Why is Paul McCartney being a twin such a deeply guarded secret?

Paul McCartney then

In my recent interview with Ab, the Fakeologist, he wondered why, if indeed Paul McCartney is a set of twins, that it is such a deeply guarded secret. Good question. I think I have an answer now, though I did not then.

A more recent Paul McCarteny, in his 70s

I think it has to do not just with the matter of twins, but also that they were not an organic group, but rather an assembled group that was recruited and trained in Hamburg, Germany, at that time a hot spot for British Intelligence. Many were called, few were chosen.

Mike McCartney, then

The discovery of twins exposes deceit on the part of the people who assembled this group –  not just the idea of a set (or more) or twins, but of fabrication of everything else about them.

Mike McCartney (“Macca), more recently

The Sage of Quay, who is hung up on “Paul is Dead,” even referring to current day Macca as “Billy Shears”, has otherwise done excellent work. He knows, as I have long known, that the team of Lennon and McCartney did not write the music attributed to them. They were backed by professional song writers, and that group of song writers switched out when the Beatles stopped performing in public. The music changed, got much more professional. Sage even traces some of the work back to Renaissance(?)  late 1800s Italy, Neapolitan, where certain pieces bear an eerie likeness to Yesterday and Hey Jude.

When this matter is presented to George Martin, the fifth Beatle, he puts his hand over his mouth as he responds, body language easily seen as guarding secrets.

Sage of Quay is worth the time if you have the time. Just remember that he will take you only a certain distance, and then disappoint. He even has very interesting footage of Monkee Davy Jones saying that those who think that the Monkees were the first assembled group are wrong. It was the Beatles. That is known as talking out of school.

I have suspicions that go far beyond anything from Quay. I think the timing of the arrival of the Beatles was not an accident. At the time they were in training, it was known by their handlers high up the food chain that another event was in the works: The fake assassination of John F. Kennedy, yet to be elected (in case you wonder how extensive planning is). The early days when girls were screaming strike me as a combination of pent up sexual desires and grief over the death of JFK, a rock star.

It wasn’t that this event was going to traumatize a whole generation of youth just for its own sake. It was to be the beginning of what came to be known as “The Sixties,” along with change of hair styles and dress, protests, Vietnam, and Operation Chaos, which would culminate in 1969 with the Charles Manson matter.

Big changes were planned. The Beatles were an intricate part of it.

This is Paul and John encouraging youth to take LSD. If you believe that they were not doing so, wake up. (It is Mike, or Macca, speaking, by the way. I can tell by the cowlick on the (his) right side of his hair.) The two most idolized pop stars in the world admitting to taking LSD cannot be for any other purpose. Just as kids wore their hair long and wore different clothing, so too did they follow the Beatles to LSD. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was aimed towards this end too. Do not kid yourself that it was anything else.

So the Beatles affected our taste in music, dress, hair style, and introduced the use of drugs into mainstream youth culture. I would add to that their dress and hair, shoes and collarless jackets (in the early years) had the effect of feminizing men.

There was nothing benign about them. The fact that Paul was a set of twins is not by itself a big deal. The album clues, ditto. It was the fact that the entirety of the group, their faux talent and music, was window dressing used to achieve other purposes. Macca is not what Lorne Michaels calls a “fucking Mozart”. He is a complete phony and waste of our time … that’s why they to this day hide the fact that he is a set of twins. After all, if you think he really wrote Yesterday, then you must ask, “Which twin wrote it?”

You won’t like the real answer: Neither. Macca lives for the unearned idolization he receives. He’s not a man. He is a professional phony.

Below, by the way, in closing, is the original “Paul McCartney”, the real guy, left-handed, the crooner, the head bobber, who had to recede into the background after Wings, where he played a subordinate role to Mike, a much  better stage performer.

Ab and I will have a chance to discuss this further in the future, as we have agreed to get together to chat on a regular basis.

31 thoughts on “Why is Paul McCartney being a twin such a deeply guarded secret?

  1. It’s indeed a strange birth in which only one of a set of twins is registered at the time.
    The only unusual feature was that in the original registration, [James] Paul’s mother was misrepresented as Mary Patricia Mahon, rather than Mohin. This error did not repeat for his younger brother’s birth. You can find scans of the contemporaneously bound volumes of births in England and Wales online quite easily.

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    1. Interesting – the birth of the twins was 6/18/42, but the records were altered in order for Mike to become Mike McGear, an impostor, and to step into the twin’s shoes. Do not kid yourself that these people cannot alter public records. What caught my eye back when I first wrote about this stuff is that Mike’s birthday was changed to 1/7/44, or double-eights. Anyone who follows the numbers would spot that one.

