How to commit election fraud: Maricopa County example

My background is in accounting, though thankfully I am retired now for several years. A trait accounting shares with many other professions is a system of control that weeds out corruption and shady players. In accounting, it is called “internal control.”

The election in Maricopa County, Arizona, was chaos. The problem, we are told, is with the machines, not the people.

In school I learned that any accounting system that depends on the integrity of the people who run it is an ineffective system. That is not a slam on humanity, even as it sounds like one. The idea behind effective accounting administration is to devise a self-regulating system, and to audit it often, at least yearly. One means by which self-regulation is achieved (imperfectly, of course) is by means to separation of duties. The person who opens the mail does not record checks, and yet another person deposits those checks. The idea is that it is far less likely to achieve fraud if more than one person is involved.

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My Bad

I am cursing myself now for (only somewhat) buying in to the election nonsense.

There once was (and it is still running old strips) a cartoon strip called Peanuts, featuring Charlie Brown, a hopeless loser with a good heart. Each year his pal Lucy would offer to hold a football for him to kick. She had to talk him into it, as in every year prior at the last moment she would pull the football, as seen above. That’s me, thinking that while we nominally have two major political parties, we really have but one. The purpose of the “other” party, no matter your alignment, is to prevent the rise of a true second party.

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I am an “election denier” too

Use of the term “denier” is irritating, in that it means that certain people “own” the truth, and it cannot be questioned. The IPCC recently announced that it “owned” the science surrounding climate change. Yet anyone who takes time to look at that science with skeptical eyes will learn that not only do they not own it, but that it doesn’t even exist! The science behind climate change is nothing but a pack of lies, but it is surrounded by professional liars, people like Al Gore, who set out to destroy every critic.

I recently read in my hometown newspaper that if we do not have complete faith in election counting machines, we are “election deniers”. Right now there is a hand recount going on in Nevada, and of course I have no faith in that process. Interestingly, however, as Miles Mathis pointed out, the ACLU is suing to stop the hand count. What’s up with that?

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