The real purpose of vaccines

Below the fold here I am going to reprint a comment left for us by TimR, with permission. The reason for this is that I do not want to take the time to essentially rewrite his words. I will leave well enough alone.

The reason I want to feature the comment is that it points to a source that perhaps hints at something I’ve long suspected, that the real purpose of (pre-Covid-19) vaccines was to protect industries from lawsuits. Pharmaceutical companies have now gone nuts with vaccinating kids, so another purpose would just be a profit center. I hope it is just saline.

I say “pre-Covid” because those vaccines are serving a real (and unstated) purpose having nothing to do with illness, and everything to do with a massive fake pandemic used to create a stampede to the vaccine. Time will tell, but I would allege that the purpose of those vaccines is depopulation. We know that people behind it, Bill Gates for instance, are eugenicists as well as misanthropes, that is, they want fewer people because in general, they hate people.

We all have our moments, I know. I disparage of humanity at times. But I do not hate people.

Here is TimR’s comment:

“If I can talk vax for a second… Another interesting post from Jef Demolder I came across. He raises the idea that there’s a subtle, but powerful, propaganda in the way vax history is presented to us. The focus is always on Jenner and Pasteur, in the 19th C, quickly moving into modern times. When, actually, mass vaccination has been ostensibly going on for centuries, even outside Europe!

This works to subtly associate vaxxing with the modern nation state, industrialism, and modern science. When, as he says, it comes out of the “Ancient World” – and all those “primitive,” unscientific peoples and times. It was in China, Turkey, etc. And also in Europe in the 18th C. The mainstream does glancingly touch on this (as you see in the quote below), but it doesn’t dwell on it. It’s in the background.

To me it raises intriguing questions about why TPTB have always had such a mania, going so far back. Too much speculation for a short post, but it’s curious.

The first clear reference to smallpox inoculation was made by the Chinese author Wan Quan in a publication in 1549. Two reports on the Chinese practice of inoculation were received by the Royal Society in London in 1700. An early mention of the possibility of smallpox’s eradication was made in reference to the work of Johnnie Notions, a self-taught inoculator from Shetland, Scotland, who found success in treating people from at least the late 1780s.

REMARKS [by Jef Demolder]
“Here we are suddenly making a surprising jump to China and the 16th century. We are coming closer to the truth even when we are finding here another cliché of standard science history. In fact, the proposition “the Chinese invented this practice” means that this practice stems from the Ancient World. Of course there is no gradual spreading of the “Chinese” knowledge in the real world. Two reports, certainly made by western explorers, are sailing directly from Shangai to London. And even if smallpox has a general mortality of about 30%, and of 80% among children, nothing was done in London with this reports until when nearing the end of a century one pitiful Scottish tinkerer was trying something, of course only some years before Jenner, who is THE name in standard history. This is clearly false.”

Link below is to Demolder’s page quote above by TimR. It is part of a larger blog called Abyss of Time.

You will find some work I did on poliomyelitis in a blog post called Polio: A Rose by any Other Name. There were two chemicals at work to protect crops and fruit orchards, usually late in the summer when kids were out of school. They were lead arsenate and DDT. Kids were more susceptible to paralysis than adults because the chemicals would settle in the lower intestine, and then gravitate to the  base of the spine, the two being very close in kids – more so than in adults. The result: Polio.

Two massive lies were propagated in the 1950s, one that a vaccine ended the polio epidemic, and the other that it was caused by a virus. Can you see how the virus protects the pesticide industry from lawsuits? Had it gotten out that their products were paralyzing kids, there would have been a slew of costly lawsuits.

A third lie, not as big as the first two, was to rename poliomyelitis. It is now called AFP, or acute flaccid paralysis, a disease that exhibits the exact same symptoms as polio. It is currently prominent in India, where DDT is widely used.

Similar tales are told to protect other industries, Zika, for instance, used to protect a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto. Argentine doctors claim that the cases infant microcephaly (shrunken heads) and use of certain pesticides show high correlation.

The classic case I have read about is rabies, or hydrophobia. All dogs have to be vaccinated against a disease that does not even exist. Does it sound familiar? Pasteur is given credit for formulating the vaccine. Here is a quote from page 169 of the book “What Really Makes us Ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker:

“Dr. Matthew Woods, another contemporary of Pasteur, then a leading member of the Philadelphia Medical Society, wrote much on the subject of rabies. He stated, “… At the Philadelphia dog pound, where on an average more than 6000 vagrant dogs are taken annually, and where the catcher’s and keepers are frequently bitten while handling them, not one case of hydrophobia has occurred during its entire history of twenty-five years, in which time 150,000 dogs have been handled.”