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  2. “Sage even traces some of the work back to Renaissance(?) Italy, where certain pieces bear an eerie likeness to Yesterday and Hey Jude.”

    I really love exploring new music. Can you please link some of the pieces mentioned above in passing?


        1. Yep. S of Q makes the point that a 20-something kid will not know about these prior works, but that George Martin, trained by Margaret Asher (mother of Jane Asher, Paul’s fake girlfriend in those days), of the Guildhall School, Martin one of her prize students, might well have known of that music. Macca is fake.


      1. Fun fact, in the 1984’s italian comedy film “Non ci resta che piangere” (We just have to cry), Mario (Massimo Troisi) and Saverio (Roberto Benigni) after getting lost while driving on a backcountry road unexpectedly find themselves time transported back into the italian renaissance, that being the main theme leading to many hilarious situations throughout the movie.
        In a scene Mario is trying to impress a young lady bragging about him being a very talented musician and song writer, so when she tells him she’s very interested in music and asks Mario to sing some of his own composition he explains, sporting false modesty, that he’s just working on a new song that goes like…..and then starts singing “Yesterday”, to the delight of the young lady.


  3. Whoever he is, one thing is certain. He’s a Globalist backed king size pratt. Just look at him waving his Ukraine flag at Glastonbury yesterday. Thick twat.

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    1. I started reading that on my screen, and then realized I was in for a long haul and printed it. Thirty-seven pages, 14,000 words. That’s morning material for me, and a few days at that.

      I have long viewed Catcher in the Rye in the hands of Oswald, Chapman and Hinckley as a mere signalling device, that Freemasons all over the world would see its use and instantly know that the event was fake. This was pre-Internet and the information had to be conveyed by standard news media, so the book was used for that purpose. These days they just embed a 33 or 11.


    2. Thank you for that link. I read Catcher when I was much to immature to understand it, not having a whiff that it was coded language and symbols. This piece was much welcome.


  4. SoQ’s latest video is a rundown of some current PID theories. He is lukewarm on certain aspects like twins but I still find his slides informative. For instance, look at all the John Lennon’s at 28:39!

    hopefully the time-embed works.

    I wonder how many Fohn Fennon’s there were.. I also wonder how someone’s nose can go from aquiline to so obviously beak-like, and nobody thinks to say anything 🤔.. per the images halfway down this page (can’t post pics from my mobil3 sorry)


    Multiple Fohn’s! How interesting.


    Some good photo comparisons on this page also. The colour vs b&w profile shot midway down, also posted on the forum link above, is a smoking gun IMO. As is the photo directly beneath it. There is no way anyone could believe that is the same person. ‘Drugs’, etc doesn’t account for changes like this:



  5. Graham Nash also speaks out of turn in this video:

    as does ‘Paul’ himself in Anthology:

    How exactly did founding member Paul McCartney join the Beatles as ‘an already set up affair’?

    In this 2018 Wired piece he forgets when he joined the Beatles, the year he wrote Yesterday, and the year his mother died. He isn’t even trying anymore.

    I also could’ve sworn that when I was growing up his given name was held to be John Paul McCartney, not James Paul McCartney. Could be misremembering though.


  6. I thought I posted this earlier, but don’t see it. Just wondering if the nickname Macca is a slight tell, as it sounds like a toddler would pronounce Michael.

    The autocorrect on my phone was suggesting Maccabees – maybe a hint at the motive. Obscure, but these twits must amuse themselves somehow.

    Macca is a fairly recent nickname for him, I believe.


    1. I saw your comment, and was going to respond the next morning, as it was an interesting observation. But I got here and it was gone. I checked all the bins, moderation, trash, spam, nothing. If I accidentally deleted it, I would have found it. Not there.

      There is a terrestrial explanation, but I have no idea what happened, and am glad you reposted.


    2. PS: Do you imagine that Sir Faul is aware of what we write here? Maybe I don’t imagine it, but I do like to fantasize. Did he write that beautiful song, full of empathy and hope called Blackbird? No!


      1. Possibly…More than likely, Could be…Maybe even one more cryptic hint that’s woven into this fabric of his mystery that’s just dying to be seen. Like he said, Take these sunken eyes and learn to see. All your life you were only…”Waiting To Be Free”.


        1. I assure you that lovely song about black people learning to be free was written by someone other than Macca. Sage of Quay, a good man in many ways in terms of Beatles research, claims that all their music up to and including Rubber Soul was written by others. He then turns on a dime and claims that the White Album and Abbey Road were “Billy Shears.” Since I know that Paul is not dead, and that PID and Shears are misdirection, I martian that no, those last two albums were outside songwriters too.

