Coffee without the cream

Last weekend there was a video presentation by Drs. Kaufman and Cowen, which can be located here. It is very long, and the technology they use, called Webinarjam, is clunky. Even though it is now in replay mode, you cannot fast forward or go back. There is on the right hand side a comment thread, but they roll by so fast you cannot read them, nor can you stop them. Neither can you search the comments for keywords. I think the creators of the software deserve a hat tip nonetheless, so here is to you Mrs. Olsen’s fourth grade class.

There is at a point far into the video (it cannot be time stamped) a Q&A, and very shortly into that session a Dr. Wilson called and did quite a monologue on how Kaufman and Cowen are misrepresenting the virus isolation process. Kaufman asked him if he had a paper on the matter, and yes, said Wilson, he had linked to it twice in the comments. Good luck on finding those links using Webinarjam. In the end, Wilson promised to send the paper to both Kaufman and Cowen, who would read and report back.

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