Gaga for Winehouse

Ab and I had quite a discussion about my face splitting techniques. He wonders why they bother repurposing anyone, say, Janis Joplin becoming Amy Goodman. I would venture a guess that they have a talent inventory on everyone, and when they see that they do not have enough talent to sustain a career in one area, they are moved to another.

Amy Goodman, for instance, used to be Janis Joplin, who we found to be a set of twins seen to the right and below. “Amy” is the one on the right here. Far from being a manic on-stage rocker (seen below), she is laid back to the point of being what I call the “Queen of Dour.” She was obviously not going to be able to carry on her part of the Joplin act, and the “Janis” down below probably was not seen as sustainable either. Why not just retire them both, be done with it?

Dave McGowan listed 60-70 deaths of rockers and actors in his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, perhaps all fake, maybe Ricky Nelson’s and Phil Hartman’s real. They did indeed retire them before and after Operation Chaos culminated in in the Manson affair. Most have not been seen again, though I know they are/were still with us after.

Part of the key here can be found in another fact that McGowan brought to light – most of the rockers who died were said to have come from military, even military intelligence families. I thought it odd that there was so much musical ability in those families. As it turns out, there was not.

John Denver is said to be Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. It’s a given that his name was not Denver. In the comments under my post on his fake death, a commenter brought out the photo below.

Different texture and lighting, lack of familial resemblance … John Denver was pasted in. Consider this: Ron Deutschendorf (the guy standing in the back) is the real son of Lt. Col. Henry John Deutschendorf. Ron had a son, and named him Henry John Deutschendorf II. But wait a minute! There was already a person with that name, who went by the name John Denver. What is going on here?

It’s not hard to figure that John Denver was not a Deutschendorf. We don’t know his real name. We know he had talent. I therefore think it likely that he was assigned to the oversight of Lt. Col. Henry John Deutschendorf for management and safekeeping.

We found that Jim Morrison was not the son of Admiral George Morrison. Family photos were fake, Jim was pasted in every one of them. We don’t know Jim’s real name either, and keep in mind that when he faked his death, he did indeed disappear. Talk about an unsustainable career – but that’s another story.

Here’s my point, finally: What if the sixty or seventy people that McGowan (who faked his own death on 11/22/2015) chronicled were all part of a talent pool who were assigned to military intelligence families for management and safekeeping? What if McGowan’s limited hangout was meant to reinforce the idea that they really died, but also to misdirect us from their real identities. Saying they all hailed from military intelligence then would make sense.

As such, they would be assets. Many would be reassigned and repurposed. They’ve obviously signed non-disclosure agreements, but they also signed contracts to perform certain duties for pay. This would partly explain why they don’t just retire them. They were duty-bound to fake their deaths, and duty-bound to accept new assignments.


By the way, Joplin was said to be the daughter of a Texaco engineer. Do you imagine that military intelligence is embedded in major corporations? I do.

Here’s a face chop of Amy Goodman and Janis Joplin:

One thing we learned about the Joplin twins: If smiling and showing teeth, it is the stage performer. If barely smiling and showing no teeth, it is the one who became Amy Goodman. (We did find the stage performer occasionally filling in as Amy Goodman, but only rarely. See below.)

Notice something about her? Yes, you can see her teeth! This is the gal that once covered Me and Bobby McGee. Here’s a face chop of her and the stage performer.

Are the Joplin’s even in business anymore? Is Amy Goodman still at work? I don’t follow her.


While interviewing with John le Bon, he suggested that it had been suggested to him that Amy Winehouse became Lady Gaga. I did not believe it for a second, though I have never paid much attention to either.

Here’s what I found.

This was not among my favorite tasks. Ab in our recent discussion claimed them to be androgenous, that is, possessed of both male and female characteristics. I can’t go there, I’ve heard too much discussion of gender and gender changes. I did concede to him that Hillary Swank and Jennifer Garner might well be trannies. That would make Ben Affleck gay, right? (He was once married to Garner.)

