I can say with certainty now … Sage of Quay is disinfo

The above video, from which I listened only to the opening minutes, is currently running on YouTube. Quay, whose real name is Mike Williams, goes on ad nauseum about “Billy,” or Billy Shears, who he says replaced Paul McCartney, whom be believes is now dead. Blah blah blah. Williams has done other work which I find credible about authorship of the music and use of instrument tracks where the Beatles, like the Monkees, only supplied vocal tracks.  He also mentions there being perhaps more than one John Lennon (which I could never nail down).

Anyway, I put up a comment under the video urging people to view childhood photos of “Paul,” a set of twins. I carefully explained how Paul and Mike had interchanged with each other in the early years and up to and including Wings. I urged that they watch Give My Regards to Broadstreet, where both Paul and Mike are easily distinguished. Within minutes, my comment was taken down, most likely by Williams. In other words, he knows whats up, and is paid to misdirect. That’s how I see it.

I’ve asked the question many times, that if it were so easy for me to discover twins, why not Williams and all of the others who run Paul is Dead websites and videos? And the answer is that “Paul McCartney” and the Beatles are an ongoing project, and are still, to this day, protected by the PID psyop, and most recently by the Peter Jackson video. I cannot always be sure – it could always be that people like Williams are merely true believers who do not like to be shown up as wrong, but I think it far more likely that the Sage of Quay is a limited hangout, a paid disinformation agent. (He speaks of his interactions with Dave McGowan (fake death 11/22/2015) in regards to McCartney, and how McGowan vociferously argued with him concerning McCartney’s replacement. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that spook encounter.)

16 thoughts on “I can say with certainty now … Sage of Quay is disinfo

  1. Yes, I wasn’t meaning to muddy the waters by recomending his channel, I do maintain his notes on songwriting and timelines are instructive. I ignore a lot of stuff on his channel, but there is such a paucity of info on this topic I feel it’s not like you can afford to be super choosy & only engage with ppl who embrace your particular worldview 100%. I find info where I can find it. Miles loads his paintings with distasteful subliminals but I still parse his pdfs.

    And I like that zephaniah.eu guy, despite his being dismissed on this site as a ‘bible-basher.’ I get that, but in his paper #56, ‘Babylonian London, Nimrod and the Secret War Against God’ he elucidates the Freemasonic energy grid/obelisk system in a way that is so exemplary, and such a masterpiece of diligent scholarship IMO, I really wish he would ease up on the Bible quotes in order to reach a wider readership. I have shared it with many people who (for the most part) won’t read it. But he has passion, which I respect. I hope readers who may be antipathetic to his Christian leanings will consider perusing his energy grid findings, you really will find something worthwhile for your time.

    There are still good forums accessible via archive.org such as (the name will irritate Mark) ‘PAUL IS DEAD! MISS HIM MISS HIM MISS HIM!’ (caps in original) – good pics, the one that will load. There are spooks who posted there too when it was functional – interesting to see the way they work. One image of the black and white Imagine tiles was posted hundreds of times by a spook account – if you save it and adjust contrast and filters, you will see it is rife with subliminals. As are many such photos. They have ugly souls.

    And I would also heartily recommend, respectfully as I have occasionally been sharp-tongued or said (unfortunate) half-drunken things on this forum, the Celebrity Doppelganger board, perhaps only now accessible via Archive. It was doppels.proboards.com in the old world, I think. I read a Bob Dylan thread there the other week that blew my hair back with its photographic and other evidence, and I did not consider myself easily shocked. And a longer thread on celebrity doppels that has been very entertaining to me, it may prove so to POM regulars.

    Lastly, I did not intend to offend the fellow Lux on Mark’s other recent Faul post when I said I considered the Billy Shears book idiotic. Lux has made some thoughtful posts and I just run my mouth too much when something doesn’t accord with my pat-ticular little wierdview. Sorry about that, I do respect this forum and the people brave and insightful enough to post on it. Except that self-righteous twat Fauxlex, I stand by my statement he was a Grade-A asshat. But each to their own, innit?


    1. This post was by no means directed at anyone other than Williams. Certainly not you. I sat through his 4+ hour presentation and found it interesting and thorough. I was glad to be linked to it. Just as McGowan’s (fake death 11/22/15) book Weird Scenes was loaded with interesting stuff, but with disinfo agents it is Picard’s warning: “This far, no further.”

      I did go to a PID site years ago, and mentioned twins and was immediately banned. It is an ongoing psyop.


