Prediction for Europe this winter: “Intense Cold Surges”

The above photo is taken from the British Guardian, one of the most inflammatory climate alarmist sources on the planet. It was brought to my inbox by Paul Homewood, a prolific writer and very erudite skeptic. He is inked here under “Not A Lot of People Know That, his blog. He titles his post “Guardian Readers are the Most Gullible on the Planet, New Data Shows.

I have but three problems with the article published in the Guaradian, which claims that Climate Change may unlock new pathogens, both viral and bacterial: 1) Viruses have never been proven to exist; 2) Bacteria feed on dead and dying tissue, and do not attack healthy hosts unless in an oxygen-free environment, and 3) Climate change, a scare propaganda campaign, is not real.

A remarkable video by Dr. Thomas Sheahen, well worth your time

Along those lines, Homewood also brought me a video today, 41 minutes I am afraid, by Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen. If you are of a scientific bent, Sheahen highlights the important work of William van Wijngaarden and Will Happer, who calculated the effects of the various greenhouse gases on climate and temperature. Their findings are vitally important, and due to their work, Sheahen concludes that climate change is not a problem, and that the effects of CO2 and methane on temperature are negligible and should be ignored. This link will take you to Homewood’s blog post that highlights the Sheahen talk. I listened this morning and found it riveting throughout.

The amazing thing contained in the video is the manner in which van Wijngaarden and Happer went about their business. They constructed mathematical models predicting the effects of the five or so greenhouse gases, and those models precisely captured those effects in the real world. They did not just come close – their results were dead-on. Anyone paying attention to IPCC reports knows that that august body makes predictions that do not come true. Ever. Yet government policies all over the world are based on those faulty predictions, leading me to believe that the Climate Change alarmist agenda is a false front behind which we will find the usual suspects, eugenicists and misanthropes intent on bending the population curve downward, dramatically.

ENSO produces rare third year of La Niña

Which reminds me of one more climate detail I ran across this morning. If you are familiar with ENSO, the El-Niño Southern Oscillation, you will know it has two phases, El Niño, which is responsible for heat spikes, and La Niña, the cooling phase that always follows. I did not know that we are in year two of La Niña, This article, Scientists Warn of a Rare Third Year of La Nina, leads to a scientific paper that goes into great detail (and has lots of math – too much for my little brain), the uptake for me being that due to a third year of cooling “Eurasia” could be in for “intense cold surges” this winter. I interpret Eurasia as all of Europe and Asia, and note that most of Europe is suffering shortages of natural gas and over-reliance on wind and solar, undependable energy sources.

This does not bode well for European citizens. As I see it the natural gas crunch they are in, sponsored by Russia (“Putin”), is a joint effort between east and west to squeeze Europe and make them suffer. Intense cold surges work to the advantage of the monsters behind the Climate Change movement. I normally don’t predict things, but if we get the surges mentioned above, people could well die off in large numbers in the coming months.

44 thoughts on “Prediction for Europe this winter: “Intense Cold Surges”

  1. The natural gas crunch we are in has nothing to do with Russia, which has been the most reliable and trustworthy provider of gas ever. It has everything to do with the USA, the most despicable terrorist on the planet, who recently sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines, perpetrated mass murder of citizens from mostly Germany and Spain on 3/24/15, and generally is a cancer on planet Earth and its inhabitants.

    Also, greenhouse gases don’t exist. Greenhouses work by stopping convection through a layer of glass, polycarbonate or other transparent or translucent materials. No gas can do that. Hence, there are no greenhouse gases, and calling them such is a misunderstanding of physics.


      1. Could you say why I need to listen to it? I did listen a couple minutes at the beginning, at minute 25, and at the end.

        He calls the trace gases in question “greenhouse gases” because he is not fundamentalist enough to reject the terminology. I trust he’s aware why naming them “greenhouse gases” is wrong but chooses not to belabour the point for reasons of expediency.

        Other than that, from the bit I gathered, he is right. The trace gases, including CO2, are irrelevant. In the middle part, it sounded like he might think CO2 may have some significant effect if taken away completely. I don’t think so, other than for the plants, which need CO2.

        The only relevant gas in our atmosphere, other than the sheer overall volume and hence pressure of the atmosphere, for thermalizing infrared radiation is water vapour. Taking away water vapour has quite a significant effect as I can experience first-hand in the winter by comparing humid Atlantic air with dry cold continental air. When the air is very dry, the temperature may drop very low.