Yes, a frightened and sick animal can be dangerous, and a dog bite can transfer infected fluids, perhaps causing infection in humans. But it is not rabies, aka hydrophobia. It is not caused by a virus. As the name, hydrophobia, implies, it is usually a symptom of dehydration, which can also cause foaming around the mouth.

I look around at what modern medicine has wrought, and indeed am discouraged, as so much of it is just a big lie repeated and ingrained in the heads of all medical personnel. I used to go for annual physicals, stopped a few years ago. My last physical featured a PA (Physicians Assistant) who brought in a reinforcement, a newly graduated intern. Their mission: To get me to vaccinate against pneumonia. I recall that the intern was either bent over in front of me, or on his knees for some reason, and that he was emphatic that the vaccine they were pushing was a life saver. I refused. They thought me both ignorant and stupid.

I’ve grown up around vaccines and virus tales, and once believed in both. Only one thing to my credit for all that time: I have never in my life taken the annual flu shot. Honestly, I also don’t think I’ve ever had influenza, even as a kid.

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  1. I agree with nearly all of what you have said – including the quotes, references and the PA assault (I have my own tales there of course). The complacency of physicians, or your common MD, the arrogance – just awful… insulting.

    I would take exception to your usage of simple “depopulation” though. I think that you must buffer that with “gradual” somehow, because there is simply so many other more efficient avenues of extermination. The gradual being a means for extended profit of course.


    1. Stephers told me depop has nothing to do with it, that they are reprogramming humans by means of the graphine. But I look around and see that most humans are already reprogrammed and beyond reach. The term “useless eaters” comes to mind. I don’t see the necessity to reinvent the wheel in terms of indoctrination, so I fall back on depop. I just got done with a reading session (on screen) after I duckducked “Covid vaccine” and birth rates. Quite a few people are seeing it, and of course, a large “fact check” effort is underway.

      Here’s a source that says the Europe birth rate for 2019, 20, 21 and 22 is 10.424 births per thousand people, the same each year. The is an obvious lie, as such coincidence is highly improbable.


      1. Well Sir, I purposely left out the transhumanism aspect – expecting a comment from Stephers – hopefully with less than 50 links 🙂

        If I am not mistaken, the actual ingredients, and the intended actual function therein are not yet agreed upon (by true “scientists” – can I say that?). mRNA that is, I think, maybe. Perhaps I missed something, which would not be surprising given the volume of [dis]info to sort through.


      2. In Germany, they started dismantling the ‘rona narrative this month. Including birth rates. It appears to me, it’s, who does it, is assigned to do so. He called out the 27 million Euro propaganda campaign of the health ministry, and they had to change the “Faktenbooster”. The minister, a Hitler caricature, is under fire. Latest article on the journalists site is about birth rates. Mark it in the calendar, everybody knows now. The site has English text too. Many people are still in despair, but the limited hangout is on, it’s over. Who knows how far it will go, how long it’ll take, but there will be a real “reset”. My catch on the article here, as all they do, the vaccine racket serves multiple purposes.


  2. What an incredible comment, TimR! Had zero idea of the China connection back in the day. Indeed, the evidence of fraud from the get-go is there, in all cases, yet today, this very day, there are still lines of people desperate for their seasonal fix. The life-long campaigns we in the states have suffered through, telling us how these concoctions have saved lives, prevented polio, stopped the flu, etc. are self-evident for a majority; of course science exists to help me. Always with the saving of the lives!

    “Wait, toxins caused these maladies? Better sanitation lessened disease?” Few who have so much invested in being smart are willing to let go of their investment in the safe, standard narrative, lest the entire edifice start to crumble. Fear of learning…odd. Holding on to fear…odd.

    If this latest obvious fail/high crime does anything of merit, it will be to alert more folks to the abundant harms in these “common sense” truths, as the real-world starts to get more real.

    As for the flu, I too have never had the shot. Usually had one day per year with a fever. However, have had no flu since Jan 2020, despite my constant bare-faced efforts to endanger grandma and the wider community. Decided to do a 36-hour fast in early February 2020; that seems to have done the trick.

