Judge reinstates fired unvaccinated NYC workers

With back pay!

Truthfully, a whole lot more city workers caved and did the vaccine. But those that stood their ground are seeing justice. Moral courage usually does not work like that. Usually it has to be its own reward, as once screwed, we generally stay screwed.

Read about it here.

If I were a betting man, I would give odds that this very important breakthrough for human rights will not be reported on any news channel, nor covered by any newspaper. Those are the true moral cowards … “journalists.”

14 thoughts on “Judge reinstates fired unvaccinated NYC workers

  1. Never should have been “fired” (or “let-go”) in the first place.

    But let’s say they were reinstated (if they even came back) — what happens to the displaced workers? (You know the workers hired after the fact, that now may lose their jobs because of returning workers). Granted, who in their right mind, would return to such an employer?

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    1. @Kenneth..Most people do not have much choice. Also these civil servants come back with the colleagues that were brave enough to stand up against the Covid gangsters.
      They showed courage and …..they won.
      Besides…who is a reliable employer in the anarchy of unregulated capitalism?
      Employers depend on the whims of their masters. And of ‘the market’.
      In a capitalist state you are a slave…or a slave.
      My view: there is not much freedom in any system…absolute freedom does not exist.
      (With some exceptions)


  2. Googling the story, it is being picked up by the MSM. A new approved ‘reality’ is being allowed in. I would bet it’s because the polls aren’t looking too good for the Dems. If NYC turns red, yikes!


      1. I only passed the CPA exam because I knew that “ always” and “never” did not exist. At that time 60% of the test was multiple choice, and so the key to passage. There were little clues I picked up on. So your statement that “All elections are fake” is false, and I get to make a decent living!


          1. OK, the statement was that “all elections are fake,” which is not true. I trust that elections that do not matter, where either candidate does not upset anyone powerful, are not faked. Elections for low offices, like small town mayor, need not be faked.


            1. I nearly had written something to the effect of, “All elections are fake, except maybe, possibly, very low-level ones that don’t really matter, in small towns that can’t cause any trouble for the psychopath overlords”, but it lacked the poetic curtness that I was striving for.

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              1. Take some time, make it a poem. I cannot do that stuff. “Starkle starkle little twink, what the hell you are I think.” That was a high school friend. I did not write that, but neither did that phony SOB.

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  3. The greater the media hullabaloo about “high office” (s)elections fraud;
    plus the specter of “international interference” for intrigue,
    the greater the masses are convinced voting results are real.
    To further venerate the process, ID would be mandatory in all states
    adding another level of “legitimacy” in their minds…


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