        I read two books and many web pages on the “global warming” scam, which now has been renamed “climate change” scam. Reading up on the scam was necessary because of the virulence of the climatist ideology and activists here in Germany. It’s a de-growth program imposed by overseas interests to make Europe and Germany in particular uncompetitive, and to MAGA, by making companies resettle to the USA.

        The economic war by destroying our energy supply by terrorist methods servers the same goal.


        1. The science behind the greenhouse effect, even as Climate alarmists have hijacked it for their own purposes, is solid. Sunlight hits the earth, but greenhouse gases are unaffected by it. Later that energy is returned to space in the form of infrared waves. The greenhouse gases attract enough of the infrared to keep the heat in the atmosphere, allowing the planet to be warm and comfortable. Without the greenhouse effect, our planetary average temperature would be zero degree F. In other words, we would not exist. With it, it averages 59 degrees F. You are way off base here.


          1. I am not off base here. I studied this question by analyzing the flawed heat balance sketch they’re using to conjure up this exaggerated difference in temperature two and a half years ago.

            The first error is to call it a “greenhouse effect”, as explained above. Greenhouses work by obstructing convection. No gas can do that. Hence no greenhouse gases. Simple as can be. But that is not the point you’re making.

            The second error is to hugely overstate and miscalculate the thermalizing effect of the infrared absorbing gases. The only relevant one among these is water vapour. CO2 does almost nothing because at just 400 ppm it’s a trace gas. A mouse can’t lift weights. The absorption bandes of CO2 are narrow. And an increase in CO2 won’t have an effect on the temperature because in its narrow bandes, CO2 already absorbs all it can absorb. Adding more CO2 won’t have more of an effect.

            In short: Yes, of course, the infrared absorbing gases have some warming effect, but not as much as stated. The only relevant among these is water vapour. CO2 has already basically maxed out its potential; a further increase in CO2 won’t lead to a further increase in temperature. And the other ones such as methane are completely irrelevant because they’re so rare that they don’t matter at all.


            1. That is all understood. Yes, primarily water vapor, and some CO2 effect, but one that loses effect with increased concentrations, so that even doubling CO2 from 400 to 800 ppm tomorrow would have little thermal effect. The official “science” of IPCC is that increased concentrations of CO2 feed the water vapor effect, thereby creating warming.

              The purpose of the video, which by your own admission you only took snippets of, was to show that methane, made to be a monster by alarmists, has no impact. Again, you should take time to watch it.


          1. You deleted another comment. Nothing I described in detail was fake. Everything happened: GermanWings 9525, Kogalymavia Sinai, UIA 752 Tehran. State terrorism by Uncle Sam. Mass murder.

            Off-topic has never been a reason for a deletion on this blog. I remember you explicitly stating that you don’t care about on or off topic.

            You sort of brought it on by writing that the natural gas crunch was “sponsored by Russia”. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is all by the US, which uses terrorist means to wreck Europe. It seems Americans live in ignorance and prefer to do so. Which is why they’re suffering from cognitive dissonance when confronted with the truth of the matter. They don’t like to own up.


            1. Lumi, the full comment seems to share your view –

              “As I see it the natural gas crunch they are in, sponsored by Russia (“Putin”), is a joint effort between east and west to squeeze Europe and make them suffer.”

              I can’t speak for MT of course and I see how it’s a little open to your interpretation as well. For myself, I do get the sense that TPTB, east west and all points in between, are staging the war, sanctions, etc just to terrorize the public, and rearrange the pieces on the chessboard.. Not sure they favor any one public over another, but some happen to be closer to the eye of the storm.


              1. I’m not adverse to harmonious resolutions.

                But it is simply not at all my view that East and West collude to crush Europe. It is my view that we’re seeing a geopolitical confrontation of the Anglosphere plus assorted EU quislings against Russia. The US have been preparing this since at least early 2015, when George Friedman gave his talk at the Chicago Council, but the underlying imperialist strategy has been in place much longer: coup d’Etat in Kiev in February 2014, “Orange Revolution” 2004, NATO expansion (instead of dissolution), economic shock therapy in the 1990ies, pivot to China in the 1970ies.