          Interesting, I ran it here and then the video was taken down, but it was just a camera plunked down in the Abbey Road studio as the Beatles were supposedly writing and arranging Get Back. It lasted maybe half an hour, but all they did during that time was tune their instruments and chatter. Then,m as they walked out, over the loud speakers the opening bars of Get Back were played, as if the boys had concocted them. They had not, at least not while the camera was on.

          During that video, Paul (Mike) with his back to us runs a very impressive baseline riff left handed, but his back was to us, so we don’t know who really played that riff. Maybe Mike, but Mike is right-handed.


          1. Muse, who are quite resourceful on the regular, kind of play on stuff like this in an Italian TV show. They often have pretty relevant themes in their songs and they’re the only really famous band I know of, who put one of their albums out for free. Here’s the excerpt from the show, it’s hilarious:

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            1. Very interesting that you mention Muse & I agree they were expected to play silent instruments – the undercurrent is identical to the album version & the instrument on top are very obvious when you know the album well.
              Funny, because I was just listening to that album, pondering on the musical industrial complex & fakery specifically around Muse’s lyrics. I love that album, & that particular song has become something of an anthem in the so called ‘truther movement’ here, however, they are so right on the button with all the lyrics, which predate convid by a long time but which are certainly prescient, if not putting things out there in plain sight(I think they are), plus fostering the agenda of despair (in some of the other numbers on that album, Resistance).
              Have you seen the video for their version of ‘Feeling Good, originally by Nina Simone (another proponent of the agenda of despair), people with distorted faces, very spooky. Until I got the CD I always searched up a version with lyrics so I didn’t have to watch that video. There are a few videos of that number, but the one I’m referring to is all over magenta..

              So before convid & so before the outright in-our-face emergence of the current overall agenda..


              1. Hey Kath,

                you will have to go along to a certain degree, otherwise you don’t play. But you have the opportunity to reach more people than anyone who is not a player, so I think it’s a very hard decision if you wanna give up all of the opportunities. And mostly, I’d guess, these people grow up in quite lush conditions and are usually far above average in terms of intelligence. I don’t know what I would have done in such a situation. Kubrick is a great example, he played everyone just like Napoleon and I can’t bring myself to believe that he was just an asshole, I think it’s far more complicated. Hearing him talk, it’s clear he was a no-nonsense guy, but he had lots of ambition, so you have to see what to do with it. Just going “ah, he was a Stanley and thus a Phoenician agent” doesn’t cut it in my book. These people are all chess players and if you don’t play, you will never really be relevant in the big picture.


          2. Sorry, I forgot to explain properly: the band members had switched up all of their instruments, since (I reckon) they were unwittingly made to do playback while acting like it was live (which they hate).


            1. I think he has learned to play left-handed, or someone could be ghosting for him too. In the early days after they quit touring, they stuck him behind a piano. He’s not a great piano player, just a chord banger. But it hid his right-handedness.


              1. I saw a picture once where Paul (or whoever) it was playing a guitar “right handed”..and it wasn’t a “BASS”. it was a six string acoustic; and he wasn’t “just holding it”. you could tell he was in deep concentration, strumming it or picking it.


                1. Could Mike learn how to play “left handed” ? Absolutely without a doubt, especially if he were to be ambidextrous. A friend of mine used to shoot pool left-handed, play baseball and Basketball right-handed, play golf left-handed and his right hand was his dominant hand. He switched back and forth to whatever felt more comfortable and natural to him, (god rest his soul) But yes, He could adapt very easily using either hand if he wanted to.


                  1. That photo is from a MM piece. Here is the accompanying text:

                    It is admitted by professional musicians and historians that there is some mystery here, because the guitar you see was apparently not part of Fender’s “gift package” of guitars and amps (they’d included a right-handed Jazz Bass), this sunburst model shows up in Abbey Road studio photos from “White Album” sessions. Its oval shaped tuners are peculiar to the 1966 model year; Fender basses otherwise featured “clover leaf” tuners.
                    According to Walter Everett in The Beatles as Musicians (Volume 1), this Jazz Bass is played on five tracks: “Yer Blues,” “Glass Onion,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Sun King” and “Mean Mr. Mustard.” [Everett infers that the right-handed model was also used during the sessions, by Lennon (“Helter Skelter”) and Harrison (“Back in the USSR.”)]

                    The solution to this problem is simple: that photo is reversed, and that is the right-handed brother. You can tell that by looking at his eyebrows. The eyebrow to your left should be the highest, with the most arch, but it isn’t. Although this is a 1966 Fender Bass, the photo was 1968, and that is Mike, not Paul.


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