Ruby Ridge mention of POM by MM

Remember, Fauxlex was involved in that embarrassing slander against me at Peace of Mindful in 2018, when they claimed I was a pedophile with an ankle bracelet driving around in a golf cart because I wasn’t allowed to have a car. Mark Tokarski, the owner of that site, has since apologized to me for that, and even asked me to work with him, so if you run into Fauxlex (fake law), you might ask him why he is hiding behind a fake name and continuing the slander after his previous comrade has admitted it was just slander.

I do not recall Fauxlex having any role in the piece MM is referring to above. I think he came aboard later, and got pissed and left all outside the time frame of that piece. I did not know he was still writing. On leaving he said that I had just lost my best writer. I told him no, that Tyrone was on sabbatical, maybe never to return. Who knows.

I want to get through this as quickly as possible, and put it behind me. The words are from Miles Mathis in his recent Ruby Ridge paper, and they are not without merit. We did put up a piece here that indeed made the allegations claimed. The writer of the piece left, and I used that opportunity to take it down. Kevin Starr, who wrote an accompanying genealogy piece, left as well, saying that (I am not quoting) even if MM is a limited hangout, he is the best one around and wanted no part of taking him down. I came to realize that I should never have let the piece go through, as there was too much personal attack contained within. It still exists but is “private” and is never seen by the public. For some reason, I could not hit the delete key.

I did contact MM telling him the piece was gone from view, and that in printing it I had “crossed a line that could not be uncrossed.” That is as best I could do for an apology, as I did not want to grovel. I just wanted to say what was true and get the hell out. Later, working on VAERS, I could not contact Josh at Cutting Through the Fog, and asked MM to forward a message, which he did. That would account for the “asking me to work with him.”

So it is accurate, but not true, that is, I make it a point never to attack MM on this forum, as the personal attack in 2018 was not cool, and should not have happened. That removes credibility, so I just have to avoid interaction. He is, to me, one to be kept at arms’ length, an unknown quantity. But I have no inside knowledge and accept him at face. No other choice.

There might have been one other contact with him (my memory is not perfect), I think about Judi Bari of Earth First!, who supposedly survived a car bombing and later died of cancer. Using Truepeoplesearch, I found her alive and well in Santa Clara, California. I know I brought this matter to the attention of Bruce Anderson, who publicly accused Bari’s husband Mike Sweeney of orchestrating the car bombing, which incidentally never happened. I always wondered why Sweeney did not sue for libel and shut down Anderson’s Anderson Valley Advertiser, a small newspaper in northern California. Most likely, both were/are low level spooks, along with Bari. As I recall, I offered this information to MM too. I am not sure.

That is the extent of my involvement with MM. I tried at one time to work on Ruby Ridge, but could not make any sense of it. MM’s piece is full of the usual genealogy, take it for what it is worth. I knew the event was fake, but could not work it up and gave up. By that time I was tired of in-depth pieces that take up so much time and have so little air time before being replaced by March Madness and the NFL. Ruby Ridge was 20 years ago. That’s almost a generation apart from us.

29 thoughts on “Ruby Ridge mention of POM by MM

    1. Take Money and Power out of the equation and none of “em would have the stomach for it..They’d all be looking for a new “Paper Route”.


        1. Mark, who cares about the beefs you’ve had over the years ? You’ve said shit about them and they’ve said shit about you..So What ! at least you were man enough to stand up and try to admit when you felt you may have been wrong. But you’re still here and that stands for something and you can tell the world this… if I could be “you” and you could be “me “for just one hour…if we could find a way to get inside each others mind…if you could see, “you”.. through “my eyes”, instead of your ego; I believe you’d be surprised to see that you’ve been Blind…Your whole world you see around you is just a reflection..And the law of karma says, you’re gonna reap just what you sow. So, unless you’ve lived a life of total perfection…You better be careful of every stone that you should throw… Walk a mile in my shoes, Just walk a mile in my shoes, before abuse, criticize and accuse…WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES. ( Joe South )


        2. “it’s always about the attention and looking for another Route.”

          That’s the thing with narcissistic psychopaths: it’s never enough for them. They always want more of something. They’re really weak people, if you think about it. They’ve always expected others to do the dirty work for them and to foot the bills for their huge monetary wins or losses. When you take all of that away from them, they are no better than the “plebs” they loath and steal (tax) from.

          They know this, which is why they are hell-bent on making others feel less about themselves by propagating disgusting lies & fearporn through their PR networks (news, TV, education, etc.), as well as by pretending to be “better” or “special” than everyone else.

          The negative energy they disperse unto us is also great for their commercial quotas, for we are more likely to spend tenfold on their drugs and comfort products, which makes these criminals even richer. That may also, in part, explain why you sometimes see pharmaceutical ads, for instance, between news stories and entertainment shows broadcasted on TV and on the internet.