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  3. Thanks Mark, I hope it and your comments start some discussion. Thanks Baja for the compliment, though I’m just relaying info : )

    I’m aware of the idea of using vaccines as cover for industrial poisoning, but not sure I exactly see how it connects to the history Demolder is trying to uncover? Do you mean, it only took off in the West with industrialization, so that shows a telling correlation?

    I might agree to some extent – maybe it grew much bigger at that point – although as Demolder shows with his rundown of very old Dutch books, vaccination was already “a thing” in pre-industrial Europe. It seems the court historians have sought to veil that and, I assume, associate vaxxing with the wonders of modern science.

    While at the same time, I suppose, its long lineage to China also suggests it’s some sort of intuitively evident practice that even early medicine “sensed.”

    But we’re the Chinese, and Turks, really all caught up in the belief vaxxing was protective? Or were there reasons they would have as social engineers. Symbolic, sacramental, maybe to weaken and control. Or, for wilder speculation, if as some say there was a more advanced civ with advanced tech, that fell in the Middle Ages… And the surviving elites inherited some of that tech, or reverse engineered it – that civ may have already had bio-engineering tech of some sort. I’m kind of open to anything after usselo’s IHASFEMR thread at stole 😄


    1. I realized as I wrote my own part that the implication of vaccines to protect industry was not put forth by either you or Demolder. I’ve been dry for ideas so just went with it anyway. Mea culpa.


      1. I think one of their purposes now is to protect industry, but perhaps there is also another purpose a long time ago, say something like finding an elixir of youth? Maybe the pHarmacists were/are using ordinary folk in vaccine experiments for the ailments that the elite fear most, death being number one, as well as covering up for their poisonous industrial pollution.

        Another thought struck me about the flooding brought up by Barbara, maybe it’s subsidence. Rich Hall, US comedian made a documentary about the US Wild west and told of how San Francisco (I think) was built on swamp land. I’ve also seen old photos of buildings here in the UK listing almost 90 degrees because of subsidence – they were built on old pits.


  4. Have you fellas heard of Aajonus Vonderplanitz? Here is a brief and incomplete summary of his leanings:

    Raw food is the only real food, all forms of cooking lead to weakness and disease. All processed additives, preservatives, etc. are poisonous to various degrees. Raw meat, dairy, and eggs are safe and nutritious when farmed organically. Naturally occurring viruses function as soaps in the body, one method to cleanse (“detox”) the body. Viruses cannot be contagious, pandemics have other origins, vaccines are poisonous.

    Mammalian bodies hold toxins in their fat reserves until they can be excreted from the body. Cooking has made our ape-like predecessors into humans by poisoning the brain and thus requiring it to expand (the brain is ~60% fat) to dilute toxicity.

    This topic is quite a rabbit hole. Vonderplanitz’ two books We Want to Live and The Recipe for Living without Disease can easily be found as pdfs.


  5. I have not looked at the source here, but I would be curious how such ‘vaccines’ in the ancient world would have been administered? As far as inventions go, the needles back then were made mostly of bone and so how would they have contained and distributed the dosage? If they were not shot into the bloodstream, is that still considered a vaccine?


  6. I’m so glad when anyone is bringing up this topic in a rational way, so thank you!

    My sense is the idea behind vaccinations came up innocently, the concept of inoculation coming from fermentation practices, which we know were practiced worldwide. Cheese making, sourdough, kombucha and various alcohol beverages all require ‘inoculation’ with the desired bacteria to get the desired result. As the practice of medicine was born they were looking to what they knew of natural processes and went from there, always experimenting and speculating and eventually a premise faulty at its core develops into a pseudoscience that permeates the culture. The money and associated power attracts more and more dubious characters cementing a dangerous charade into entire societies for centuries.

    Once these practices went from merely surface inoculations they became deadly. There is no safe vaccine or any necessary vaccine that is shot into the bloodstream. And why do folks make such a huge issue out of small pox in the first place? From what I’ve read so far it was isolated primarily among dairymaids. But then, who knows really, that could be another myth too.

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    1. IF we can’t trust vaccinations, can we trust screenings? Eric Idle in the news about pancreatic cancer. He is promoting screenings early on so it can save lives. He states he was diagnosed pancreatic cancer tumor and it was removed by a robotic surgeon. I never new pancreatic cancer could be removed and someone with two weeks to live is cancer free.

