not so much electricity, but water for cities and farmers in drought-prone areas. Water is gold out here, and nothing new about that. My ancestors lived and farmed in Eastern Montana, dry land farming, an incredibly hard life. Down near Cody, WY, they dammed the Shoshone River, again to allow for water for farmers during droughts. Maybe over the weekend I will scan and publish the Palmer Drought Severity Index record for you, 1918-2018, for your area. I have not looked at it, but do not expect to be surprised, over time, a slight uptick in water, and fewer and less severe droughts.,


              1. MT (and OM/Kensho),

                I often wonder if the contrail vs. chemtrail issue is a bit of a red herring, or at the very least, a diversion from more apparent revelation of geoengineering strategies. This is why I consider that the mainstream admission (AKA Revelation of the Method) of artificially-induced drought for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics may need exploration and scrutiny (particularly when it comes to the larger implications – such as the use of supercomputers for weather modification):

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                1. Thank you very much for all your links and research, I will be exploring all of them and reposting some, so very appreciated. There is a helpful video by Jim Lee, Climate, called 10 Technologies to Own the Weather Today. Also, this is a good one with David Miles, former CEO of Acquis, a weather modification company: If they are able to do these things for the good, there will be those who use them for chaos creation also.

                  The aerosols change the weather. The weather modification is also used in warfare. These are facts. The contrail/chemtrail debate is absolutely a Red Herring and it’s had folks arguing for decades—so a healthy herring indeed.


        2. Could all the weather modification stories be created to add credibility to the man made climate change lie by making people believe that human activity can have considerable effects on the weather?

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          1. So what do you all think of Dane Wiggington
            & this documentary?
            I thought it credible yet now you have said this Rob I have my discernment radar out again..
            We certainly have extreme trail spraying in UK followed by predictable weather changes, disruption of usual bird migration choices & sporadic ailments blamed on the usual but clearly not normal symptom pictures.
            I like the open discussions here
            Thank you


            1. I do follow Dane very closely and have seen that documentary and find it credible. The weather modification ‘stories’ are more than stories, they are living accounts of actual people. These then get manipulated to fit the climate change charade and we’ve got ‘Mother Nature behaving badly’ rather than man’s technology disrupting the atmosphere. Man is the problem, just not man’s SUVs and cow flatulence.

              The problem folks are likely to have with Dane is that he is a climate doomsdayer, sincerely believing we have less than a decade left. I understand how this rubs folks the wrong way, but I also understand his frustration, being at this for a decade now, getting enormous amount of flack from every direction and still not really able to budge the entrenched and corrupt top environmental organizations. I have a lot of respect for him. The most compelling part of ‘The Dimming’ is their testing of the aerosols at altitude, for that alone I’d recommend it. I listen to his ‘bad new broadcast’ every week, like church. That’s how I think of him, The Church of Dane, Old Testament style, and I like it. 🙂


            2. Kath,

              My concerns thus far with Dane W. (after following him closely since 2015) are that he has consistently pushed the global warming narrative (I do not see evidence of global warming, although perhaps in specific areas of the globe – NOT where I am!), and he has consistently appeared on media platforms that lean conservative/alt-right (ie – Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog). Over the years, he also has had spurious connections (outside of his expertise) to some individuals whom I consider controlled opposition (ie – Del Bigtree).

              That said (to echo Kensho) I have found his information to be credible, and I greatly respect his persistence. I am always willing to modify my position on him. Nothing is off the table for me. No cows are sacred on my watch. I have never met Dane, nor know anyone who has, so I have no personal connection to him. I can only go by his words and actions, and I suggest he has raised more awareness in this regard than anyone else I can think of – with the exception of anti-geoengineering activist Michael Murphy, who reportedly passed away in 2020. Years ago, I had purchased multiple copies of Murphy’s brilliant documentaries, so I could pass them around to others. Strangely enough, I even handed one copy to Temple Grandin, when I met her in 2015. That did NOT go over well – a story for another day. Needless to say, her reaction was one of extreme anger, and she proceeded to make a public case out of our private encounter – in front of the entire audience that was present. I still feel viscerally uncomfortable when I think about it.


            3. I really don’t know what to make of all the trail spraying info. I’ve read about it and seen lots of photos online, but I’ve never really noticed it in real life.
              I’m in the UK, I work mainly outside, spend some of my spare time hiking and camping around national parks all around the country and I often look up in the sky. I’ve seen the odd trail here and there but nothing like the photos regularly posted.
              Could changes to bird migration patterns be because of changes to the land and stop off points they use? I live near a park with a couple of lakes where lots of migratory birds can be seen throughout the year and I’ve not noticed anything unusual there.
              As has already been said, the weather can be extremely variable anyway, so how can you tell what is natural or caused by “weather modification”? Unless maybe you read about it a lot and it influences your opinion.
              Do we sometimes go down rabbit holes that make things appear much more complicated than they really are?


