Dear neighbors: Please stop using electricity while we charge our EVs.

The letter above, sent to people living on an unspecified street in an unspecified community, simply reeks of smugness. I would guess the four electric vehicle owners are young, as the bulk of the climate alarmism has been directed at school children, who are now becoming adults. During the school years they were never given more than one side of the climate debate, and so they do not know the the supposed science is unsettled, and that the warmists could be (very) wrong,

The impunity with which they presume that their neighbors have to change their lifestyles so that the virtue-signalling EV owners can do God’s work is off putting, to say the least. As the person who brought this letter to WUWT noted, the meeting they speak of was probably attended by four people, the EV owners.

It gets worse:

The pair to the left struck a blow for saving Mother Earth a few days ago by splashing a can of tomato soup on a Van Gogh painting, Sunflowers, valued at more than $50 million. They then glued their hands to either it or the wall or the floor – I am not clear. No worries, art lovers. Museums do not put valuable treasures at risk. This particular painting is sealed and covered with glass.

This is modern schooling at work, the kids having no clue how wrong they might be, and not having the good sense to see even what Michael Mann sees, that this sort of publicity is not good for their movement. Further, these narcissistic little brats need a good hard spanking delivered by a caring adult, one who will not indulge them in their fantastic ideas and actions. Ground the brats, that they might someday be grounded adults.

Many actions like this, such as protesters blocking traffic in London, can be traced to CEF, or Climate Emergency Fund. As this article says, funding for this group can be traced to Aileen Getty, the granddaughter of Getty Oil founder J. Paul Getty. She allegedly gave CEF $500,000 in 2019 after the group was founded.

I doubt it is that simple. There is big money behind the Climate Change movement, and I would guess that most of the money is detached from the real donors behind these groups. Aileen Getty to me appears to be just a name, and a front for someone else who not only funds, but founds and inspires and trains these groups. The Climate Change movement is not organic, as I see it. The ease with which they come upon their money, all speak with one voice, and all back the same corrupt science behind it, tells me that Climate Change is something other than what it is sold as.

The mere fact that they claim that CO2 is some sort of monstrous agent that is causing the demise of our planet, while at the same time opposing nuclear and hydroelectric power, both of which are CO2-free substitutes, tells me that their enemy is not CO2, but rather fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels make our lives easier, make us richer and more comfortable and happy in our lives. They are the reason that our planet can support seven billion people. And that is what they are against. People.

23 thoughts on “Dear neighbors: Please stop using electricity while we charge our EVs.

  1. If this letter and EV owners were from my city, you can bet I’d have attended their next meeting. What would follow is an apology letter, a letter of deepest regret for ever composing such text and sending it out to their neighbors. Everybody is supposed to stand still while these bozos are charging their batteries? Maybe even disconnect their home heaters so a few spoiled Gen Z brats can have fun with their EVs the following morning? I sincerely hope someone out there is like me and will get to them, but with no letter to be delivered.


      1. You live in a cold place too and Britain can get cold too. EVs work much less efficient when it’s cold, reducing your possible radius to… the next homeless shelter.

        England’s (not) gonna like their overhaul.

        Why do not more Europeans flee that sinking ship and settle in much more pleasant places…?


        1. Most people live where they grew up. Pulling up roots, especially on low income, is difficult at best, more often impossible. My last class reunion, just about everyone there never left Billings.


          1. Yes, many people live where they grew up:

            But is it 1970 or 2022 ?

            even lower class incomes and especially those are the ones standing out in “2nd and 3rd world countries” can travel all around the world and settle anywhere they want.

            You have no idea how RICH you are. And you should, because you have traveled to other places, where you can comfortably live for much lower spendings.

            I don’t know how much you have revealed about your daughter in Afrika / Beefrika, listeners can enjoy Eye am Eye Radio we are aLOUD. or Fakeologist Audio Call FAK 557, but come on, you can’t claim this nonsense of “impossible”.

            How come millions of immigrants to the US of AIDS can come from thousands of miles but you with a shitload more Mammon cannot go the other way…



    1. Beautiful, I would be that guy too.

      In fact, I actively fight the Big Brother New World Order madness around us here, up to my little green friends at the door doing nothing to me.

      Get enough neighbor’s sympathy for my cause; which is bigger than me, I fight for myself AND others.

      Resistance is a philosophy
      We all should embrace.


  2. What a hilariously obnoxious letter. Put an end to global warming “and the associated issues.” What is that, a euphemism for planetary Armageddon?

    NakedCapitalism ran a piece on this topic a few days back, from the angle that vandalism may be a risky tactic that could backfire. They had many examples – a new wave of “extreme” eco activism, a reprise of an old theme. I wonder if it isn’t intentional, by the hidden funders and planners – one hand promotes this junk, the other hand blackwashes it… It’s always that confusing hall of mirrors, controlled dialectic.


    1. For one, I guess they like to create the look that the government and media see this huge problem, but are reluctant to upset the apple cart. But passionate idealists among the public are impatient. The mass public looks on and says “hm, okay, I guess we need to split this baby.. we need a little faster change than government wants, but obviously not what these radicals want..”

      The public doesn’t think to question the whole storyline, rather they take their cues from the dramatic personae on their screens..


