Chickens come home to roost … on solar panels and windmills

Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across U.S.

From the Wall Street Journal, 5/8/22:

From California to Texas to Indiana, electric-grid operators are warning that power-generating capacity is struggling to keep up with demand, a gap that could lead to rolling blackouts during heat waves or other peak periods as soon as this year.

The interesting thing about the WSJ article is that the writer, Katherine Blunt, does not seem to understand that wind and solar cannot meet electrical demand, not now, not ever. Readers at this site know, or should know, that Global Warming and Climate Change are hoaxes, that the planet is not warming in any appreciable manner, in fact, not at all since 2005. The reasons behind the hoaxing … since we are all going to suffer the same fate, alarmists and realistic skeptics alike … are hard to fathom. For sure there is a great deal of stupidity among the alarmists, but Michael Mann, for instance, is not a stupid person, and is selling the hoax as real with extreme enthusiasm. Why? Is he paid to lie?

The risk of electricity shortages is rising throughout the U.S. as traditional power plants are being retired more quickly than they can be replaced by renewable energy and battery storage. Power grids are feeling the strain as the U.S. makes a historic transition from conventional power plants fueled by coal and natural gas to cleaner forms of energy such as wind and solar power, and aging nuclear plants are slated for retirement in many parts of the country.

Pardon me, but the last I heard, battery storage of power generated by wind and solar farms is a pipe dream. We cannot begin to make enough of them or keep them functional.

We screen calls here in our home to filter out telemarketers, but are given a list of calls that do not make it through. For a while a company selling solar panels in Boulder, Colorado, was dialing our number five or six times daily. They are pushing them hard, even as Colorado can make them only marginally usable, that is, there’s an outside chance they may pay for themselves down the road. The makers of solar panels and windmills are heavily subsidized, otherwise they would not be dotting our landscapes, killing birds and bats, and creating eyesores.

Blunt makes some untenable statements in the article.:

  • “The challenge is that wind and solar farms—which are among the cheapest forms of power generation …”
  • “While a large amount of battery storage is under development … “
  • “Large, sustained outages have occurred with greater frequency over the past two decades, in part because the grid has become more vulnerable to failure with age and an uptick in severe weather events exacerbated by climate change.”

The first statement is just false (one must factor in subsidies and the cost of replacement energy when wind and solar are down). The second one sounds like whistling past the graveyard. Batteries are not going to save our sorry asses.

The third one is just a lie. Even the IPCC admits that they do not have any data to support the statement. They use weasel words like”identifying trends in tropical storm metrics remains a challenge” They also say there is “only low confidence for the attribution of any detectable changes in tropical cyclone activity due to anthropogenic influences.” In other words, Blunt does not know what she is talking about, but understand this: There is absolutely no fact checking going on among climate alarmists. They can say anything they want, no one edits them. They’ve been making outrageous and false claims about our climate future for 33 years now, with no attempt to set the records straight, ever.

In a previous post I wrote about rolling, or moving averages, how one can plot a line in seemingly random data by averaging everything going on to the left of any point in the line. That was not done by Mr. Maue, who assembled this information, but I envision two straight lines, one for cyclones above, and one for hurricanes below. There is no trend to speak of.

On the other hand, the incidence of tornadoes in the lower 48 is down.

I am not seeing a problem there, as there is no “uptick in severe weather events exacerbated by climate change.” Blunt is wrong, and either very poorly informed, or a victim of groupthink.

Nonetheless, as the WSJ article reminds us, hard times lie ahead as we plunge into renewables and away from fossil fuels, and for no good reason. Expect rolling blackouts, rising energy costs, and more lies.