    2. “#56, ‘Babylonian London, Nimrod and the Secret War Against God’ he elucidates the Freemasonic energy grid/obelisk system in a way that is so exemplary, and such a masterpiece of diligent scholarship IMO”

      I totally agree with that although I do feel that this is a writers collective.

      His/their promotion of FE makes him/them a bit suspect. This site strikes me as a Limeted Hangout that initiates interested Christians in a veiled manner while discrediting them by associating them with FE.


  2. I left this comment at S of Q’s Beatle YT post and its still there one day later:
    “The Beatles, as such, were manufactured personas and could be played by any qualified actors groomed for the roles. They had try outs in Hamburg, a British run spook city, and later developed the act with brutal touring schedules in northern England where multiple teams of Beatles performed. The four templates for the personas are all from the peerage. Royal bastards, if you will. The public stage is crowded to capacity with blood loyal, elite, planned for bastards so that no common/rogue talent interferes with the agenda. Paul had the long term earning potential and that is why his persona is still active. There is no way an actual 80 year old Paul could tour today. Whomever that is playing Paul now, it isn’t the genuine article nor any 66’ era replacement. (The name Billy Shears could be a joke about the financial scam, shearing the sheep of their dollar bills.) As for Ordorno, that’s a nod and a feint to the intelligence element behind the Beatles op. George Martin and his teacher, Margaret Eliot (mother of Beatle beard, Jane Asher), are the likeliest authors, or at least editors and arrangers for the music. The performers on the recordings are studio hires, some of which formed the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. These musicians functioned in Britain like the Wrecking Crew in Los Angeles.

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    1. I am having no such luck. I’ve posted a link to “Sir Faul” three times now, and each time it instantly disappears. Soon I’ll be banned for violating community standards.


  3. I also think Sage is disinfo. But one of the good videos released talked about how “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude” were taken from Italian neapolitan music, which was formalized in the 1830s! He shows a couple of clips of Italian musicians discussing it and briefly playing the songs. Sounds like the Beatles handlers were at least sometimes taking the easy way out – stealing the music.

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    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8htet7N9M2E at 43:49
      The connection made between Yesterday and one Neopolitan song (the date being given as around 1890 or 95, but the title not mentioned) is strong, but omits the novel aspect of Yesterday, which ultimately defines its effect: the V/V moving directly to a plagal cadence, creating a piquant cross-relation unknown to the aesthetics of 19th C Italian song. The same goes for Hey Jude and O Sole Mio: the effects are incomparable, even without mentioning the night-and-day difference of employing the borrowed minor iv chord in Sole, because the bulk of Jude is devoted to the typical blues-derived extended plagal cadence of the era (IV/IV/IV/…). Whoever wrote these songs was influenced by many styles at once.


      1. You seem to have some musical background, which I lack. I watched that part of S of Q and was impressed. But if he refuses to acknowledge basic research showing we are simply dealing with a set of twins, then he either has his head in a dark place or is, more as I suspect, an agent of disinformation, covering tracks, taking us “this far, no further,” revealing quite a lot but hiding even more. That is how it works. I have several times linked him in the comments to my work on the twins aspect, and my links go down, immediately. Why? I am no agent of anything but truth.


        1. You’re welcome, DaveDreams! As for the reliability of SoQ, he seems to exist mainly to endorse Billy Shears. Also, to clarify “extended” plagal cadence, the most radical example is Hendrix’s Hey Joe (IV/IV/IV/IV -> IV/IV/IV -> IV/IV -> IV -> I), although many other songs from the late 60s and early 70s go to almost that extreme. Hey Jude is much more modest (IV/IV -> IV -> I), but the cadence is still “extended” (not a technical term – just my ad hoc description) to the secondary subdominant.


  4. Anything written by Sage of QuayAKA Mike Williams is disinformation. Mike/ Sage was first a failed bassist, then a failed deejay and finally in an age when internet conspiracies get an audience he’s gotten some fame though his sites were mainly removed as disinformation. He’s had since 1966 to sue Macca and Beatles estates and ringo for perpetrating fraud yet he hasn’t done so.

    However, does he even remember the Beatles, was he even born then or in early years of Macca’s solo career. If he had solid proof of his theories he’d have long since taken it to court and McCartney’s and Ringo’s as well as really dead Beatles assets seized and Macca would have gone to jail for fraud. I guarantee you by pics of Sage, he wasn’t alive then and he’s been coasting on the”everything is a conspiracy fad.” Besides, even if true, replacement or replacements are far more talented and have had a great and very long, successful career as his packed sellout concerts prove so who cares. Beatles were great trolls and dead meant a taker of LSD in the sixties, this name of the band the Grateful Dead.


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