  1. Thanks, Mark. I would like to return but I cannot find the time these days (years) as I am obliged by my better nature to attend to family matters full time. Besides, does anyone want the deets on Hitler’s alleged old man and his old man at this point? That’s the kind of subject I’m pulled to and I wonder if anyone under 40 could follow along. Would they care?
    Anyway, I think MM is conflating two different posts, one by Bob’syouruncle, and one by Faulex, who brought up an alleged early novel by MM about a man with young girls on the brain.
    Pause. With all due respect to Miles:
    Can someone explain how MM can dismiss all the deaths from the ops and still insist on millions of deaths from the vaccine? I don’t trust VAERS anymore than I trust “Doctor” Fausti or Grand Master Gates. I think these reported deaths are manufactured counterpoint to all the cheerleading for “science”. I think of the anti-smoking campaigns bankrolled by big tobacco because they know when smokers get anxious, they light up. Something similar is going on, I suspect. Utterly counterintuitive, but somehow the insurance companies are likely making out like bandits. I have no facts, just a throbbing Spidey-sense that won’t stop spritzing.


    1. Big tobacco bankrolled anti-smoking campaigns, is that right? But smoking rates have fallen greatly, at least in the US. I’ve heard their overseas markets are better.

      Maybe that reverse psychology could work in this sense – if there’s an undercurrent of anti-vax sentiment everyone’s aware of, but it’s pushed in part by the “heels” of most peoples’ kayfabe worlds, then they become strongly dedicated to the vax out of a sense of ideological virtue/ rejection of the “misinformation spreaders.”

      But really, I lean more towards the CoronaCircus analysis (“Season of Sacrifice”) where they talked about the “rug pull” theory – flipping the vax narrative at some point. So it would make sense to have all that groundwork being laid, such as (maybe most effectively) by Steve Kirsch. Or… Maybe nothing so dramatic, but just an ongoing controlled opposition narrative of anti-vax sentiment, for division and moving/ shaping the dialectic. (I have a few places CC’s article loses me or leaves me asking questions, but overall one of the best I’ve come across on the topic.)

      I don’t have a large circle, haven’t seen anything dramatic. One friend who felt very bad after the second shot and was considering skipping the booster (sore arm and flu like symptoms that laid him up for a day or so, plus gastro issues IIRC. Some were lingering.) I saw comments on facebook of various minor aches or issues when people asked (during the “post your vax” photo days), then encouraging everyone to dive in. One late-middle-aged acquaintance became sick maybe a week after his 2nd(?) shot, and went to the ER I think. He had pneumonia – I guess not “covid pneumonia” – was nearly hospitalized but managed to stay out, luckily, and recovered.

      However, consider that Kirsch cites one researcher who claims 1 death per 2300 jabs. Such a number would be huge, yet would not register noticeably in most peoples’ personal circles, especially as it would be attributed to something else. I recently read a contact on facebook mourning the loss of his elderly sister, for instance. She had been sharp and in good health, but had suddenly developed some kind of dementia or cognitive impairment and declined rapidly. Of course it would not occur to this person to mention whether she had been recently vaxxed, and I don’t know him well enough to inquire except maybe if I run into him in person to tactfully inquire. And since she was elderly, it’s not going to even be considered anything to question at all, by most people.


    2. I don’t doubt that there are some people who have died or suffered from vaccine-related side effects, just as there are, indeed, some people who died in wars or accidents. It is possible, however, that many are fake. We have seen how people like to fake having health problems such as cancer to get money or accolades.

      And speaking of money, that brings into question the notorious Federal ‘Vaccine Court’, a multibillion-dollar operation funded by a tax on each inoculation vase put out on the market, which is paid by the vaccine manufacturers. Like the past schemes we’ve seen where tax-payers were on the hook to shell out gobs of money for hoaxes and the people behind them (Sandy Hook, Lusitania, JFK, Vietnam, 9/11, Ukraine War, COVID-19, etc.), it’s possible that some unscrupulous individuals took the opportunity to defraud the program for millions by pretending to have been negatively affected by vaccines.

      Not to mention that VAERS itself admits that the reports they receive aren’t 100% true, as there’s no oversight to make sure that what’s reported to them is accurate and not bluff. Here’s what they have to say on this issue:

      “When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. …. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.”

      “A report to VAERS generally does not prove that the identified vaccine(s) caused the adverse event described. It only confirms that the reported event occurred sometime after vaccine was given. No proof that the event was caused by the vaccine is required in order for VAERS to accept the report. VAERS accepts all reports without judging whether the event was caused by the vaccine.”

      Of course, one can discount what the above website has to say about this issue, but this opens up many more questions about the veracity of vaccine-related injury claims we’ve seen, especially the more ridiculous ones that involve 5G towers, ‘magneto’, or autism. Not discounting that vaccines can or do cause harm, but I’m just suggesting that perhaps we need to look at such data with as much scrutiny as we do for mainstream claims that vaccines are “safe-and-effective” if we want a more accurate understanding of what’s going on.