My problem with these two is … yikes! They are not so much homely as plain. Heavily made up Gaga on the right here strikes me as grotesque. I did find a photo of her, which I will not display, wherein it appeared to me that her breasts hung unnaturally and were unattractive. I mentioned that to Ab, who said that it was just two bags of silicone.

That may be. I have nothing to indicate that Winehouse has the same set of breasts. In fact, I have nothing to suggest that these two women are the same person, except for below:

Man, that surprised me. People like to look at photos and just speculate based on a glance that people are different. They really need to go deeper. We cannot tell at a glance. Analysis like face splitting will reveal things that straight-on glancing cannot. I did not see the above split coming.

They look to me to be the same except that Gaga’s face is more angular, probably a deal breaker. Same nose, same lips, same eyes (though Gaga is painted up), same head size, same ears, same eyebrows.  Keep in mind, that does not make them the same person, as we have in the past identified what we call Bokanovsky Brats. It could be that these two were bred of different fathers and a common egg. I do not know how the process works, just that it does. For instance, look below at Charlie Sheen and Pierce Brosnan.

Same hair, lips, eyes, shape head … but Brosnan’s chin is just a bit lower. They are indeed two people. But they could easily pass as twins.

I do not claim to understand my own work well enough to explain it. All I can say is that there is something there that needs to be explained. I am all ears.

28 thoughts on “Gaga for Winehouse

  1. lol. i love this stuff.
    as far as i can tell, with public
    figures, it is the rule not the
    exception. i so look forward
    to the moment when they all
    become confused – the handlers
    and the handled – and don’t know
    which one is them. ahahahaha

    thanks for the
    entertaining respite.



  2. Mark, this one surprised me as well; you are a master of the art. The whole media/”arts”/political circus is a non-stop headache-inducing grotesquerie for certain.


      1. That sense of “relief” you feel is exactly what I felt learning that JFK and RFK and John Lennon did not die as we were told. We are a generation apart but experiencing the same phenomenon.


  3. Winehause Gaga “jewish line”

    Charlie Sheen and Pierce Brosnan “quasi-catholic line”
    (except Charlie Sheen said his mother Janet_Sheen is jewish:-) and father Martin Estévez Sheen was friend od TV celebrity, not much catholic, judaist abp Fulton Sheen)

    Pierce Brosnan the only child of May (née Smith) and carpenter Thomas Brosnan.
    Spouse Keely Shaye Smith (m. 2001)


    1. Given their identical appearances, it is hard to trust official bloodlines.However, I never would have made the Sheen/Bishop Fulton Sheen connection. I grew up Catholic, and Sheen was a heavy presence in our household, having a regular weekend daytime TV show in a time when we had two choices for viewing.Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen made The Way in 2010, which I did not see, but in which they paid homage to Catholicism. All very interesting.


      1. This may not fit neatly into the Bokanovsky Brats paradigm, but the central planners sure do enjoy messing with us via doppelgänger shenanigans…See Ben Stiller in Ukraine sporting the Jeffrey Epstein look (think templates):


        1. Funny thing, not one person on Twitter mentioned another clonal likeness…Scott Bakula – do you see it? The occult implications of a Bakula/Epstein/Stiller doppelgänger template may be significant – especially given my previous framing of the Ukraine psyop within a temporal/time context. Hint:



    2. I have to withdraw statement ‘Martin Estévez Sheen / bp Sheen friendship’. He is at least his fan by his last name.

      Martin Sheen believes in reincarnation. Hard to link with catholicims

      Janet Sheen studied art at the New School for Social Research in New York City where she met her future husband Martin Sheen.

      The University in Exile was initially founded by the director of the New School, Alvin Saunders Johnson, through the financial contributions of Hiram Halle and the Rockefeller Foundation.

      In The Conflict (Catholics) 1973 he played Father James Kinsella who was against Catholic Mass (so called Tridencitne Mass) Very weird Catholic.

