The illusory pandemic

I am going to include some tables and graphs in this presentation, easily understood ones. I asked myself yesterday morning about the number of deaths (only in the US, not worldwide) during the Sars-COV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic. There was a time when pandemics were defined by “excess deaths,” but oddly that definition was replaced before Covid with the following:

[An] outbreak of infectious disease that occurs over a wide geographical area and that is of high prevalence, generally affecting a significant proportion of the world’s population, usually over the course of several months.

Deaths are no longer a factor in pandemics. I think that is odd. We generally define past pandemics by excess deaths.

  • For instance, the Black Plague (1347-1351) is said to have killed 75-200 million people, all of the deaths “excess”, devastating Europe. It was not an ongoing die-off, but rather an event that significantly affected populations.
  • The Spanish Flu, wrongly attributed to a “deadly virus”**, is said to have caused 20-50 million deaths. The primary victims were young adults, and so the deaths were certainly “excess’. These young people would probably have gone on to live and die at normal ages from normal causes.

But what if for each of these events the population trends were left intact, no excess deaths, just a relabeling of deaths that were happening anyway, usually elderly people with comorbidities. Could we then say that Black Death and Spanish Flu were really “pandemics”? No!

That in mind I am going to demonstrate some population trends in the U.S., that along with some fakery courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control.

It is kind of hard to make that out, I realize. It is a remarkable tool that can be accessed here, but above is just a screen grab. I urge you go play with it yourself, as it is interactive. The important takeaway is this: The US has enjoyed steady population growth since 1844 forward, and accelerating again in 1900. (The graph measures population in terms of current borders.)

So the loss of 1,048,989 people to a “pandemic” is not going to cause a blip on this graph. It is too vast a picture. That number I just cited, 1,048,989 comes from CDC, so take it with a school-bus size grain of salt. The organization as whole is corrupt, even as within its ranks are honest people doing honest research.

Is there a better way of looking at the numbers? CDC also keeps track of total deaths, the rate of death (per one thousand), and the growth rate of deaths per year. But there are also numbers available from the UN on the same topic, and they are at odds. (EOY = End of Year):

That is pretty straightforward. It comes from CDC, but there is another source of data available, the United Nations as gathered by Macrotrends, a market research analysis group. First, the basics as provided by Macrotrends (“Death Rate” is the number of deaths per 1,000 population; “Growth Rate” is the annual growth in the rate of deaths from the previous year):

Note that the growth in the death rate from 2019 to 2021 has gone down. This should not be during a pandemic. But Macrotrends adds the following:

NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

Why would that be? Why say we want accurate statistics on everything except Covid-19? Something is fishy here.

Finally, I have taken the death rate from Macrotrends and applied it against the US population for the years in question (“Deaths” are those reported by CDC):

The “Excess” is that of CDC over Macrotrends. If you can follow what I did there, I calculated deaths using the Macrotrends deaths per one thousand, and applied that against the population. That last column is critical. It totals 779,540. That is the difference between CDC and Macrotrends (UN), and can only be for one reason: Covid-19. Those are the deaths that Macrotrends says it is ignoring, for unstated reasons.

Since CDC’s official death tally from Covid-19 is 1,048,989 (last I looked), there are 269,449 deaths unaccounted for. I can only imagine that it would be attributable to 2022, which I have not used since data trails by a few months (so it would be useless). But incidentally, 2022 is the year of the vaccine, and a year in which, so far, 55,000 Covis-19 deaths have been reported by CDC. Notice I say that they have “been reported”, and not that they have actually occurred.

There’s a whole ‘nuther path of research I could go down, that of deaths from specific causes, like heart ailments and respiratory disease. Have you noticed that cold and flu season is no longer reported? I elected to stay with the big picture, but would be happy to publish any research others come up with. Either link me to it, or do the research for yourself.


  1. Macrotrends, a large company with a staff highly trained in statistics and data gathering, decided not to deal with Covid-19 in its accounting for US deaths in the years 2020 and 2021. Why? It makes no sense. Does its client base not care about that? Do these deaths not count?
  2. CDC’s numbers vary and are at odds with those put forth by Macrotrends (sourced from UN), and the difference, 779,540 deaths, must be from Covid, which Macrotrends openly says it does not count, while CDC does. Why? Makes no sense.
  3. Even with a reconciliation of CDC versus Macrotrends, we are still missing 269,449 deaths, which would have to be accounted for by Covid-19 deaths, January to August, 2022, But that death toll is only 55,000, according to CDC. We are still missing 214,449 deaths, a discrepancy between UN (Macrotrends’ source) and CDC.

Why does Macrotrends use the UN rather than CDC? Why do they disavow any knowledge of deaths from Covid-19? My own conclusion is based on what I know in 30+ months of data gathering and research, my own and by many others: We never established the existence of a virus. Therefore we knew the pandemic was fake. CDC’s job is to make shit up, and make it look real. The UN agency from which Macrotrend sourced its data is not so burdened, and can report honest results for its corporate clients (who would definitely want to know about Covid-19 deaths!)

Macrotrends shows us the death rate from 2018 forward (actually, from 1950 froward if anyone is interested), and what we find is that there are no “excess” deaths, and that the rate of growth of the rate of deaths for the period in question, 2018-2021, actually dropped. Some pandemic that was.

Someone is lying. My guess: The Centers for Disease Control.