      They could really say anything about the screening results to get people in the operating rooms.


      1. Yeah that sounds pretty sketch, as the kids say.. I used to listen to Dr Jennifer Daniels and all the screening stuff is just a way to rope people in, in her view.

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      2. I was ‘diagnosed’ with ‘chronic pancreatitis’ when I was in my late 20s after going to the doctor for a routine health exam and birth control prescription. I had no pain, no symptoms, and yet I let this ‘test’ inform this doctor who put me on a STRICT diet and a special pharmaceutical enzyme that was supposed to ‘cure’ it. After six months or so I finally called bullshit. I believe these tests are meaningless snapshots of highly variable, yet very normal, variations in body chemistry. It’s the medical protocols that are the real killers, not the symptoms, sometimes even absent, that get folks in the system. Which is the real tyranny, because I’ve had several instances where I was refused any help, because I would not succumb to the ‘total help’ plan of the doctor.

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        1. “I believe these tests are meaningless snapshots of highly variable, yet very normal, variations in body chemistry. ”

          Exactly! One of Daniels’ points was, “normal” is based on a mathematical tautology. Eg, to find “normal” say you study 100 people for a certain metric. Well, the people in the 10% low or high range are considered by default “abnormal” – regardless of whether they have any health issues or not! That’s literally how the “norm” is determined. Sheer lunacy. And then a person who feels fine is prescribed some drug (with side effects) to help them get in the “normal range,” based on this kind of tautological thinking.


  7. Mark, you may want to look over Karl Denniger’s recent post titled, “No, They’re Not Trying To Kill You”

    His take is that money is the motive and the vax injured and disabled add in creating more customers for Big Pharma. He presents a good case, although I find it hard to accept the implication that no one was thinking beyond monetary gains and customer generation. Certainly there are incentives in place to drive thinking, plotting, and acting in that direction but surely there must’ve been someone at the decision making table who realized the enormity of this hypothetical proposal: “We’re going to inject the global population with an experimental gene therapy ‘vaccine’ based on synthetic mRNA – a technology that has a history of failure. We’ll be legally protected by governments; some ‘vaccine’ recipients will die but it doesn’t matter; some ‘vaccine’ recipients will survive but will be maimed or disabled and that just means more long-term customers for us. In any case, we’ll be rich and we’ll have secured a new, massive income stream for many years to come.”
    So no one in a position of power was considering the long-term implications of injecting synthetic mRNA into the global population? Something that has never been done in recorded history? The enormity and audacity of that proposal is why I think there must be a lot more than “it’s just business” behind the COVID-19 scam.

    I think we’re all going to find out that there will be significant fallout to this crime against humanity as time goes on. Not everyone needs to die off, either. For example, consider the following comment from “Avalanche” in reply to “Abelardlindsey”:

    Abelardlindsey [wrote]: “10-15% might not be a ‘depopulation” level event.'”

    [Avalanche replied]: “Guessing no military background? An attack always does BETTER to wound and disable more folks than it kills, because the wounded/disabled require SEVERAL folks to care for each, instead of fighting the enemy. If you wound ten out of a hundred, you pull from fighting those ten plus twenty MORE to carry the stretchers, bandage the wounds, drive the ambulances, keep the med-evac/treatment services staffed, cleaned, full of supplies, ready to accept those ten wounded. You needed an ambulance or five, plus driver, someone to ride (literal) shotgun, someone in the back to attend to the one or two wounded stuffed in there to try to keep them alive. Let’s not even consider rehab and replacement in the lines.

    A couple million folks world-wide have died ‘from covid'(-treatment). But at least SEVERAL million are now disabled, unable to work, unable to live on their own or take care of their dependents…”


  8. I wondered as soon as the Pfizer data on side effects from clinical trials was ‘forced’ to be released by a judge (after Pfizer supposedly wanted to keep it from the public for 55 years) and read over the huge list of ailment purported to be found in clinical trial patients…how did they find all these rare diseases in a Warp Speed trial period?

    We’re they looking for those diseases? If not, they would have needed ‘the best’ docs to find all that they did in such a short time, in my opinion. (Maybe there’s a new PCR test for each of them, haha.)

    Was it bullshit? If so, now we’ve got a bunch of subscribers/hypochondriacs complaining of a bunch of new symptoms, and a whole slew of new tests to be run…not to mention another type of fear implant, both good for business.