  3. Problem, Reaction, Solution – and a money grab (hence the promotion of a carbon tax, etc.) I certainly will not switch-off electricity in my home, unless, of course, they shut it down themselves. They have, however, shut down my heating, which is certainly an attempted slow kill (extended exposure to cold temperatures can induce illness, as I’ve experienced before). I tried to contact my landlords about this, but they don’t care to explain why, so I assume they have a beef with me out of jealousy (seeing that I live in a nice Tudor-Style townhouse) and they’re clearly in on the conspiracy, as well, IMO.

    This whole “Green” agenda is obviously nothing more than a continuation of Agenda 21/30, which focuses on reducing the world population and returning modern civilization back to what existed in, say, feudal Europe, where no prosperous middle and working classes existed and there was a two-classed system comprising only the rich and the poor. It’s full-on fascism dressed as something it is not.

    Agenda 21 for dummies:

    “Fossil fuels make our lives easier, make us richer and more comfortable and happy in our lives. They are the reason that our planet can support seven billion people. And that is what they are against. People.”

    It also makes more money for them when they take away what comforts people have left, not to mention it facilitates population reduction. A miserable, stressed, and divided population is likely to spend more time & money on their products than a happy, healthy, and tranquil one. Hence why they’re attacking fossil fuels and replacing them with “green energy”, which increases prices, thereby making them richer.


  4. Genesis 1:26-28
    “…dominion over…”

    Chosen people (“white” ruling class) believe in dominion (21st century full spectrum dominance) over the entire planet. The modern version of Abraham’s (Abram) ancient family feud, and conquest of the Caananites. Nothing has changed.

    This is a millennia old religious battle at bottom.

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    1. And these manufactured religious battles, as we all know, in reality, had little to do with religion and were completely money/power motivated as successful forms of massive looting campaigns whereby countless tax dollars can be embezzled from the participating parties as ransom profits for the psychopaths. Organized ruling criminal thugs, especially American politicians, love to hide behind three things – nationality, religion, and children – as covers for their profitable crimes against humanity.


    1. And you gotta love this one. Sound familiar to what the above video said? To quote:

      “Extending the emergency also enables the federal government to continue providing Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program benefits to 15 million people who would not otherwise qualify. As CNBC noted, “The emergency declaration gives federal agencies broad authority to expand certain programs without congressional approval.” In other words, the Constitution’s checks and balances continue to be a relic in the age of COVID.”

      The part of extending already large tax-funded federal benefit programs for people who normally won’t qualify I feel is a double reference to the fact that they want to invite new worker drones & tax slaves to exploit and traffic from as well.

      This also includes human trafficking via the CPS, which people like Nancy Schaefer have exposed (she “died” mysteriously shortly after that). The Pelosi crime family have ties to that organization, as well, which is why you often see Nancy Pelosi so adamantly speak about children and “DREAMERS”.

      The Pelosis are scum and trash. They should burn in hell, along with the rest. Nancy’s promotion of the bullshit climate crisis also proves this.


      1. Pelosis, Bushes, Clintons, Trumps— it’s one big horror show to watch all this from the outside and have no power to change it. But what’s beyond mind-numbing is to consider all those willing to work with and for these criminals. That’s where I really get the sense of how futile it all is. Imagine on a small scale going into work everyday and Nancy is your boss. Holy Hell! These must be the most hollowed-out, castrated, soulless people in our nation.

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        1. Kensho- That Cult of the Medics documentary you linked looks interesting, but it’s a lot of hours of video. I’m just wondering how literal they are about calling it a cult – does he really have some new angle on the history there, or is it of a piece with what most other critics of modern medicine say? It’s kind of hard to get a sense of his “thesis statement” from the video chapters..


          1. I didn’t think that landing page did it justice. He does not make such ‘direct’ links as one might expect in a more documentary format, but is really good at asking questions and presenting the dots that seem connected—kind of in that Icke or Tsarion style—with lots of symbolism and history, looking at the Templars and Hospitalers and moving into the cult-like maneuverings of these groups that has definite threads to today in the symbolism and ceremony. It’s more entertaining than you might think, easy to watch that way. If I go back and watch again for taking notes and getting more critical about it, I will try to remember to post more about it.


            1. Thanks.. yeah that would not surprise me if that esoteric element was there in the background, if not necessarily overt among the rank and file. Lengthy online video is just difficult for my tech situation, and usual preference, so please do share if you want to highlight anything.


          2. Nancy Pelosi always reminded me of Catherine de Medici, being that both were/are hot-blooded Italian women who plotted and stole their way to the top. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re cousins, as well.


            1. According to Charles N Pope, Catherine de Medici and Bloody Mary Tudor were one and the same person, working two different personas. See How To Read Shakespeare Like A Royal, vol.1 at Google books.


        2. “But what’s beyond mind-numbing is to consider all those willing to work with and for these criminals.”

          Their worker drones are either just as bad as they are, desperate, or brainwashed. I think it would be nice to look into the backgrounds of these people, which may answer our questions. Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi herself. Apparently, she has A LOT of people working for her, and I assume their handsome salaries (shown at “Staff salaries”) are paid to keep them quiet about their boss. Go to the “Index of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s staff, past and present” section of the below link to learn more about them:


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