      I recall well an episode described in the new biography of Bp. Fulton Sheen. When he became Archbishop of Rochester, New York, after Vatican II and was tainted by that mentality, his first act was to shut down a church and school. The people of the parish were livid. When the archbishop’s car was spotted, the parishioners surrounded the car and pounded on the roof, shouting: “You son of a b—-. Give us back our church.” Sheen opened the church the next day.


  4. Apologies for going tangential…

    Returning to the Bokanovsky Brats, and the Matt Damon Batch specifically…

    Recently I watched (for the first time) the “Black Mirror” episode, USS Callister, starring Jesse Plemons: and I highly recommend viewing it.

    I actually could not help thinking I was watching Matt Damon. The likeness (in facial features, expressions, mannerisms, and even the voice) was beyond uncanny. It was downright creepy.

    Jesse Plemons:×1838/v1.cjs0NDY2ODtqOzE4MTgwOzEyMDA7MjA2MzsxODM4

    Matt Damon:

    Jesse Plemons (young):

    Matt Damon (young):


    1. All of this is worthy of more work, Stephers. I will do so in the NTD future. Thanks for the leads.

      I have seen many Matt Damon lookalikes, young and old alike. including Heath Ledger, Paul Newman, and Chris Pratt. I have not updated the list in quite a while, but Plemons is a candidate.

      By the way, what happens to failed Brats, the ones who are weak copies? Three that I have found, David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Hinckley, notorious serial killers and an assassin, fell into the Jack Nicholson Brat Pack. One, Berkowitz as I recall, but possibly Hinckley, turned out to be twins.


  5. Plemons is sort of not married to Kirsten Dunst and they apparently are reproducing. Boy o Boy do they look like royal cousins. Neither can act their way out of the proverbial paper bag but I call major bloodline dibs on why these two are together and being promoted. She was kinda cute and recalled a major ex of mine back in the day, so maybe some confirmation bias is clouding my judgement, but he looks like a slice of lemon cream pie on two legs. If anyone would be tapped to play Victor Buono in a full scale biopic of the actor who played King Tut in the old Batman TV series, I’d back JP. In fact, I’d say he’s being slotted into the Philip Seymore Hoffman role of a Pillsbury dough boy actor that gives sedentary game boy geeks hope of stardom. That’s an important demographic. But Plemons is not nearly as good and this is by design. Other characters who are too big for the mold come to mind. Think early super model Gia Carangi being retired and replaced by Cindy Crawford. Or Selena Quintanilla Pérez being replaced by Selena Gomez/Jennifer Lopez. Watered down versions of the slightly too toxic originals. Sometimes the lab experiments escape and have to be ‘retired’ and rebooted to keep everyone on point.


    1. Kirsten Dunst also played Marie-Antoinette, another royal. I’m sure they’re related to each other. They often play their own kin in such cinematic productions. Take Mel Gibson and his 1995 movie Braveheart as an example, where his film character was Mel’s ancestor.

      Don’t they look familiar? Just sayin’:


    2. Hoffman is a weird looking dude but imo he can act and usually chose interesting roles in interesting movies. One of my favorite obscure finds at the library (I have no streaming etc) he played the lead – Owning Mahowny. Supposedly based on a true story, though I doubt it, of a mid level bank manager embezzling money to fund a gambling addiction. It’s a “period piece” set in the Eighties. Which is no kind of attractive era at all of course, which is part of the appeal in a movie about seediness and his desperate character.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Tyrone,

      On Plemons and . . . lab experiments (?) . . . Surprisingly (or not), he leads us directly back to nuclear tech/radiopharmaceuticals/cyclotrons (radio-eugenics?) – not to mention the “birth” of the state of Texas.

      The father of Plemons is Jim Bob Plemons.

