Smartless … Jeff Bridges

I listen to podcasts these days when exercising, more so than music. There are a number of good ones out there. My own preference is comedy. It seems during lockdown people decided that being alone at home and hooking up via computers was a way to alleviate boredom. There are quite a few, my own favorites Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend and Fly on the Wall with David Spade and Dana Carvey.

One that I picked up on is called Smartless, which has three hosts: Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, the latter one of my favorite comedic actors. He played Job on Arrested Development. Bateman, of course, is one of our Brats, part of the Matt Damon group, and appears unaware of it. He is not aware of us, of course, but his own “chosen” nature. He had an unhappy childhood and that sort of thing. He’s been employed on one thing or another his entire life, including Arrested Development, where he shows great comedic chops (along with Arnett). Hayes I know nothing about, a costar in Will and Grace, a show I never watched.

This morning their guest was Jeff Bridges, an actor I’ve seen in many motion pictures. I thought it might be a snoozefest, as I prefer listening to comedians. Actors tend to be self-involved. But it was not. Bridges is lively and interesting, easy to interview as he answers all questions straight up and then has more to add, naturally. He keeps it going. Hayes, Bateman and Arnett all gushed over him at the end …”what a great guest.” Rightfully so. (Bridges has a childlike laugh. It’s an endearing quality, and insight into his happy and fulfilled persona.)

My great attraction to Jeff Bridges is our mutual love for the state of Montana. Bridges did the interview somewhere from there, a “ranch” he owns with his wife, Sue, whom he met on the set of a movie shot in Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Rancho Deluxe. She worked on the movie, and in a hot tub scene at the end she caught his eye, love at first sight. He asked her out, and she turned him down. Later, at the wrap party, he tried again, and she said yes. The rest … they have been married now 45 years.

Bridges said he first fell in love with Montana doing a movie called Thunderbolt and Lightfoot with Clint Eastwood. I saw that movie and remember it well, as it was shot up and around Great Falls. Bridges says that Montana is the opposite of Hollywood, which is why he lives there.

If you have an hour to blow away, you could do worse.

Bridges has an older brother, Beau, and a famous dad, Lloyd, and the three of them appeared in a TV show called Sea Hunt, which I occasionally watched as a child. Jeff said on another occasion that Beau used to torment him as a child by pointing his finger at him, and just holding it. He said that at the dinner table one night he complained to their Mom about it, and that she told Beau to knock it off. Thereafter, said Jeff, the finger was still pointed at him, but under the table. I love that kind of thing.

6 thoughts on “Smartless … Jeff Bridges

  1. As long as you opened up movies, and Bridges… I very much liked his performance in The Big Lebowski (The Dude). Also, I caught his name along with John Lithgow’s in some involuntary blabbing screen forced on my access to ComCast for some series called ‘The Old Man’. I checked it out. Standard FBI useful idiot stuff in some ways, but he is more than decent, his [“asset”] character is appropriately violent as needed, his dogs are better, and I see completely warranted revenge on The Man coming soon. Overall, much better than the garbage shoved down our throats in general. I like Jeff .


    1. There is a dream sequence in Big L where The Dude is floating on his back down a bowling alley looking up the skirts of young models. He said, unfortunately, that was the day he decided to bring his wife and young daughters to the set. He said that as he rolled on a little skate board looking up he kept seeing thatches and patches of pubic hair … make up did that as a practical joke, and his wife was in on it.


      1. I remember the scene. So, he is seemingly smart enough to know to live in Montana instead of that cesspool, but not smart enough to keep his “young daughters” away from same? Parenting: the most difficult and important task around.


  2. out of boredom I watched Arrested Development too some time ago. Jewish humor. Or maybe Elite humor. Bateman is one of the very busy Hollywood guys, along with Seth MacFarlane. He is a writer, producer, director and actor, often in the same movie. It made me think, this people cannot really fabulate, what they do is about their life. The Bluth (blood) family lives in one of the houses their company has build for sale but they don’t sell it and live there themselves to save money, right? And they don’t actually have any money problems, somehow there always will be some money from somewhere. They have no skills, seem to be very stupid even though well educated, they are lazy, yet still they live in pretty luxury for the most of the time, no? This elite people, at least this of today, have no idea how regular folks live. The emotions are as fake as the problems. A.D. wasn’t really funny to me. Lot’s of stuff looked improvised. The entire idea not actually meant for common folks.


  3. I’ve given up commenting on your posts Mark because they never post but I’ll try again even though my comment is very trivial. I like Jeff Bridges too and I used to watch Sea Hunt quite a lot as a child – we didn’t have a TV but I still managed to get my fill of the Brady Bunch, Flipper, Skippy (Australian show about a kangaroo), Hogan’s Heroes, MASH, Days of Our Lives and a few others at my neighbours’ and grandparents’ houses.


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