Good News: Americans Still Rank ‘Climate Change’ Dead Last Among Environmental Concerns, Reports Gallup

28 thoughts on “Chickens come home to roost … on solar panels and windmills

  1. In my Indiana town, subscribers to an internet provider named WOW! lost Internet for 3 days. It’s a major provider. Many area businesses and homeowners (including my sister and her family) got a painful kick in the ads. The official explanation was that WOW! was bought out by another company called ASTOUND, and ASTOUND fucked up somehow during the business transfer. I know nothing about internet providing, but this explanation is obviously preposterous. The names of the companies are pretty hilarious, though. Maybe the next company, SHOCK, will kill the Internet for a few weeks instead of days, and then AWE will shut it down for good and we’ll beg our trillionaire philanthropists to just shoot internet straight into our veins and solve the problem for us. Problem, reaction, solution, rinse and repeat.

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    1. Not directly related to power, but…

      I’m outside Shitcago. A while back I had to dump WOW! because their service and reliability were just shit. I had no other choice but ComCast.Xfinity. Over 2020 & 2021 I hade worked-from-home above 99% of the time. I had no idea that the service goes up and down all day long – any day and any time. I called – they flat out lied (no outages in your area).

      A recent, even more flagrant example is NetFlix usage. Dead on XFinity through their interface. Move over to NetFlix streaming on the Internet and it works fine – same credentials and same IPAddress at my home. ComCast.XFinity was doing something. When they lied to me saying that it was a NetFlix issue, I described the scenario; silence on the non-local support line, then “We are looking into it.” Absolute garbage… and the cost is out of sight.


    2. Good piece, Mark. It gave me an idea for a new band called; “Rolling Blackouts” Their first hit could be… “Chickens come home to Roost” and on the flip-side …”Rinse and Repeat”.

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  2. The very best solution to electrical power is nuclear reactors. Thorium might be an even better answer, less radiation danger, cheaper, really quite safe.


    1. The movie The China Syndrome, with its utterly fake science, followed twelve days after its release by Three Mile Island … count me skeptical. Even then the fossil fuel industry wanted to end nuclear power. They were probably behind both the movie and the 3MI event. I just don’t envision coincidence playing a role. You are right, nuclear is the answer. If CO2 were really a problem, nuclear produces none. But still the vocal advocates to end nuclear power, who get media time, own the day. Diablo Canyon will be around a while longer, but is still scheduled to shut down. We are crazy.

      In some unfathomable way, is fossil fuel behind renewables, taking us to the brink of disaster, and then rescuing us last minute? Has this whole charade played out merely to get rid of nuclear?

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  3. Is the “problem” real? Is conservation (less per capita consumption) a possibility? Or is “modern” man just no longer capable of living with less of anything? Machines need power, as we have all we need to survive from the food we eat and water we drink. Mother Nature can be taken for granted, but surely everyone must at some point understand that Nature bats last. No exceptions.

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  4. we have the same narrative here in Germany. Media warning us of possible blackouts, recommending to stock some food, complaining about non existing panic buying at the same time. I’ve stumbled about a theory recently I know for some time already. It’s about the great resets that happened in the past. The last of them was IMO at the end of WW2, when they “bombed” lots of big cities in Europe destroying mainly the old accommodations and making place for “new” houses with water and electrical power supply. There always was a bomb alarm so people could get to shelters where they haven’t seen anything and when they get out, their houses were gone, right?
    Then there were “big fires” in big cities especially at the end of the 19-th century, where some prominent houses were burn to the ground including many libraries. Or the famous Chicago’s Columbian Exposition, where they destroyed beautiful buildings they supposedly made within barely two years only for the exposition. The world expositions were once called “craft fairies” or “trade fairies”, right?
    So the theory implicates that the old buildings like churches or cathedrals we still can see everywhere, even in foreign places come from a time where a previous culture used a different technology we no longer understand. Look at this building in Tanzania in 1917:
    Did some missionaries build that house?
    Our TPTB then made churches or Parliaments and such out of some of the most prominent buildings that still exists but this wasn’t their original purpose.
    Look at the people from that time. Did they really build the White House?
    There are photographs from the 19-th century showing this extraordinary architecture together with muddy streets which makes no sense. You don’t build a palace on mud, right?
    So the idea is, that there was a different society in the past we know nothing about because the books were destroyed and replaced by new written books telling us a different story. There also must have been some kind of big disaster which whipped out the population and covered everything with mud. Or look for orphan trains where they probably moved children with different roots and no past memories everywhere to start a new world order after the Great Reset. Things like that could happen many times in the past. All we know about history is what they told us.