      1. Under the smoke is the VAERS being a condition of the blanket liability protection of the vaccine makers. Since VAERS is being discredited with no validity or reference value, the blanket liability protection becomes license. The original sense of license is permission to do something that is otherwise unlawful.
        The excuse of our lawmakers was that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”, hence the need for blanket liability protection so that the vaccine makers can sell their life-saving brews without fear of being put out of business. Who would do all the life-saving then? There is a lot to do, since the kiddies only got 6 or 8 doses before the 1986 law gave them the life-saving benefit of 40 doses or more, if you look at the vaccine schedule.

        Incidentally, that is also the reason given by the the guy who wrote the textbook, Vaccine, Stanley Plotkin in his vaccine injury deposition. Vaccines are not tested against placebo because they are so essentially life-saving that a placebo would deny the subject the life-savingness. The herpes vaccine was tested against an adjuvant rather than a placebo. See sec 11,%20blood%20&%20biologics/published/Package-Insert—Gardasil.pdf
        Make you wonder if the adjuvants are the wheelbarrows being smuggled into the citadel.

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      2. Although the vaccine tax is ¢75, so it’s not like Big Pharma is losing a lot of money here. Traditionally, ordinary people would foot the tax bill for various scams like NASA, fake wars, school shootings, bailouts, subsidies, etc. – not to mention schemes like CAFR investments. Regardless though, the moral of the story is: they win, we lose.


    3. Regarding what Tyrone suggested about the rise of antivax sentiment and its similarities with the public outcry over the evils of smoking, it’s within reason that our friends at Big Pharma are capitalizing on vaccine skepticism and fear to groom the public for inoculation products that don’t require injection via needles, which reduces the risk of physical injuries that is commonly found in traditional vaccines such as the flu shots. It’s likely that they’ll produce an inoculation drug or spray product that will replace traditional vaccines; just like how they popularized vaping and cannabis as alternatives to cigarettes and tobacco.


      1. The vaccine in pill form showed up more than a tad late. With all the planning of the Covid event they should have known that many people do not like needles, and making it an easy peasy process would have been the way to go from the start. I guess with the recent headlines they are going to try again.


        1. Also, the tobacco industry has received plenty of federal tax subsidies since at least the Great Depression, just like the vaccine industry. Not to mention that they impose taxes on smoke products, which is another steal for them. And just like vaccines, smoking used to be touted as healthy by Pharma hacks in white robes (doctors).

          Sound familiar?


  2. I don’t think his “schtick” was about slander.

    Like me, a bit “different” is all…that’s all. No “Ill will”.


  3. I have that same sense, reading of the thousands who have died and yet knowing of no one in personal circles who has had so much as a hiccup. I suspect saline. Anyway, and you well know this, your work is always welcome via comments or posts. That door is always open. I do believe Ab has the same policy about you, Blue Moon.


  4. Interesting take Tyrone..
    Who knows who we can trust these days. Nature for sure, nearest& dearest..
    On the subject of vax damage I have seen several of my elderly dramatically decline post jab. Of course we can never be sure, & I’m certain other family members would argue with me, however I can’t ignore what I see, several in my own circle.
    Their ‘choice’ to take it, unfortunately trusting, unaware of the coercion.
    I suspect saline too, Mark, for many & wonder if it’s a roulette or targeted in some way.
    I know there are those (Dr Mike Yeadon, Prof Arne Burkhardt – apologies if I have misspelt, & others) who have produced evidence of variable toxicity between jab batches.
    Interesting that the numbers of stated injured & dead are put out by organisations (Children’s Health Defence for example) who are connected with people (doctors, RFK) who Hugo Talks recently outed as likely controlled opposition – New Age Doctors on the Trump tour, as also mentioned (Hugo’s take) & deemed insightful by Stephers recently.
    And Tyrone, what do you think of RFK in his current role? I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about his possible role after waking up to the Kennedy death fakes, having read your pieces & MM’s. Perhaps he is for the plane crash & removal of hope angle?

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    1. From day/week one, some of us saw this “Controla Virus” (Covid)
      as a planetary Compliance Exercise. Subsequently, many layers of complexity were added, salty or otherwise. The experimenters quickly got their answer about the behavior of the masses; now tweaking them at will for who knows how long? Arguably, the deflection of hate energy toward a tyrant, to an invisible one, is brilliant.


    2. From what I’ve seen RFK promotes vaccines as safe, effective and necessary. Apart from a few bad ones with unnecessary toxic ingredients.
      So once his tireless work for the good of mankind has had them fixed we can all enjoy the health benefits of regular vaccinations, safe in the knowledge that our best interests are being put first.


      1. Another controlled opposition plant. This shouldn’t be surprising considering who RFK, Jr. is. Being of the Families, of course, he wouldn’t really betray their interests. He’s playing everyone for fools.


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