    A little of both? They knew the jabs would wreak havoc, and were impressed with how destructive (?real or fake?) they ended up being (assuming they even really did trials—anyone know anybody who participated in the clinical trials?). Then Pfizer is ‘forced’ to release the data, and patients and doctors can now be on the lookout for all the potential side effects of the jab.

    Probably it was all on the up and up. Pfizer (and the others) is trying to protect us, cares about us, and was afraid folks would fear new life saving vaccines in the future if that data was released. Humanity would be in jeopardy without vaccines.
    That’s surely it.


    1. They have been working on these shots for at least a decade. Moderna was established in 2010 and had never brought a product to market prior to the CV19 thingy. Operation Warp Speed is pure fiction imo.


    2. Good points. Yeah the rare diseases – all these meds seem to have the same litany of boilerplate doom. I’m still baffled what the psychology or marketing angle is on it. One has been advertising to me on fb that doesn’t even say what it treats – just a vague name and a list of side effects. Marketing geniuses, I guess, who can say why it works? They’re the ones raking in billions.

      I agree, lots of storytelling around the release of documents etc.


  9. I think the real purpose of vaccines – or at least for the ones available to the masses – is to act as a form of slow-kill. You’d notice that since the 70s with the rise of mass vaccination campaigns (starting with the Swine Flu saga of 1976) that human population rates have declined gradually. They know that if everyone who took their shots began to die quickly, that not as many people would be willing to take their injections knowing that chances of death from their vaccines will be high and immediate.

    This also explains why you often see them suggest or require people to take more than one dosage of the same injection – such as the annual flu shots or the COVID-19 boosters – for them to ‘work’. Plus, with more vaccines being sold and used by people worldwide, the more money they make – with no fear of prosecution by their partner governments that also provide generous financial aid to them.


  10. exactly 150 years ago a man wrote a book on history and its uses; he stated and explicated in no uncertain terms that history is not only created out of thin air but is re-interpreted on a reguar basis by those in power ; and reinterpreted again and again as the need arises….. and most interesting is that he showed how, even our very notion of truth and value, our notions of good and bad and right and wrong and strong and weak : EVERYTHING is more or less interpretation

    The philosphy of the rulers is so simple: might is right.
    Now, on what basis can you prove that this is morally wrong?
    Any argument you use will reveal that you have been brainwashed by words…just words is enough to turn you into slaves…

    and you know, the truth of it is, the brainwashing is in the very struture of the language that we are using; you must begin with almost any and every word you take for granted; and when you get to the point where you have to qualify every word you use, and realize that every word we use can be seen from a variety of perspectives and has no inherent value in it, then you begin to see the enormity of the problem…..

    two points for that man 150 years ago..but i do not mention his name becasue the name is also a word and once you hear a word, you are already hypnotized by all its sub consicious associations


      1. that is not the book and i was asking for the writer, not the book.

        will check out your link…did not know there was book by that title!!


        1. I think a system actually based on ‘might is right’ would be easier to handle than the current system based on deception and interpretation. I do agree, ‘history’ is constantly rewritten to suit the desired outcome of the day. But, it is much more difficult to follow weakness than it is to follow strength. A violent tyrant would have everyone knowing their place and only those willing to confront direct violence would dare speak out. There would also be more willingness on the part of the courageous to speak out against the violence against the innocent because the ‘white knight’ archetype would be triggered. Now instead we have perps who deny there are victims at all and white knights who are cucked by misinformation.

          I thought this was a good quote:
          “The lighter touch of the managerial class in the liberal democracies allowed their citizens to believe they had escaped the fate of nations that had grown too top-heavy. Comforting notions of the free market and social tolerance made American citizens feel victorious as the last remnants of the Soviet Union collapsed under the rot of hard totalitarianism, and the soft managerial elite that dominated the West was thus able to bring more aspects of society under its control. Government agencies, corporations, media outlets, and educational institutions increasingly seemed to act with one voice and one agenda, instead of behaving as the separate self-interested actors described by classical liberalism. With an incredible degree of coordination, our elite institutions demonstrated their ability to impose widespread pandemic lockdowns, vaccination protocols, and to rewrite election law on the fly with scarcely any significant protest.”

          Managed Dehumanization – The American Mind


    1. “that history is not only created out of thin air but is re-interpreted on a reguar basis by those in power and reinterpreted again and again as the need arises”

      Maybe that is one reason why we are having so many fake events, so in the future they can rewrite it to and retell it so it fits their future agenda or perceptions.