                What is your evidence for “TPTB, east west and all points in between”? Who are they, where are they? Are they but one club? The concept seems a bit lofty.

                Assuming, just for the sake of the argument, these PTB do not favour any one “public” or people over the other: How come we see such a relentless, vicious, virulent propaganda against Russia from the West? Why is there no such disgusting Russian propaganda against the West? What is it about the West that makes it so vile and disgusting? To the point where people even stop thinking about it?


                1. I can’t fully decode their machinations, but it seems to me there’s a grand narrative in play, where the unipolar world order us shifting to multipolar – the rise of the BRICS. As part of that, US belligerence and Russian reasonableness, could be part of the narrative.

                  I don’t want to sound too broad brush, I think the players have real interests and independence, while simultaneously being used in these larger designs. I don’t know quite how it works, that’s just my personal speculation.

                  Curious if you saw the recent Mathis guest paper on Ukraine? It alleges war fakery and gives photo evidence. If correct, that suggests TPTB are staging this all for social engineering purposes.

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                  1. I don’t read Mathis papers. Yes, there is photo fakery. What does that prove? It proves that someone faked some photo, nothing more. I could also take a photo of the globe and run a pencil from pole to pole via Photoshop to then claim that as the photo of the globe is obviously fake, Earth cannot be a globe.


                    1. Yes, there is photo fakery. What does that prove?

                      is this an open question, or one you immediately close with your own views on photo fakery ?

                      It proves that someone* faked some photo, nothing more.

                      Lumi, you may not live up so much to your enlightened name, and like to stay at the surface.

                      You don’t Piece of Mind that others, who bear a mindset to dig deeper, do not stop at “nothing more” ?

                      *and that “someone” is of course not part of a bigger structure, the Building of the Beast, the Animal Farm, the Crazy Ape Asylum…


            2. @Lumi call 911…Ouch! Lumi you’ve trodden on a thistle. Marks, Shoe up your Ass. Americans like to own up to that one. The idiom saying, ignorance is bliss. in your case in doing so…The metaphor attempts to connect happiness with a lack of knowledge.


            3. “Everything happened: GermanWings 9525…”

              I beg to differ, see

              Ontopic: Over at I predicted a dark winter for Europe. It is the first winter with the “official” Russian “boogeyman”. Europe is almost entirely depending on gas coming from Russia. Some countries like the Netherlands (Groningen/Slochteren) and Norway (North & Norwegian Seas) have relatively abundance in gas, but the rest of the countries, particularly Eastern Europe do not.

              Even though money, the oil price/Petrodollar and the published reserves are fake / forged, the effects on Europe of this ponerology are very real ; high energy prices and just general fuckery with the European population.

              to all trustworthy truth seeking Europeans I can say ; spend your winterz here in tropical Colombia, exactly in summer (best season) when you guys are in Putindoctrinated Jewrope….

              GEM from Eye am Eye Radio ; “you guys need aWAY. ”


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              1. GermanWings 9525.
                They said the crash was deliberately caused by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz with a suicidal maneuver.
                Ergo Andreas Lubitz is a german kamikaze.
                Andreas Lubitz = Strudel Banzai.
                How’s that for a good joke on us?


              2. @Gaia, the Clues Forum is the place (demented, in my opinion) run by the “Simon Shack” character who is Italian but never appears to publish anything in Italian. (Ayokera would know better, I think.)

                Around 9/11 this year I listened to a podcast this “Simon Shack” gave to “Fakeologist”. SS was unprepared and didn’t manage to say anything interesting. Similar in writing. Basically, all I’ve ever seen him presenting was faked photos.

                At the Clues Forum, they pushed the worship of fakery so far that they even proposed the exploding towers of the WTC only exploded on TV, or that what we were shown on TV was not the actual destruction of the towers. However, while faking the airplanes was not all that complicated, faking the disintegrating towers would have resulted unconvincing. And there was no need and no motive to do so.

                So, in short, they led the hunting of fakery ad absurdum, as if the objective was not the truth in the criminal sense of the word, but to show, no matter how absurd the proposition, that everything is fake.

                Take a look at Simon Shack’s alternative cosmological model, called TYCHOS. That should tell you all you need to know about the Clues Forum.

                The Let’s Roll Forums were much better.

                I took a look at the page you linked to. This nonhocapito character comes across as a most disgusting scumbag.


