11 thoughts on “Magical thinking

    1. We are always charged with the duty to use our own brains, never trusting authority figures. I take what I think good, leave the rest. I do the same with Cowan, Kaufman, all of them.


  1. Please don’t tell me “They” can’t make this happen.
    Who is in control of oil production? They can shut down the oil/gas production, the refining, the shipping. And then with limited procurements… what ever will we do?
    If they make the cost of gasoline so high (and They can) who is going to buy it?

    Sure – there will be rioting. But they can do it –

    But Oil and gas definitely won’t go away.
    Trucks and trains can not run on today’s battery packs.
    And asphalt roads (yes we still need them) too.

    I believe the idea is to force the consumer (you and me) away from oil and gas, saving it all for big business.


    1. The large scale electric transportation is designed to be a failure, and they know it perfectly well.
      The so called electric transition is a backdoor way to kill private mobility.
      They want you to forget the sheer joy of just stepping on your car or motorcycle in the morning and take a trip to the top of a mountain on a glorious day “just because you like it”. You’ll have to apply for a special permit on a shared scheduled electric vehicle to do that.
      It’s a war on freedom and happiness.


    2. Fossil fuels are at the base of our prosperity, though the continents of Africa and South America do not share to our degree in that prosperity. This I suspect to be at the base of “Climate Change” nonsense, to deny them the benefits. It is racism. White Europeans are going to suffer this winter and we will see a die off, as there is deep resentment within the oligarchy of the aging and prosperous in Western Europe, useless eaters as they see it. Whatever happens there is in store for us, California first to go.

      “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.”–Albert Einstein


      1. id die offs, i’m not seeing it anywhere around my area. I’m actually seeing more people and traffic than ever before.I’m not so sure it is racism that is causing the stinginess, maybe in the past it was, maybe a conquest of a des


  2. People talk to much if doom and gloom —
    Like nuclear annihilation, I’m also not so concerned with the carbon dioxide emissions they claim will be the death of us all. Covid19 already ended the human race. *** oh wait, no it didn’t.


  3. All this noise is distracting. But why? We scurry around, contort out brains, and have anxiety because just being human is the alternative to all the fake identity offerings that separate us from our wallets, our mind from our bodies, our human existence (being) from Nature, and our love of life from the menu of artificial alternatives the ruling elite trains us to accept.

    To hear what life is signaling to us cannot be received if we (mind, body, spirit) are racing around, chasing stories the ruling elite have constructed to invite us into their make-believe simulation of real life. Stand still, stand tall, inhale in silence, just be (human). The universe/Mother Earth is communicating all you need to hear/know, but it cannot reach you through the constant noise of all their made-up stories.

    Stossel is an agent, an “influencer,” that will never reveal what “they” are really up to. Like most storytellers — representing any and all possible fascets — financed directly or indirectly by the ruling elite, the focus is on the particulars and the paradoxical, never the aim or goal of the (imperium) system, and never showing commoners a pathway to escape the evolving digital (machines) forms of emerging slavery and colonialism.


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