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    1. Barb,
      For a little construction woo woo,
      researcher, Howdie Mickoski, has done extensive work on the background of the World’s Fairs, construction /destruction, purpose…fascinating take:
      start at 4:00

      book: “Exposing the Expositions 1851-1915”

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      1. wow, this guys just said pretty much what I was thinking. And lots of things I don’t agree (yet).
        Well, they (TPTB) can’t do this anymore like in the past, when books were rare and there was nothing else. We have not just books but all the digital media. They could switch off the internet and erase all the clouds but not the memory sticks and hard disks and such.
        So the question is, what about is the Great Reset this time? I’m sure that everything Klaus Schwab is talking about is just garbage to distract and scare. There is no artificial intelligence, Transhumanism is fake, there are not even chips for humans. Of course they cannot implant anything in our brains. Thouse things are SciFi. All they have are artificial hips, which are always worse than the original bad bones. And passive RFID chips like those for dogs and cats which can only be read within a very close distance. They want us to use smartphones all the time, that’s for sure. Also the inflation everywhere is obviously meant to equalize all the grocery prices so people from rich countries no longer can buy cheap in poor countries. I talked a lot with folks from Poland, Bulgaria and Tchechoslovakia lately and the prices in this countries are like our new prices in Germany. And the people there still make like one third of what a German makes for a living. In other words, they will make everybody equally poor.


        1. this Howdie Mickoski is an interesting source of intel. Fake name though.
          I just realized that the Eiffel tower was build just before the Chicago exhibition. There are lots of pics from the building site. Not so from the Chicago buildings, right? Also in Paris they had this Hall of Machines showing the high tech of the time. This hall they kept for like 10 years for everybody to see. So IMO this was the NEW technology being put on display and the old technology in Chicago was shown for the last time and then got destroyed and hidden. We still have some remnants of it here and there though. This buildings look impressive but I prefer modern accommodations with water and power supply. I’m trying to say that things got better not worse. This Great Resets seem to replace something insufficient with something more progressive, right? I also believe that they do this when an old technology reaches its dead end. They then destroy it to make place for new technology.
          The question is, what came to a dead end now and will be destroyed and what will come after it? As I said, I don’t believe a word of what a Klaus Schwab is saying. They said that already in the 60-s in this show I found through this Howdie Mickoski guy here:

          and it still is not true.


            1. Do you or anyone know how to play just the audio from a YouTube video? I would be listening via an Android phone.

              The default is that the screen has to be “on”, unlike all other platforms I know of…


              1. try the browser instead of the app, switch to the desktop, it will stop playing then, then open the top line menu and press play again there


        1. I found the world exhibition stuff really interesting, but have you any of Howdie Mickoski’s other videos? Especially the two Moon Night ones. They’re all nephilim, portals into other realms and ancient gods ruling us, set to return kind of stuff. All interwoven with lots of mainstream facebook conspiracy group folklore.
          Maybe he’s another David Icke type character


          1. Never any harm in being exposed to different ideas from different sources, so long as we know how to be skeptical observers. The name “Howdie” is certainly an interesting tag. Is he associated in any way with Miss Piggy?


  5. The perfect storm is the mass migration to the southwest states combined with the demolition of coal and nuclear plants, but most devastating is the drought along the CO river basin. Imagine dams so low that they can’t produce electricity.


