A malicious intrusion

Yesterday morning at 1:20 AM, all three phones in our house (one landline and two mobiles) rang at once. I did not answer, but this message was left on our mobiles:

“Due to police activity, there is a threat to your safety. If you are indoors, remain there. If you are outdoors, go indoors and remain there until further notice. Do not go outside and do not evacuate the area. Close and lock all doors and windows. Close all blinds and curtains and stay away from windows and if possible move to the basement. Do not let anyone into your home or business. Call 911 if there is someone on your property who you do not know. Monitor local and social media for additional information. Take shelter. Now it is 12:20 AM and the Lakewood Police Department has issued a shelter-in-place order for 1710 Rod St., Building 14.”

We do not live in Lakewood. There is no Rod Street – anywhere in the United States. There was no police activity anyone needed to know about. This message, laden as it is with fear triggers, had to be some kind of test, a psyop. Coming as it did at 1:20 in the morning, it was probably designed to catch people groggy and in a suggestible state. It was meant to put us in a state of fear.

I traced the call to safety.smart911, and behind them I found Rave Mobile Safety. I demanded that our numbers be removed from their database. They were compliant, but said that I needed to deal with Jefferson County, the people behind the call. So I filed a complaint with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office. They said I needed to deal with Jeffcom911. Believe me, I will do that.

Fear is a basic governing tool, and all agencies at all levels use it. Covid was a fear campaign, nothing more, designed to create a stampede to a vaccine. I did not respond to any of that fear. Serial killers are the face of fear porn. Climate change is putting our children in a state of fear and despair. Terrorists do not exist, but government – agencies whose job it is to create fear – unfortunately do exist.

I lead a quiet life. I do not fear much more than bear encounters on our back deck, and this time of year, that fear is snoozing. I don’t watch news. I get all the news I need from the weather report. I do not need a hovering nanny police state government watching over me. As was said long ago by Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus, “The government has three roles: Defend our shores, deliver the mail and stay the hell out of our lives.”

16 thoughts on “A malicious intrusion

  1. Perhaps you were ‘targeted’ because you would carry the idea of ‘the fear’ forward in your blogging.
    On a Golden Pond; the slightest ripple will have consequences on the farthest shore (much like a butterfly flapping its wings)

    I’d be curious to hear just how many other calls went out and who answered such calls. Not that it even matters, it’s trivial yanno.

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  2. I’ve been getting Amber alerts on my cell phone which I cannot turn off or silence. They are almost all from Denver, where I do not live. The sound the phone makes is as fear inducing as it could be. This is an annoying interuption regardless of the hour.

    A lot of the emergency notification systems are pretty new so they are hoping for moments when they can be tested. Teams of geeks maintain constant employment by adding features and upgrading methods of contact.


  3. Maybe it’s time to forward all your cell phone calls. I know people who like Google Voice. I do not use it.


    “Here are the steps that have enabled me to ditch my cell phone forever.
    Step #1: Forward your cell phone calls to a Google Voice number.
    Google will provide you with a free local phone number.
    Request your mobile provider forward your calls.
    Google Voice will transcribe your messages and email them to you for free.
    Texts to your new Google Voice number will also be transcribed to email.
    Step #2: Don’t take unscheduled phone calls.
    Make it your modus operandi to no longer take unscheduled incoming calls.
    Your computer is now your mobile phone.
    Step #3: Give your contacts your new number
    You can do this with a simple Facebook update and email to your database.
    Yes, you will miss out on texts.
    This is the hardest part of the whole process.
    Don’t worry, I found if people text you a few times without a response, they will call or email you.
    People will find you.
    Step #4: Remove your cell number from all marketing
    This step is simple.
    Replace your cell number with your new Google Voice number on everything.
    Update your email signature, Facebook, LinkedIn, website, and anywhere else you listed your cell number over the years.
    Step #5: Get a headset and print a list of local Wi-Fi hotspots
    I now use free or inexpensive Wi-Fi at coffee shops, airports, and hotels.
    Related 10 Things People with Mental Strength Do Even When It’s Not Easy
    I only take my laptop when I leave home.

    No cell phone.”


    1. Steve, watch season five episode seven of Yellowstone. I think you can buy single episodes. Don’t know your hookup. The brucellosis propaganda is smothering. What gives these little Montana ranchers in this big world such power?

      Regarding complicated exits from the matrix, too much for me. I am off social media, use my phone mostly for driving and music at the gym. I know they track me. There is a myth that you can turn off location services. Fat chance. Our only saving grace is that most of us are not important enough to follow.


  4. Quite disturbing, literally and metaphorically. The emergency broadcast alerts and Amber alerts are pure fear-porn; well-put. I still remember when I was a kid when those EBN beep-beep noises would come on and I would think there was maybe a nuclear war; especially freaky if I was home alone. But horrifying only because they told us constantly that this could be the case. Sick.


  5. What gives these little Montana ranchers in this big world such power?
    I do not have a very good answer to that. There are enough of these ranchers today that came here with money and power, using ranches simply as a tangible, semi-liquid asset play with a low tax burden. Some of these ranches owned by billionaires are huge. Some own multiple ranch properties. Turner, former Comcast VP/NBC Universal CEO, Steve Burke, Wilkes Bros., etc. are but a few. Former (deceased) Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other retired brass also fit the power/money bill.
    Others with power have families that came with the homestead act are landed gentry. https://www.hartres.com/blog/top-landowners-in-montana/

    In a state with two senators and just over a million people, what’s not to like?

    The brucellosis flim-flam is huge, with APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-U.S. Dept. of Agrigulture regulating (controlling) the flow of commodities with health and regulatory threats, blackmail, etc., just to let everyone know who is driving this train. Before Covid and the CDC and NIH, there was the USDA-APHIS running the same scam on farmers and ranchers. All the health, disease and bio-weapons research begins here. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/home/


    1. Yes, I’ve always put my phone on flight mode at night because I hate being disturbed by the occasional notification noises … any family emergency can wait till morning.

      OT, can anyone explain how Trump can be charged in relation to Jan 6 when it was a psyop? Same for AJ and SH. I simply do not get it. Are they all acting it out together?

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      1. Yes It is all a scripted play. The purpose is to entertain, distract, and confuse the masses. When anyone starts talking, reacting, or writing about the “news” you know that they don’t understand. Bottom lines: “You cannot make sense out of nonsense” & “Garbage in, garbage out”.

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  6. Indeed. Scripted on all sides.

    All politicians and media people are sleezeball actors, assigned to roles. There are no elections, no job interviews, no courting of “talent”, no legitimate casting calls and auditions, no concerns about ratings or subscriptions, etc.

    “The purpose is to entertain, distract, and confuse the masses.”

    And to frighten, anger, divide, and make everyone miserable.

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      1. Dr Kerryn Phelps, former president of the AMA (Australian Medical Association), former independent NSW Member of Parliament and former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, could not have possibly been a bigger mouthpiece for everything covid than she was I mean she really pushed the propaganda to the very, very limit … but after suffering jab injury a whole 18 months ago has finally come out and admitted that both she and her wife suffered serious and ongoing jab injury … in January, however, this year she was still advising jabs available for children 5-11.

        Can you believe that shit?



  7. My phone has emergency alert settings. Extreme, Severe, President, Amber alerts and public safety message. I deselected them however the Presidental alert will not let me deselect it. There are tons of shot spotter messages on local news and media. Probably not even real guns, just a large speaker in the police truck that amplifys gun shots.

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