      1. I think you are partially correct about the fake events—just throw a lot of shit around and see what best sticks down the road. But I think there’s another few layers there, too. I think there’s been a ‘democratization’ of the playing field— a lot more on the take now—which helps to account for the sloppiness of much of it. Since the MSM has lost its stranglehold, they’ve got loose threads everywhere. Also, they are training a lot more spooks, globally. The last few years I was teaching I was amazed how many students said it was their dream to work for the NSA and other such agencies. That’s thanks to TV programming, I’d guess. And, I think psychologically the impact of all that is folks really are treating it like a game, like the LARP it’s all been modeled with, right? Kids think they are living in a giant game of global Clue and none of it has any real repercussions on their lives.


        1. Yeah I know someone whose daughter wanted to go into that “field” – majored in international relations IIRC – but idk what their perception would be. Movies are still more James Bond like.

          In some ways it DOES seem like a giant game of Clue, albeit yes with repercussions.


  11. and the re- interpretation of history is being done RIGHT NOW… below your noses…as i read all the comments above, i realized that it is not only something the power elites will use the day after tomorrow, but are leading you all by the noses right now, and allowing you all participate in the re interpretation of what is already becoming history…

    .i am in the same iron trap as you…who will gnaw off their foot, knowing that once you are free of one trap …and one footed, you will inevtaibly be caught in another trap…there is a way out perhaps but if you really wanted it, you would probably not be reading this…nor i writing this…..


    1. You don’t think anything at all can be known about history? Or it’s pointless to try to pierce the veil? It’s clearly treacherous ground, but I think we can get clues about the past by using discernment, as Demolded does. Usselo in his thread at talks about using physical evidence as well to see what checks out and what doesn’t, and what new insights can be gleaned.


      1. deception and interpretation IS might!!

        I should not have assumed others would understand that.
        “Might” means power and whoever is in power has the Might…the will to control by deception and interpretation. And of course also by violence..and Law which combines both deception and violence in the most masterly way


        1. So the solution is in our/your own hands.

          (((they))) have no influence on me, no might. I consciously stay away from anything Clownworld, such that their “might” is nothing.

          On the national day here, July 20th, we had the military display right in front of me. I podcasted that day at Fakeologist and all that military “power”, all that display it was meaningless. Playmobil Power. It was cartoonish, really. And oh they must have felt so cool with their grenade launchers and immature military display.

          It is YOUR (plural, to all) task to NOT spread their poisons.

          And the first step is not drinking it.

          Anyone here who is still watching TV?


          Anyone still following “Ze News”?

          CUT THAT, GROW UP.

          (still kept busy by that voice in their head that tells them they get informed, by a bunch of magicians who NEVER EVER were there to inform us in the first place)

          The power of (((their))) power is in your own hands. They have no power. It is 99% imagined power handed in to them by brainless sheep.

          Brainless sheep DESERVE their Animal Farm.
          Only the ones who decided right will be free.

          Decide that what is right ; STOP DOING FAKEOLOGY. STOP MAKING SENSE OF SOMETHING (any narrative) that is DESIGNED not to make sense!


          1. Gaia…unfortunately i do not share your confidence about changing people…
            nor your insistence that “they” have no real power, and further that they have no real power over you.
            you believe this because you need to believe this in order to continue your life. It is, in a sense, your interpretation.
            My own interpretation is that despite how disgusitng the rulers are, they are the rulers and they do have great power over our lives. To deny that is self deception in my book. And further they have great power over your mind: even your mode of defiance might very well be determined by what they did to you as a child…there is only a partial escape from the trap

            stay tuned…after a cup of coffee i will write something else, a short piece i wrote two nights ago…related to this exactly


            1. Gaia…unfortunately i do not share your confidence about changing people…

              I am baffled how you cannot see this.

              We are here FOR THAT EXACT REASON. Namely that our peers have changed, through others, with lies and deceit.

              And now you say you have low confidence people can be changed.

              That cannot fit.

              Either people can change (and thus change “back”/again) or they can’t. But placing some supernatural powers in the hands of the Animal Farmers while denying our own capacities to provide change in our peers is madness.

              nor your insistence that “they” have no real power, and further that they have no real power over you.

              Still it is true.