              1. Rob

                Very reassuring that you don’t see it much..

                I live near Skipton, North Yorkshire & see cross hatched patterns most blue sky days. It’s generally a rare blue sky day when it doesn’t happen, though the last few days there have been much less.
                It will look like a beautiful day coming & after the spraying the trails spread out to form a white mist & then it it goes dull/cold/rainy. Notice it in London too a lot, very noticeable last week there (North London). Saw it loads on the Whitby coastline last summer. I’m delighted when I don’t see it. I’ve seen weird snow too that doesn’t melt properly/shines oddly at night (very used to walking in dark with head torch in snow for nearly 20 winters – last winter it was very different, though not every time)/snowball gets a black coating when a flame is held to it (could be from the match smoke of course), but smell of plastic remains on the surface. I did that twice on two separate days (2 snowballs) after I saw a Spanish YouTube video showing that same effect & I thought it could not be. But now I have seen/smelt I know there is something dodgy going on..

                What part of the UK are you?


                1. For what it’s worth, I know folks who are looking at it as I am in the exact moment, and don’t see it. There was a whistleblower pilot all over the UK too, trying to point it out to his colleagues, who could not see them. Amazing, truly. Denial is a very powerful force.


                2. Kath
                  I’m in Cambridgeshire. Had blue sky yesterday so I was looking out for trails, nothing. It’s cloudy here today so can’t tell. I’m curious now if these are so prevalent why do I never notice them? I don’t think I’m in denial, I’ll make more of a conscious effort to look out for them.
                  Never noticed the weird snow either. Could it be affected by any residues from nearby power stations? Years ago I lived near one in Kent that burned orimulsion and it left a fine dust on cars for miles around. I’d collect some, let it melt completely, and see if I could notice anything unusual about it.
                  There’s all this unnecessary fuss about CO2 and no one seems to be bothered about all the chemicals that pollute our environment.


                  1. Rob

                    Nearest Power Station is Heysham, 36 miles as the crow flies. I’ll check out what they burn, thanks.
                    ‘There’s all this unnecessary fuss about CO2 and no one seems to be bothered about all the chemicals that pollute our environment.’ Totally agree..


        3. I have been reading this blog for several years, but have never posted. I also live in Oregon and can confirm that what OREGONMATT says is correct as I follow it every day. I also look at satellite photos and can see where they are operating on any given day. While I do not believe that climate change is real, I sincerely believe that climate control is happening all over the world. It is just another weapon in the scam that it the Great Reset.

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      2. There is certainly so much dis and misinformation from every angle it’s exceptionally difficult to discern. However, certain areas are more prone to ‘highly variable’ than others. We never used to get 50 degree temperature shifts in a day, hail the size of lemons, tornadoes annually, hurricanes that sit over an area for days at a time, and constant weather fronts that produce no precipitation, right after days of ‘spray’. That’s our ‘new normal’. We get manufactured clouds, 2 days of overcast with intense heat and humidity out of season, then moderate rain chances that produce about 1/4 inch, unless you are in the deluge zone, where you might get 5 inches in an hour or 12 inches overnight, then back to nothing for months. We are in East Texas, our weather used to be more like Louisiana, now it’s all over the place, trees are dying at an astonishing rate.

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  3. I would think that every day Noam prays to God that there isn’t a God. Noam is about a banana peel away from meeting Him. Probably not going to go well for Nummy. Nummy kind of has the cornered rat look about him.

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  4. I usually very much appreciate your articles, and this one, for the most part, is not an exception. Just one line bothers me – the one about fossil fuels and nuclear energy. I don’t want to impose my views on anyone but it is my firm conviction that we will see (and hopefully very soon) all the wonderful non-harming technologies that have been withheld from us for so long, maliciously, and much to the degree of our health and our planet. Once this starts, I do believe change for the better will be quick.


  5. ….”lesser races from enjoying the benefits of gas oil and coal. It keeps them from gaining wealth and making better lives….”

    lesser races??? gaining wealth and making better lives?? like you North Americans who have such better lives? with all your wealth?

    these two sentences reveals the whole man…nothing more to be said….


    1. The use of the term “lesser races” was not meant to convey my POV, but rather that of the people behind Climate Change, who are going to great length to keep Africa a dark continent. We also saw this with AIDS, pure racism on parade and made violent by use of AZT to murder untold numbers.


  6. As far as the contrail/chemtrails, my observation of the borderland skies is this: why do we sometimes see long, persistent feather-like trails that slowly widen, emanating from north-south, which are unusual flight paths for this region, sometimes east-west, becoming overall gray in the afternoon some days, whereas most days, for weeks on end, just blue skies, no contrails at all? It is usual here to have few to no clouds from April through June, except for those mysterious days when the “contrails” persist for hours. That is the part I do not “get”.

