A new link, and a treasure trove of podcasts

This link is to a specific podcast, Most Peoples Brains Are Broken. In comments beneath another post, we were linked to Legalman and some of his writing, that about the abuses of the Supreme Court. I think the name of the blog was The Truth About the Law. He has apparently quit posting and gone over to podcasts.

This link is to his current blog, which looks to be entirely podcasts. It is called The Quash.

Two things about Legalman: One, he is a lawyer. The other, his voice reminds me of Jimmy Stewart, or at least Stewart as done by Dana Carvey. You might catch this as his voice inflects upward.

Anyway, something for your weekend. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “A new link, and a treasure trove of podcasts

  1. Fear and low self-esteem brings on hypocrisy. Hypocrisy relies on highly subjective beliefs and a reliance on a feeling that one’s good intentions are good enough to justify entitlement to a make believe superior moral standing, or in other words a “double-standard” — without a shred of objective self-criticism. This is our system, like it or not. Without a “vertical line” and without recognition and acceptance of any power higher than man ( man and women) this is all that can be expected. Has human consciousness reached its peak? Or are stuck on a plateau?

    When fear of humility and judgment rules the human mind, we go to double-think and cognitive dissonance to avoid facing ourselves (our shortcomings). Unconditional love and acceptance is rare, so it’s easy to see why the combination of fear and self loathing blocks our ability to confront our own reality. “The Golden Rule” covers most of this collective mental disorder, but it too has been lost in the system-shuffle.

    The system cannot be reformed; it must be dissolved.

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  2. Mark

    Off topic – I have tried to comment to XS on his guest post yesterday & today, with a comment for you as well, which I think may be of interest to you, but neither have posted. Please could you have a look if convenient, thank you.


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