              I stopped watching TV in 2006, those clowns ceased to exist (in moving form)
              I quit following internet news in 2016, the news stopped to harm me
              I stopped Fakeology in June 2019 (Agenda 2020) and my message to make the same evolution has caught on with others. Even those who resisted in the first place, they later admitted that I was right and pushed them over an edge to MAKE CHANGE.

              you believe this because you need to believe this in order to continue your life. It is, in a sense, your interpretation.


              1st it is not a belief. It is a realization of my life. A reflection. Yes, an interpretation, as everything is, but supported by facts, data, not by “beliefs”.

              My own interpretation is that despite how disgusitng the rulers are, they are the rulers and they do have great power over our lives.

              That is then the difference between you and me. I see the whole core of the Animal Farm as rotten, the whole basis, the cement, the framework. The Building of the Beast is Satanic (as in anti-divine) by design.

              So I reject that design. You apparently STILL give credit to the system. Why??

              It is not “disgusting rulers”, it is the whole concept of an Animal Farm is disgusting. NO matter the puppets, the colors, the uniforms. It is a fundamental point.

              To deny that is self deception in my book. And further they have great power over your mind:

              Why do you speak about me as if you know me?

              You can put any fucking sticker on me, it is meaningless.

              I know how I live my life and the 5 encounters with the little green friends , whom I was not afraid of in the slightest, over the past 2 years have again and again proven my right.

              Exactly in the mental department they have 0 influence over me. I decide my own life and that is my message to YOU, deceived morons, out there. DO the same. Don’t keep easting your life working for those freaks. Don’t be a hypocrite. Stand for something. Fight. Every day.

              Resistance is not some groupie thing you subscribe to by replacing your avatar with a Ukrainian flag.

              Resistance is a philosophy, a way of life. Reject false authorities WHEREVER you go, no matter what.

              even your mode of defiance might very well be determined by what they did to you as a child…there is only a partial escape from the trap

              What is this for amateur bullshit psychology. CLEARLY you don’t know me, cause exactly as a child I already stood up against idiots and morons.

              We used to live in a one way street and played football (soccer for the cultural nitwits) and hockey (street hockey, not on ice) with my friends.

              Everytime some idiot car came against the stream, so going the wrong way, I just sat on his hood till they would leave.

              This is what I still do to this very day. Everytime I can interact and correct bad behavior I do it. Everywhere. Suggesting those are “beliefs” is quite foolish without knowing me, or my environment.

              Which is impossible, not to know me. I am openly talking about my life everywhere and publish enough material myself and also still at Fakeologist Audio Chat to have missed it.

              No beliefs, factually they mean NOTHING to me.

              My poverty levels have made me even stronger with the absolute biggest cancer of society, and yousamericans are the biggest baddest junkies of it; money.

              Money means nothing to me anymore. It has lost that little value it had before and I can go out on the streets, with money in my pocket AND hunger (and I mean real hunger, not having been able to eat in days) and still not spend anything.

              I lived 10 days with 12 USD. You cannot do that in the US or in Europe. Here I can, and I am so intensely happy, not with poverty, but that the biggest drug of all, money, doesnt’t do anything to me anymore.

              I have only become stronger and stronger and more and more detached from the Animal Farm that is for 99% only there in your head, and you claim you know me better and deny what happens in MY life

              I mean, do you realize how stupid that is, about ANYONE? But especially about someone SO very open about himself as I am.

              Ignorance is an invalid excuse therefor.

              stay tuned…after a cup of coffee i will write something else, a short piece i wrote two nights ago…related to this exactly

              I would like to read it.


      2. timr…are you sure there is only one veil? Does the veil move? What color is it today? Interpretation boarders on invention. Is invention in many cases.

        a man looks healthy but in fact he will be dead in three months with cancer.All wooden cultures have disappeared and all documents can be falsified. True, the fact that there are 5 jewish cemeteries in jamaica means to you and me that the jews controled jaimaica at one point but it does not mean that to most other people; and their interpretation gets thrown into the mix and many veils are created. In the end i have come to feel that knwong the truth is not exactly neccessary since lies and self deception often helps advance our lives much more.
        If you do not know you are lying, are you lying.? And since no one can escape self deception, why not use our inability to be honest to our own advantage?

        You speak of “getting clues about the past” which means you think there are concrete facts and once we have the facts, we can then say, “Ah now i know”
        Every muslim schoolboy used to know that the crusades was christian rape…that the reason for the crusades was to pillage…we in the west think that is a new interpretation of the situation.