    Anecdotally, the first Saturday of April was a new high, 91 or so. We volunteered that day for a school carnival. The sun was blistery, but there were high “clouds.” We spent most of the time under a ramada. The next day my wife and I, but not our daughter, got congested for days, though neither of us have allergies. A colleague’s daughter who was present at the park with us had her first asthma attack in years, which went on for days. Apparently, other colleagues were not as affected. I had walked the washes on Weds and Friday that week, noting no clouds on Weds, but persistent wispy ones on that Friday prior, which continued on Saturday. Coincidence? Of course, I’m not a biologist, so how can I tell chems from cons?


      1. Thanks for linking to that post, which I just re-read. And right on cue, about 45 minutes ago I saw an east-west plane leave a contrail that dissipated after a few moments. Like “normal.” The sky remains blue.


  7. From one of Stephers links above:
    “The potential economic costs of inaction are staggering. Damage done by climate-related disasters and extreme weather in 2018 alone cost the US around $160 billion, and the numbers are only expected to increase as hazards become more complex and unpredictable.“. They show a cute little map of a small fraction of the weather disasters, probably because tornadoes over rural property doesn’t even get recorded anywhere. But what’s more interesting is they don’t talk about weather modification at all, though I will guarantee there were weather mod projects happening in every one of those locations. What’s also possibly of interest is that I noticed many of the ‘brotherhoods’ have gotten into the insurance game in the last few years. Woodmen of the World comes to mind, now insurance company. And the Odd Fellows. How odd.

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  8. You know them by their fruits. 1928, nearly a century of ‘progress’. From another of Stepher’s links:

    “Alignment With WEF’s Mission and Critical Objectives
    Since 1928, WEF and its members have protected public health and the environment. WEF’s mission, programs, and activities support the objectives of the SDGs, aligning with many, in particular SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation.”

    Fluoride and Coca-Cola in, public-private partnerships with no accountability everywhere, soon all of us to pay taxes to the U.N., in addition to the current squeeze play.


    1. Part of what I get on this end when you comment is your email address. If you don’t mind my using it, I would like to send you climate data for the last 100 years for Oregon, which is where I think you live – that is, I think you said that to us. I could just put it up as a comment, but the graphs are detailed, so instead I scan them and make Jpegs.

      The information, by the way, comes from NOAA, but NOAA doesn’t publicize it because it interferes with the climate change agenda. Weather is both wildly variable and yet at the same time measurably predictable.

      Interested? What the graphs are is a visual representation of climate variability. So when I read your words about weather modification, I would have to know which weather and how you know it is something planned and not just the wild variability that I see.


      1. Thanks for the thought, but I live in East Texas. We historically are not drought prone, we are in a very wet area here usually. You can try to contact the Texas Weather Modification Association, but I doubt they will respond. Weather Modification, Inc., does list some of their (mostly old) projects. Jim Lee has many maps on Climate Viewer that show some of those which are reported. Statistical data is easily manipulated, as I’m sure is no news to you. If you have East Texas data you’d like me to try to debunk, I’d be happy to try that.


        1. I have all of that stuff too for Texas, but you know, Texas is so big, and to make common graphs based on political boundaries is only useful for smaller states, like Massachusetts or places with common landscapes throughout, like Florida.

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          1. Nonetheless, I think you are too easy on seeing manmade interference in weather. I think I am going to write a post on how to read graphs, as that skill seems to be lacking but is essential if you are going to hold the opinions that you do. I doubt very much that you can distinguish between climate variability and human interference in it based on a visual presentation of data.

            I’ve been reading graphs for so long that it comes easily to me. It has never occurred to me that subtleties are lost when data is presented graphically. This should be fun.


          2. I’ve tried to get info from official sources here and that I was unable to was what got me suspicious enough to start searching the ‘darker corners’ of the web. I couldn’t even get information about the tornado that nearly took my house down. They need plausible deniability and it’s all very compartmentalized, of course. But Jim Lee has a USDA document on his site that shows they were experimenting with electromagnetic cloud seeding just west of the hurricane that parked itself over Houston for days and caused major damage. If you have any direct contacts, not just maps and graphs and stats, I’d be happy to pursue this in that direction. However, I see how they lie with statistics, it’s in how they set up the studies, they make it nearly impossible to get crucial info from them. Averages mean nothing here and events aren’t all reported. It’s not functioning, by design.


    2. “…. soon all of us to pay taxes to the U.N.”

      We already do. As of now, the United States is the largest financier of the United Nations. Look at their fundraisers’ list. America’s political establishment is the largest donor, giving approximately $11 billion to the U.N. at our expense. According to our friend, the Council on Foreign Relations:

      “The U.S. government contributed about $11.6 billion to the United Nations in 2020, the most recent fiscal year with full data available. About 30 percent of this total was assessed and 70 percent was voluntary. This represents about one-fifth of the roughly $50 billion the United States spends annually on foreign aid. By comparison, that is about what the government allocates annually to the U.S. Coast Guard.”

      And here’s the U.N.’s website itself:

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