Climate Change is backed, of course, by billionaires

Thanks to Paul Homewood, whose website is Not A Lot of People Know That, I was linked to TCW: Defending Freedom, and an article entitled The Global Climate Change Cult and the War on the Mind – 1. The “1” indicates that this article is the first in a series of four, three to follow. I will summarize the first, and the other three you are on your own to follow.

I have long known that the objective of the people behind the Climate Change movement has nothing to do with climate or CO2, but everything to do with fossil fuels. They underlie our wealth and are the key to breaking the back of poverty in the third world. One key to understanding this cult is that while they pretend that CO2 (which they call “carbon”) is a harmful gas that they are trying to save the planet from, they oppose nuclear*** and hydroelectric power, both of which are CO2-free. This unmasks them for all to see – they are against free and abundant energy. Their real objective, then, is unstated, but not hard to fathom: Anti people, growth, and prosperity in the third world.

They own the media, government officials, corporate executives and even fossil fuel companies. Alex Epstein in the this video (over one and one-half hours, be warned), tells Bruce Niles of the Sierra Club that he is “terrified” that their agenda might be achieved, in which case we face billions of deaths from starvation and exposure to elements.  I am not terrified, as I am 72 years old, and getting off this madhouse rock soon enough. I also know that most psyops are meant to instill fear, but that the fear is usually overdone.

What does scare me, however, is the utter stupidity of the on-the-ground climate zealots, the product of brainwashing in our schools. They have never, for even ten minutes, been told that there is more than one side to this matter, or more importantly, that they need to think for themselves and examine the underlying “science” for themselves. Kids do not know how. It does not speak highly of the human condition. A questioner in the aforementioned Epstein-Niles debate confronted Niles, who had compared the fossil fuel industry to the tobacco industry. He said “How DARE you!” This was years ahead of Greta, but I liked it.

Regarding the article introduced above, the names mentioned as prominent backers of the climate zealot movement are, in order mentioned,

Aileen Getty from the Getty oil family, Rory Kennedy, daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy and philanthropist Trevor Neilson. All three own houses on Malibu beach, which is odd as disciples of the climate cult claim that sea levels are rising dramatically and you would therefore assume that seafront real estate would be a bad investment.

Further down he mentions Howard Buffet (grandson of Warren), Bill Gates, Bono, and George Soros, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Council on Foreign Relations, Stephen Kretzmann (supporter of Black Lives Matter), Bich Ngoc Cao (on the board of Mother Jones), and, of course, Bill McKibben.

I do not see one scientist among them, only financiers and advocates, and McKibben, a “journalist”. More names to follow, more of the same, but I will not cover it. You’re on your own, dear reader.

*** I’ve been told by more than one person that nuclear power is a hoax. I remain unconvinced.

13 thoughts on “Climate Change is backed, of course, by billionaires

  1. Covid 19 and climate change seem to me to be dualistic bookends in a game that has little or nothing to do with the dualing narratives within each “emergency.” I keep looking for the nondual awareness that can flow through the cracks in the unreality of all popular (pro-con), well-funded, conditioning campaigns. If it’s man-made, it is imagined, and not any form of reality.

    If all the world is interconnected and everything is dependent upon the nondual (“One”) Ultimate, or Universe, or whatever one wants to call it, what’s all the fuss? What if this is a dream, or illusion? Then this whole global food-fight — just like the last (dualistic one, and the one before that) — is pretty silly/foolish.

    Excuse me, I must dig up the leeks in my garden and plant tulip bulbs before the next blast of sub-freezing, Montana winter blows in.


    1. Jon Rappaport enticed me with a piece on deaths from Covid and pneumonia yesterday. Since I do not subscribe I could not see the rest of it. However, he extrapolated pneumonia deaths in 2019 worldwide, 2.5 million, and Covid deaths in the two years and eight months of the pandemic, at 6.6 million, the exact same number in each case. Since I have known from the beginning that “Covid” deaths were merely deaths from other causes relabeled as such, I was not surprised. Such a massive hoax pulled off right before our eyes, and such power wielded by authority figures like Fauci that none dare speak of it. There is no Covid, never was.

      Enjoy your leeks. I hope we can visit next year when the tulips are in bloom.I should have two normal feet by then.


  2. What folks keep leaving out of this argument is the most essential in the equation. Geoengineering/Climate Remediation/Weather Modification. This is how they are getting entire continents on board—messing with their weather, creating huge issues to destabilize them in every way, then coming in with their solutions. They will get their way through “The Science”.


    1. I regard “weather control/modification” to be the mirror opposite of “climate change,” something that does not exist (we are not able to control weather beyond some localized efforts, such as HAARP). The idea that weather for entire continents can be modified strikes me as absurd. The evidence that climate change is not happening to any unnatural degree is preponderant. The idea that humans can make it so is equally absurd. Life goes on.


      1. I think you’ve offered up that website before, and I find it unconvincing. Too often the word “attempted” appears, and scaling is not discussed. To affect the weather on an entire continent would require energy and resources beyond my ability to imagine. But say there is anything at all to it, and assume that there is goodness in humanity, why would they not use weather control to better our lives?


        1. Those among us who control weather modification technology are the ruling class globalist predator technocrat psychopaths using it to further their evil eugenics/depopulation/genocide agenda with TOTAL SLAVERY for the survivors. We are ruled by criminal megalomaniac control freaks.

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        2. “…why would they not use weather control to better our lives?”

          I’m shaking my head in disbelief that you wrote that.

          Let me try and answer.
          Because they enjoy seeing actual human beings as the easily controlled, miserable, fearful and impoverished slaves?
          Because they want the nice weather all to themselves on their private lands?
          Because they would rather PISS on us?

          What do they EVER do to better our lives?


          1. In the last 122 years our lives have gotten better. What is wrong with your theory? Better food, health, infrastructure, including sewage treatment, otherwise, we are not even in touch. We do not exist. There is something going on here, with Covid and Climate Change, and I do not understand it. I’ve miles to go before I sleep.

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            1. Ugh.
              Two of the biggest:
              The food is mostly poisonous, or at least purposely LESS nutritious than it easily could be. (Why do you think “they” so aggressively fight supplements?)
              The health/i> is anything but. You just named one of the most horrendous and harmful maneuvers of all time.


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