        Anyway for me, looking back into “what really happened” is now only important if it can help me live better now, since, despite all or any evidence, physical or otherwise, we can never be certain…and even if we were what? the next piece of “evidence” and the next interpretation will make us doubt all over again…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well as to living better now, I simply have somewhat of a “puzzle solving” compulsion – if I were to suppress that, assuming you convinced me intellectually of the philosophical futility of it all, I would probably just feel stymied and irritable. Ha. And it would be difficult to convince me in my nature not to “solve puzzles.”

          I really doubt the extreme nature of some of your claims – ALL documents can be falsified, etc. To support that is a radical doubt that gets into the academic games of Descartes, Hume, Kant, etc. I’m open to it, but it does tend to nullify all conversation (a complaint I get from people about even about my level of extreme doubt.)

          Did you click the Demolder link? Do you think his list of old Dutch books and what they suggest are all planted there for him to find? Or he (and a team of monks) planted them?

          As a matter of fact, he himself claims in other posts that “the gods” are inventing and planting fake history… Partly for amusement, partly for their own ends. And I don’t find it impossible, these days, myself..


          1. I am sending out a birthday wish that the ‘puzzle solving’ compulsives out there shift their diligent focus and attention to the never-ending puzzles of the natural world (which still exist in spades) at the expense of those puzzles crafted by the philosophers of the Empire builders and myth-makers. The bees and the fungi need us more than the Civilized Harlots and Pharaoh-CEOs.


              1. It’s theoretically possible – and happy birthday as an aside – that anything can be forged, but as a practical matter, millions of books have been published during my lifetime. It appears likely that was the case during my parents and grandparents time, and they don’t say otherwise. Those books are not “true” per se, but they do at least say something about what the narrative was at the time they came out. Or things that were known or believed widely. This is why TPTB would like an all digital world. Are there ways to introduce confusion and misinformation into that history of books? Of course, but it’s not absolute or perfect.

                Wrt solving real world puzzles, it seems to me that the empire builders are a natural phenomenon of some sort too. Their sociology, and how it’s tangled with ours, is also worth being curious about..

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Only a Satanist could call the devious deceit, which goes AGAINST, harming that what is holy; nature, this:

                  Wrt solving real world puzzles, it seems to me that the empire builders are a natural phenomenon of some sort too. Their sociology, and how it’s tangled with ours, is also worth being curious about..

                  Absolutely disgusting.

                  Happy birthday Ken! And bad boy, you shouldn’t tell the junkies here their drugs are bad, mkay!

                  Liked by 1 person

  12. As I stalked the aisles of the grocery yesterday, the Voice of Authority intoned helpfully for the assembled shoppers. The message was of joy; the new miracle elixir against the Omoronic scariant is available now for free in the pharmacy, but only AFTER FOLLOWING THE INITIAL PROGRAM of miracle curification.

    So, assuming a now justifiably-frightened person shows up at the window panting, wanting this latest and greatest FREE treatment, the individual has to first get at least TWO other elixirs, “developed” for PREVIOUS deadly incarnations, which I assume would take several months to “properly” take effect, BEFORE being able to get the one to “protect” against the “newest.” Which will by then have presumably “mutated” into something far more nefarious. Who said science was simple? It sounds more like a marketing campaign, but I am not a biologist.

    Almost as bad as the MINTRUTH blurb amidst the muzak was the 40ish (20ish? Who knows these days) chubby incel sporting a horrifying skull mask, shortish shorts and a cartoon t-shirt (maybe 10% sport them still), blabbing to someone in the customer service line how the big jackoff, err lottery jackpot would be won by him. Another highlight was a 6’5″ swarthy 20ish lad with a black mask and…wait for it…a matching black PLAYSTATION t-shirt. Yeah, everything’s fine. 🙂


    1. I am reading (skimming – it is very poorly written) a book called Turtles All The Way Down, about how they test vaccines. The title originates in the fact that they do not do true placebos, which would yield a standard by which to gauge adverse effects. Instead, they use a previous vaccine testing result, or if it is a new vaccine, some unrelated vaccine. So they really have no basis for measurement of adverse events, ergo the name, Turtles All The Way Down.


      1. That’s some pretty fancy scienti-fictitious method they got there, them turtles. Shame if logic and truth were to shine light on it.


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