I am an “election denier” too

Use of the term “denier” is irritating, in that it means that certain people “own” the truth, and it cannot be questioned. The IPCC recently announced that it “owned” the science surrounding climate change. Yet anyone who takes time to look at that science with skeptical eyes will learn that not only do they not own it, but that it doesn’t even exist! The science behind climate change is nothing but a pack of lies, but it is surrounded by professional liars, people like Al Gore, who set out to destroy every critic.

I recently read in my hometown newspaper that if we do not have complete faith in election counting machines, we are “election deniers”. Right now there is a hand recount going on in Nevada, and of course I have no faith in that process. Interestingly, however, as Miles Mathis pointed out, the ACLU is suing to stop the hand count. What’s up with that?

The article I am looking at now, by Gabe Stern of the Associated Press, who writes as follows:

‘One group of five people working in a room witnessed by The Associated Press tallied 50 ballots in three hours and nine minutes in Nye County, where about 33,000 people are registered to vote.’

(The full story is printed at the end of of this post. I cannot find this version online.)

I am not sure what his point is other than it is a seemingly ridiculously slow process, which I take to mean that hand counting paper ballots is a ridiculous and slow process. Anyway, I was curious about his use of the number 33 several times, most prominently in the number of registered voters. The actual total as of this moment is 40,419 registered voters in that county. It took me all of five minutes to find that number. Why, pray tell, did Stern choose instead to use 33,000?

I imagine he is telling people who understand our corrupt voting system not to worry, that sure, the vote count for the election was rigged, but then, so is the hand recount. The end result will be to affirm the electronic counting machines, with perhaps a dozen miscues or so. That way they can claim that our elections are not perfect, but damned near. No way is this cat getting out of the bag.

Election fraud has been with us since the beginning. I even sympathize with it somewhat – would you, as a public official tasked with making important decisions first go to Walmart and take a poll? The levels of ignorance and stupidity out there are remarkable. Years ago I translated Tyrone McCloskey’s JFKTV paper to HTML from PDF, a herculean task. I remember distinctly that he claimed that the 1960 presidential election, like all of them, was rigged. I was naively clinging to the assumption that before electronic voting, results were more reliable.

Speaking of tired and overused chestnuts, Stern opens his story by referring to “voting machine conspiracy theories.” I used to read and think a lot about the HAVA-inspired electronic voting machines, including books and web pages like Black Box  Voting, maybe still around. I really think that it was done just for convenience, as they wanted election theft to be a matter of flipping a switch rather than stuffing a ballot box or using dead voters. The machines save time and effort.***

I quit caring about elections. I just sent in my Colorado ballot this week, casting only one vote, against Jared Polis, the man who locked down the state (except me) and made everyone in the state (except me) wear face masks. I do want to see that bastard turned out to pasture. Will the vote be counted? Unlikely. It happened in Montana – every major Democrat office holder was turned out in 2020, and both houses of the legislature turned to the Republicans. Of course, the only purpose of the Democrat Party is to prevent the rise of a second party, so turning the state back over to Republicans did not alter the power structure.

It all boils down to this, an old canard: If voting mattered, it would be illegal.

*** On Super Tuesday, 2020, Joe Biden surprisingly won 10 of 15 primaries, securing his bid for the presidency. I remember thinking at the time, “Man, they just threw it in. They must have gotten tired of making it look real.”

10 thoughts on “I am an “election denier” too

  1. The final vote tally and access to the polls seem to be fair game in the media. What isn’t so often mentioned is the near impossibility of getting on the general election ballot if you are not a registered Democrat or Repubican. Ballot access is so incredibly difficult for new parties or non-party independent candidates that voters rarely have a chance to vote FOR someone. Ballot access gatekeepers are a serious lot. Both parties have excellent expert witnesses and lawyers ready to “take out” anyone or any group moving toward a cognitive model that differs from the accepted, enculturated narrative.

    In two weeks I will be done with politics, as this is my last race, and am not seeing any benefit in validating the sham democracy and meaningless election system. I will vote only if each line on the ballot included a box I can check that simply says: “NO!” Oligarchs have this well in hand. I choose to no longer fight them on their turf — they own the election process and the mainstream media. I’m counting the days.


      1. Thanks, Mark. I probably hit the wrong button and lost it before posting. I think I looked in “drafts” and not in “trash.” Thanks for retrieving it and posting. I am looking to set a new Montana record for lowest “dollar-per-vote” in a general election. Total campaign spending: $56. Of course, I’m probably the only one who cares about this meaningless statistic. No signs, no ads, no junk mail, no social media blitz. If someone wants to know, I’m easy to find on the search engines. People want someone else to tell them who to vote for, and what kind of mask to wear. It’s why we have a governor, a pope, a president, and a United Nations, just to name a few.

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  2. Mark… and Steve: I am quite surprised that either of you voluntarily play in their sandbox. Is it not bad enough that we are virtually forced to live alongside this shitshow, yet you grant some miniscule agreement to their owned corrupt process?

    No one will stop these entities, or turn them out to pasture, unless that same system has it as planned OR someone physically disincentives them.

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  3. Surprise, I am on a local ballot as a Green Party candidate. So what? I have my reasons, which make sense to me. What else matters? Whatever you want from me, whatever that miniscule something is, you cannot have. I sleep well at night, I’m pretty healthy, life is good.

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    1. Steve, if I lived in Montana, I would vote for you, no pretenses, as you are a good man. Once a vote is cast, I have no notion what happens. Do they count it? I don’t care. I am aware of your career, how you love being a thorn in the side of powerful pompous people. It is a good thing that you do.

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  4. I can’t remember the last time I voted FOR someone. Here in Oregon the Republican candidate has an actual chance of winning the governor’s race for the first time in 40 years (since mail-in voting began). I know very little about her, but like Mark, I am voting to remove the dictatorial Democrats from office. Kate Brown locked this state down completely just like CA and WA. I, of course, did not comply with any of it, but it was still horrifying to see the masks, closed businesses, and zombies mindlessly complying with every insane dictate that she issued.

    I am also not under any illusion that my vote will matter much, but I don’t agree with the notion that we should just give up and do nothing, especially at the local levels as they are being infiltrated by Agenda 21/30 scum. We have a person who moved to town a couple of years ago and immediately ran for City Council. Her occupation – Sustainability Expert. What the hell is that! A total plant imo…


  5. It just seems to me that getting everyone registered and voting IS the trap.

    Remember what our dear friend John “Denver” told us right to our faces fifty years ago: “It doesn’t matter who you vote for!”

    And, “As long as you vote!”


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