** Actual cause: Oddly, they do not know and are not studying the matter.

16 thoughts on “The illusory pandemic

  1. “…Black Plague (1347-1351) is said to have killed 75-200 million people,…”

    So, they have put alleged plegue victim’s tissue sample in a cryo state to preserve it for future analysis, back in 14th century? I’m sure they did. How could they possibly know anything about the so-called plague, without any preserved tissue samples? The disease in question allegedly attacked soft tissues in humans, like lungs or lymph system, so nothing is left to analyze after it rots away unless sampled and frozen. I’m calling BS on the plague story and victim count for obvious reasons.

    The same applies to Covid victim count – since neither the sars cov2 virus or its contagious nature have been proven, the story about its victims has zero (0) credence in scientific terms. There’s been exactly zero victims dying from a phantom virus.

    Your text clearly shows a historic trace, or better said, the legacy of machinations abusing medical science with intention to manipulate the population, from my viewpoint. They should be tried and locked permanently for doing so, without any possibility of parole.


    1. I think null hypothesis re Black Death would be that something horrible happened, that it was not rats, that it was not a virus, and that we do not know otherwise. One idea put forth by Mike Baillie that I like, as I am steeped in Velikovsky, is that the Comet Negra and BD interfaced. There are reports of earthquakes and floods and massive fish die-offs, and it is known that comets give off noxious poisonous gases.
      We can actually test that theory, but since it has been assigned to rats and a virus, it will not be done.

      By the way, Baillie suggests that we on average suffer a cometary encounter every 300 years. This would explain much of what Howdie McClosky is about. I contacted him, but no answer. He’s wrapped up in his own terrestrial theories.


      1. I’m glad, Mark, that you included the “it is known that comets give off noxious poisonous gases” part, because I was going to reply to MINIME that if there really were tens of millions of deaths, but no more (that is, not 99-100% of humans) then perhaps the only truly plausible causal explanation would be mass poisoning/toxicity.


      2. Howdy McClosky??? Anyway, I continue to search for a book I read years ago, published in 1898, authored by an English abbot, whose research on the Black Death/Plague used the records of churches and monasteries and the number of novices that entered into religious orders over many years before the Plague and after and he found that the drop off in new recruits was in the neighborhood of 80 – 90% during those plague years. Kind of an inversion regarding the absence of deaths on 911 in the SSDI. Something bad did happen and the damage from the supply line collapses did even more damage.

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  2. Earthquakes, floods and fires are more than sufficient to reduce the population by disrupting the food production cycle and causing a widespread famine in mid term, aren’t they? There’s also plenty of large craters visible on Earth’s surface even after centuries have passed since the impact, so yes, there’re numerous evidence of disasters that were killing off life in large numbers. Add to this all the meteors hitting water/ocean, which leave behind no evidence such as craters, but would still cause chaos and massive die offs. But no, if there were people dying in large numbers, it must have been a virus…

    I don’t know any of the names named in your reply, will check them out to see if I can find anything interesting.


    1. Pharmaceuticals such as vaccines & drugs also play a large role in the culling. Hence why we routinely have large inoculation campaigns waged across the world for phony viruses such as COVID-19, H1N1, Swine Flu, Monkeypox, etc. Such programs exist as convenient means of depopulating segments of humanity they deem to be “useless eaters”, whose tax dollars also pay for the poisons Big Pharma and co. claim to be “safe & effective”.


      1. The big alt media news push is that there are or will be a mass death from the vaccines. I’ve been waiting but no uptick in my area of people passing away. As Mark has showed us, the death rate has not really had an excess.

        The videos and go fund me pages are out there and people are making money. But isn’t faking ones death and collecting a check for sympathy or fake medical bills more than kinda illegal??

        When debating the issue last year on any forum, I was told “well just wait to see it in 2022, and if not come back in 2024 or 2025 and there will be deaths on a large scale from the vaccines”. They keep pushing the time line out. IF it was toxic poison it should kill people quickly? They say there are nano bots or graphene in the fluid and it takes awhile to kill someone. Ya sure that’s the ticket! lol

        I’m all for making the vaccines look bad so people don’t want to get them, but I think something else is at play.

        Are they controlling all sides and making money, with all the vaccine sickness and “passed away unexpectedly” videos?


        1. “Making money” is a hard concept to grasp, since they own money and already control it. Why would they go to any great length to make more when they already have control? My only insight is that it is not so much “money”, but wealth, and their fear is that spreading technologies (and especially use of fossil fuels) allows for the spread of creation of wealth and elimination of poverty. This they fear, which would explain why they are fighting against development of the continent of Africa. They used AIDS, and now “climate change” to keep that place in darkness. These are racists, in addition to their many other human defects.


  3. When information can written – and rewritten so easily… I think of things like “ministry of information” and “re-education”. – hell, I think about those things anyway.


  4. Nonsense numbers, then and now! Like they had accurate global records during the ‘Black Death’. We don’t even have them now. Half the south throws their census surveys in the garbage, exactly where they belong. Churches and monasteries keeping hand-written records on the plebs for centuries? Good heavens, this is beyond ridiculous. If there were comets destroying so much every 300 years, why does one constantly get referred to Velikovsky instead of the other great works that tell all the tall tales of war and conquest through the ages? I guess since the ‘war to end all wars’ got us into the Star Wars and the Mind Wars we still are lucky enough to experience all the heroic grandiosity that has made the West so great?


  5. Howdie Mickoski (nickname for Howard, I would lose it) is doing interesting work in this area, dealing with mysteries even he does not understand. Immanuel Velikovsky was bludgeoned by the academic and scientific communities, far more than his research deserved. I suspect he was exposing forbidden knowledge, just as today if you speak openly and honestly and knowledgeably about AIDS, Covid or Climate Change, you will be bludgeoned. Your comment amounted to sweeping generalization lacking specific insight, Kensho. IMHO.


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