  2. Wow, there’s some heated conversation gping on and I’m not even part of it. Unusual.

    Mark, there’s no shortage of natural gas anywhere within EU. Gas has become incredibly expensive, that’s all, roughly 250-300% increase in price per cubic meter compared to 2020 pricing, but its availability is unhindered. All the rest is propaganda.

    Since it was mentioned above, I claim that Nord Stream pipeline thing is a hoax, created to elevate fear to extreme levels as the winter is approaching here in EU. Gas used to be the cheapest option to produce heat, and this changed rapidly. It all goes hand in hand with inflation and cost-of-living crisis, created to further squash the remainder of middle class, imo. Agenda 21 / 2030 in all its glory… you’ll own nothing and be happy about it, remember?


    1. but its availability is unhindered

      Cost is certainly a limiting factor when you need gas for industrial purposes. By making gas very expensive (and of bad quality as in the American fracking gas), you’re making industries uncompetitive. They’ll have to close shop and move elsewhere to secure affordable gas provisioning. That’s how you kill a competitor, in order to MAGA.

      Also, claiming the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage “a hoax” is a ridiculous statement. It was a terrorist attack against critical and expensive infrastructure, probably done by commandos aboard the USS Kearsarge and its support vessels, under the eyes of the Scandinavian quislings.

      Biden says he’ll shut down Nord Stream 2 pipeline if Russia further invades Ukraine – February 7, 2022 – in Germany

      Terrorism of various kinds is Uncle Sam’s bread and butter.

      Uncle Sam is not ashamed of murdering and does it openly in many cases, even publicly congratulating himself with full support of his sheople, who dare not speak up against his outrageous crimes, but participate in all kinds of consentment, be it by patriotic triumphalism or by making jokes or anything inbetween.

      But Uncle Sam is also a sneaky murderer of women and children, just for terror purposes, and like a disgusting pedophile, he doesn’t want it to be public knowledge. But it absolutely has to become public knowledge, and I have no sympathy for people trying to prevent that from happening.

      The truth shall set you free, they say in the Bible. It does not say your peace of mind shall set you free. There must be a reason, don’t you think.

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      1. There’s a guy down the street who throws a long shadow. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. You just never know when your Uncle Sam may be coming to shake your hand next, He happens to loathe disrespectful nephews…NEPHEW ! Maybe a Pieceofmindful shall set you free…don’t you think


      2. “…claiming the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage “a hoax” is a ridiculous statement.”

        Yes, I supppse it’s as ridiculous as JFK’s fake assassination or Sandy Hook event.

        You need to get a grip on reality real soon and fast, Lumi. I can’t even process your line of thought since you’re basing your reasoning on some TV news tidbits as if there was any truth in it. Seriously? If so, I digress here. Just remember one thing – once you realize you’ve been lied to on all major questions and issues for your entire life, a big burden will fall of your chest. I could recommend going to Miles’ history site, but it seems futile since you’re rejecting to het in touch with reality. Just do me a favor and don’t sell this mainstream TV clips/crap here as any proof for your thesis. POM readers know better than that.


        1. As far as I know, JFK has never been seen again. The Zapruder film shows him taking a shot to the head. The missing frames are said to cover up the fact that the car stopped completely in order to facilitate the kill shot. It makes sense to me.

          It’s not a moon landing or 9/11 type of thing. Leading people to believe that he was not murdered is another cynical twist in the cover-up. Anything goes these days, even Flat Earth.

          JFK was no saint as he started the Vietnam war, or rather allowed it to start. It appears to me that he then wised up and saw that war is horrible and should be avoided. As the Anglo-American oligarchy is for a very large part about war & weapons, and as the US GDP is to a very large part built on organizing death & destruction elsewhere, serving a geopolitical and often genocidal agenda of domination of other cultures, they saw JFK’s pacifist leanings as dangerous for their business and geopolitical objectives. So they murdered him, and had it documented on film.

          So what you seem to think is reality in the JFK assassination history, I think is delusion. As you “can’t even process [my] line of thought” this won’t help you out of what I think is a twisted fiction that you mistake for the truth.

          Sure they’re lying about JFK’s assassination as the official theory is the Lee Harvey Oswald theory. The lone gunman. That is not true. There was a conspiracy. It seems his driver and the Secret Service vowed to protect him were in on it. What a disgusting betrayal. Disgusting, but typical.