      Jesse Plemons was brought up with older sister Jill in Mart, Texas. He is the son of Jim Bob Plemons and Lisa Beth. One of his ancestors on his father’s side was famous Stephen F. Austin, who is known as the Father of Texas. (Moses Austin, father of Stephen F. Austin)

      He resembles Matt Damon and Philip Seymour Hoffman. He played a younger version of Damon’s character in All the Pretty Horses (2000) and Hoffman’s son in The Master (2012).

      See Jim Bob’s business/family connections here and here

      From the links above, we get family member Patsy H. (Plemons) Ingram and

      Patsy Plemons Ingram is married to Monty Ingram – according to (and the link above, and link below).

      As per, Monty Ingram is Chairman at Allens Nutech Inc (a nuclear pharmacy): Also see here, here and here (Monty’s dad, Jack, was a U.S. Army radar operator:

      Allens Nutech Inc:

      Danny Allen founded NuTech, Inc. in 1989. Danny, a 1980 graduate of the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, recognized an opportunity to fill a vital need in the East Texas healthcare marketplace while working for a national nuclear pharmacy chain in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. With commitments from a few hospitals in the Tyler/Longview area, he and his wife, Georganne, opened the business in a small, leased space in an office building, and delivered the first radiopharmaceutical doses in August of 1989.

      Explanation of a nuclear pharmacy:

      In most nuclear pharmacies, the nuclear pharmacist is responsible for obtaining the desired radioactive material, either from a manufacturer, or from an in house generator system. The most commonly used isotope in nuclear medicine is Technetium-99m that is readily and continuously available from a generator system. The generator forms the radionuclide that is retained on an internal column until the generator is “milked”. When “milking” the generator, sodium chloride is passed over the column, which removes the radioactive material. The eluate is then collected in a shielded evacuated vial. After performing quality assurance tests on the eluate, it can be used in the preparation of the final radiopharmaceutical products.

      In addition to preparing and dispensing the radioactive products, nuclear pharmacists are available to provide drug information to other health professionals, to aid the nuclear medicine staff in the selection of products, and to assist in the interpretation of unusual studies. Nuclear pharmacists receive extensive training on the various radiopharmaceuticals that are used, as well as training on the safe handling of radioactive materials and the procedures that will minimize radiation exposure to themselves and to others.

      I was researching Technetium-99m a couple years ago – in relation to my examination into cyclotrons and nanomedicine/radiolabeled nanoparticles (as connected to COVID):

      Click to access Unit_10_Lecture_14_Cyclotron_basics.pdf


    4. Besides the connections, the fact that Plemons/Dunst are reproducing has enhanced their status within the oft-infertile bloodlines. There is no other explanation in my view as to why Plemons gets work at all. Keeping a Hapsburg (Marie Antoinette) line moving is huge I imagine.


  6. There’s another member of the Bokanovsky Brats, the chess champion Magnus Carlsen, his resemblance to Matt Damon is undeniable, in fact years ago an April fool’s article was published claiming that they are cousins:,than%20his%20brother%20Kurt%20Magnus).

    Speaking of chess, there’s a match you could be interested in, it’s the 1995 World Chess Championship Match between Garry Kasparov and Viswanathan Anand, played on the Observation Deck on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center.

    Some interesting facts about the match:

    game 1 was held, you guessed it, on September 11
    the sponsor of the event was Intel
    Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York, made the first move
    the match started with eight straight draws
    game 9 was won by Anand with a rook sacrifice (rook = tower or castle) on the 27th move
    game 10 was won by Kasparov with a spectacular rook sacrifice on the 17th move
    in game 11 there was another rook sacrifice, albeit an unremarkable one which is hardly remembered


  7. This seems like a good place to share my latest rant

    To all trannies (and other freaks):

    GAIA has given you a temple
    and you turn it into a circus

    I hate clowns, get the fuck away from me


    1. and nope, not a coulrophobe, I mix Zany and Pennywise, just a sane human being on a mission.

      (you see WHY you need an edit function, Mark?)


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