  6. Swede, the reason we have water projects like Meade and Glen Canyon is not to generate electricity as much as to store water, as the area is so drought prone. Hydroelectric is not a big player in terms of power generation. Right now Meade is serving its primary purpose, providing water … it’ll turn around again. It always does. They are making it out to be like this is something new or unusual. In some places drought is the norm, moisture the exception. I think somewhere I printed a 100 year record of the Palmer Drought Severity Index for that area. This is nothing new.

    Also, in 2017 and 2019 the US set records for having the least amount of land under drought. Big picture stuff.

    With Lake Meade, more and more people depend on the Colorado River, putting some stress on it. Something like 65 million people depend on that river … not sure of the number. I am repeating what someone told me.


    1. Taking with one of my best friends son, whose an electrical engineer for a major transmission line company, says they are concerned about the ability to produce power via dams.

      While I’m not a believer in “global warming” fear porn I do believe in natural cycles which mimics our old testament lessons of seven years feast, seven years famine.

      By Daniel Trotta

      (Reuters) – U.S. officials on Tuesday announced unprecedented measures to boost water levels at Lake Powell, an artificial reservoir on the Colorado River that is so low as to endanger the production of hydroelectric power for seven Western states.

      Amid a sustained drought exacerbated by climate change, the Bureau of Reclamation will release an additional 500,000 acre-feet (616.7 million cubic meters) of water this year from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir upstream on the Wyoming-Utah border that will flow into Lake Powell.

      Another 480,000 acre-feet that otherwise would have been released downstream will be retained in the artificial lake on the Utah-Arizona border, officials said.

      “We have never taken this step before in the Colorado River Basin, but the conditions we see today and the potential risk we see on the horizon demand that we take prompt action,” Tanya Trujillo, the Interior Department’s assistant secretary for water and science, told reporters.


      1. “…exacerbated by climate change…” … as I said in the post, these people are unedited. They get to spew out anything they want if it agrees with the climate change meme, and no one questions, edits, or critiques their words. They sound smart and knowledgeable even as the slightest reference to actual climate and temperature data shows them to be stupid and wrong. It is a psyop. It is all fingernails on a chalkboard to me.


  7. you may not see much of it in the USA, but we here (in Europe) have many traces of some mud flood which happened not so long ago and covered especially bigger cities located on rivers with like 2m layer of new ground. There are lots of houses which look like being buried in the streets. There are windows in basements which from the inside are bricked up like to 2/3 of the original height.
    As for the great reset, maybe they will just switch off the Internet. That would reset a lot, don’t you think? The majority of the information we talk about exists only online.
    I also saw a lot of chem trails lately here and maybe this entire mask-show in the Corona hoax was to teach people to wear them. Mask would probably protect from the stuff of the chem trails which reaches the surface. Also when they make a real Great Reset, they probably would prefer to eradicate the wise asses and to keep the dumb ones which would easier accept the new world. The Elite still wears the masks, right?


    1. BarbM – So what do people say is the explanation for the buried buildings and covered windows? Don’t tell me they just ignore it..

      I think the Internet may be too decentralized to flip a switch on.. Not sure what that would take. Ab has said it’s more feasible to isolate countries/ continents, eg shut down the main cable(s) across the Atlantic.

      Wise asses vs dumb ones – I’ve had one “dumb one” and one half-wise-ass/ half dumb one separately tell me they’ve considered this logic in their own decisions to vax – surely they won’t be culled for being obedient sheep, seemed to be their pragmatic way of looking at it. But then, we really don’t know what the actual agenda might or might not be. It sounds logical, but for all we know it’s trivial to TPTB. Anyway they push anti-vax propaganda to some extent themselves, in “right leaning” media, so most anti-vaxxers are generally still mostly accepting mainstream narratives.

      p.s. Thanks for your idea on the YouTube audio issue. My phone automatically opens the app, but I will try to disable or uninstall it, and see if I can play direct in browser.


        1. I disabled the app but even in browser YouTube won’t let me do audio only. I saw some app extensions, even tried one, but it had issues. I need a tech guru. The problem with a web search is there are 500 answers, all different… No ranking them..


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