          Just as you “can’t even process [my] line of thought”, it is difficult for me to see how anyone who claims to know how things are faked can fall for this cynical manipulation about JFK’s non-murder. I seem to remember reading on this blog that JFK even resides as “King of America” in some shadow world which no one has ever seen and that purportedly is the home of TPTB. As said above, I think that such imaginations are delusions.

          As for Sandy Hook, it seems it was fake, but I never spent time looking into it so I have no substantiated opinion about it.


          1. “As far as I know, JFK has never been seen again. The Zapruder film shows him taking a shot to the head.”

            There you go again, talking about movies. I thought we were going to talk about something real… And I kindly ask you to avood basing your arguments on TV clips, selling them as real while at it. Just what are you up here? If this was my blog, I’d have you pegged.


            1. Sorry, I didn’t witness the assassination in Dealey Plaza because I don’t live in Dallas (and wasn’t born yet).

              Minor nitpick to your otherwise pertinent comment: The Zapruder footage is not a TV clip at the origin, it’s a film, not video. Technical difference.

              Could you elaborate on what “pegging” means? I just don’t feel like looking the term up. Thanks in advance.


  3. Another off-topic remark, on a more positive note, actually very positive, one of the best things I’ve ever heard:

    @Mark, as you’ve expressed appreciation for Immanuel Velikovsky in the past, I wonder whether you’re familiar with David Talbott’s talks about mythology and cosmology? He teamed up with Wallace Thornhill from Australia in 1997, and they formed the Electric Universe group called the “Thunderbolts Project”, which you can find at It just so happened that studies on old mythology and plasma science combined to present a completely new and absolutely riveting view of how our solar system has evolved … This is old stuff, so you may already know it.

    This is a good starting point on David Talbott and his ideas:

    Remembering the End of the World (1996) – Youtube oophJNlP-fk – 90 minutes

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    1. I have their book and read it some years back. I am not scientifically minded enough to embrace it. I found Thornhill to be the most boring speakers ever to exist, and that is my deepest sentiment on the matter. In 2016 when I met (with others) with Mathis, his initial offerings were on electrical universe theories, and later in his writing he was resentful that Talbott and Wallace never credited him with the original work. None of us were capable of embracing the theories in 2016, so we went on to discuss more mundane topics that our brains could absorb.


      1. So is this Mathis one guy? Some think he is a collective. What’s his age? Did you meet him at some EU conference or a similar venue?

        David Talbott has been at the mythology for a very long time. He published “The Saturn Myth” in 1980. Then in 1996, the “Remembering the End of the World” movie. At the end of that year, he met Wal Thornhill, who probably saw the movie and interpreted the celestial phenomena as electrical discharge. The rest is history, it seems.

        I love listening to both Talbott and Thornhill. Both the science and mythology angles are interesting to me. Don Scott is also great. And there are others, too, on the Thunderbolts channel.

        I find it also remarkable that they give full credit to Immanuel Velikovsky. That shows honesty and sincerity.


      2. Wal Thornhill: JWST & Fundamental Change | Thunderbolts

        Gravity, an alternative model. To me, it seemed that Wal Thornhill has the gift to explain difficult things in an easily understandable manner.


  4. Off topic as well, I’ve noticed a couple celebrity resemblances lately, not sure if they’ve been mentioned before as possible “batch babies”…

    Young Clint Eastwood and Hugh Jackman?

    Older Kevin Costner and GW Bush? Also (maybe not but) coach Nick Saban?

    Or just all cousins..


    1. Eastwood has unique features I’ve never seen in anyone else. Bush … is Bush as far as I can tell. A guy going by the moniker Dallas Goldbug used to litter the scene with improbabilities, such as JFK becoming Jimmy Carter, as a means of discrediting honest work.


  5. The Clues Forum approach (see comment by Gaia above) is very simple:

    Everything is fake!

    Just as MSM sells fakery as reality, Simon Shack and Clues Forum sell reality as fakery. Which can be even sicker than MSM. Gaia with his comment above made a case in point.


    1. We are always tasked with the necessity of use of brains and a dose of healthy skepticism in all matters regarding media and reporting of events. Somewhere you or someone mentioned that the Zapruder footage excluded the motorcade standing still for a short interval while someone blew JFK’s brains out. Did that person stop to consider the possibility that no stop was necessary if that were the objective? Sharpshooters could follow a slow-movingi target with ease, especially in a triangulated setting. As if. The idea that a high official would be on a side street in an open limo in hostile territory is such an absurd proposition that it is essential to consider other possibilities, such as the event being staged, actors in place of real people, improbable placement of a man with a camera filming an event from such a distance as to make details indiscernible. It was a movie and Dealey was a staged movie set. JFK and Jackie had long left the building, stunt doubles used with (as is normal in movies) many takes to get it right, probably well in advance of 11/22 (=33).

      Regarding Shack and CF, I’ve had my own doubts and have expressed them, mostly with CF replacing Judith Resnick on the Challenger set with an actress, this after their groundbreaking discoveries that six of the seven Challenger astronauts were alive and well. Other than that, though I have kept my distance, you’d be wise (with Mathis as well) to do a bit more research than you do. Your comments are years behind the times, and devoid of any clue of all of the research that has been done. Be skeptical of everything, but not without a degree of immersion prior to expression of denial.


      1. As far as I know, JFK has never been seen again. The Zapruder film shows him taking a shot to the head. The missing frames are said to cover up the fact that the car stopped completely in order to facilitate the kill shot. It makes sense to me.

        This is what I said above about the Zapruder footage. I assume the people making that claim considered many possibilities, including the obvious one that “that no stop was necessary”. In real life, however, things tend to go wrong, as evidenced by the first shot which struck JFK, which hit him at the throat, IIRC.

        Famous strikers miss penalties. Evil sharpshooters miss their aim. Happens all the time. Which is why the claim makes sense to me.

        There are missing frames. This is a fact. What could they have wanted to hide? Did you consider the possibilities?

        Last time I checked, Dallas was in the USA. How is that “hostile territory” for the president? Hardly so. The Texan populace didn’t try to assassinate the president. Rather, it was a conspiracy from above. They could have struck elsewhere had they wanted to. They could have used poison, seeing as they owned the Secret Service. But no. They wanted something more spectacular.

        Of course the security protocol was violated. We all know that. With the Secret Service being part of the conspiracy that isn’t much of a surprise.

        So do you propose that JFK simply never showed up again to live on in the underworld or the overworld? There is a guy from Argentina called Abel Basti who maintains that Hitler remained alive after WW2 and lived in Bariloche aux pieds des Andes with Eva Braun. There are photos and witnesses. Hitler then passed away in the early 1960ies. No such stories about JFK yet.

        Would you suggest that JFK then moved in with Eva Braun? Maybe at the recommendation of Wernher von Braun? While Jackie was free to marry Onassis?

        Or did JFK transmogrify into Onassis? Plastic surgery, maybe? While Onassis was taken for a ride in Dealey Plaza?

        Thanks for carbon dating my comments. Yes, here in Europe, we’re lagging years behind you guys over there, slowly and laboriously picking up any clues you deign to drop. I guess it’s because we have to learn English first in order to gain access to wisdom. Thank God for America and its superior culture.


        1. The two best summaries I have seen are Tyrone McClosky’s JFKTV, available on this blog …

          Miles Mathis also wrote a piece titled The Hidden King: Camelot Ruled from the Cave of Merlin, a very good collection of evidence which only goes off course, as I see it, by placing post-assassination JFK on a council of underground rulers.

          Tyrone has done more and better research about where he ended up, most recently suggesting a New England farm (estate). The involvement of Aristotle Onassis is an enticing lead, with his marriage to Jackie in 1968 possibly an indication that JFK had died for real. He was not very healthy.

          Mathis also investigates the deaths of Lee Harvey Oswald (fake), and Robert F. Kennedy (ditto). In a later paper he offers up evidence that the assassination of Martin Luther King was also faked.

          Your comment is a trip back in time. I spent years in those rabbit holes. They are put there for a reason, to misdirect. (Everything is fake, you chide. Not everything. But yeah, a lot of our history is fake.) I read a newspaper from my home town every day, and have gotten pretty good at it. I know when they are printing lies and misdirection, and that some of what they print as “news” is really that. I do not know your age, but if you are young, you’ve now been handed an alternative point of view that you really ought to take a long hard look at. No skimming this time.

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