A malicious intrusion

Yesterday morning at 1:20 AM, all three phones in our house (one landline and two mobiles) rang at once. I did not answer, but this message was left on our mobiles:

“Due to police activity, there is a threat to your safety. If you are indoors, remain there. If you are outdoors, go indoors and remain there until further notice. Do not go outside and do not evacuate the area. Close and lock all doors and windows. Close all blinds and curtains and stay away from windows and if possible move to the basement. Do not let anyone into your home or business. Call 911 if there is someone on your property who you do not know. Monitor local and social media for additional information. Take shelter. Now it is 12:20 AM and the Lakewood Police Department has issued a shelter-in-place order for 1710 Rod St., Building 14.”

We do not live in Lakewood. There is no Rod Street – anywhere in the United States. There was no police activity anyone needed to know about. This message, laden as it is with fear triggers, had to be some kind of test, a psyop. Coming as it did at 1:20 in the morning, it was probably designed to catch people groggy and in a suggestible state. It was meant to put us in a state of fear.

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Gaslit nation

I have long been familiar with the term “gaslighting,” but mostly in the sense of distorting reality, as in the 1944 film (Gaslight) starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. I think it remarkable that the power of art has introduced a concept (gaslighting) that effectively removes the definition from reality and places it in the realm of psychology and human manipulation.

I’ve been subscribed to The Epoch Times, a newspaper sent to me for free (an actual paper newspaper). I liked it, that is, why I don’t imagine the writers are right about everything they tackle, I find within it stories not printed elsewhere. One such article, an opinion piece (‘Gaslighting’ is the Word of the Year for Good Reason’), caught my eye, and gave me a better working definition of gaslighting than I had before.

The term means to be subjected to extended psychological trickery to cause the victim to question his or her own reality. In the film, Boyer plays a handsome stranger who meets the beautiful heiress Bergman on a foreign journey and they fall in love. He convinces her to marry and move back together to London to her family home, whereby he embarks upon a subtle campaign to convince her she is bonkers while he secretly searches the home for legacy jewels he intends to steal.

When he leaves, he makes sure that the gas lights (it is set in 1875) are dim, and when she complains, he tells her that her perceptions are wrong, and that the lighting has not been affected. She slowly begins to question her own reality.

I have seen this concept at work … though I cannot write about it. Just let it be known that getting us to question our own mental health is often the objective of sociopaths, allowing a normal and healthy person to act as a front for a deranged and manipulative person. How to break that spell? How to get a grip? I have little use for the pill-dispensing profession of psychiatry, but there are thousands of therapists out there who by means of talk therapy help people to have better lives. A series of solid sessions can lead to either reconciliation or divorce, and happiness in an un-gaslit environment.

The author of this piece, Jeffrey A. Tucker, claims (rightly) that we were all gaslit by the leaders of the pandemic, the major news media, the government and the health care industry. Knowing as I did on March 11, 2020 (there’s that number, 33) that the pandemic was fake, that there was no virus and that the PCR test was bogus, I would like to presume that I was unaffected by everything. But how could I be? At certain times I was forced to wear a mask (Costco was a major culprit in this regard, clerks even telling me to cover my nose after entry), and at other times I merely did so because my wife and I do not like being the object of scorn in public. We capitulated now and then.

However, through it all, I never doubted my own sanity, never for a second imagined that I was threatened in any way by an imaginary virus, and never had so much as a sniffle in that two-plus year ordeal***. The vaccine was a major gaslighting weapon, and I watched as friends flocked to it, so tired were they of being under constant tension and in a state of fear. I take some (schadenfreude) comfort in knowing that even after these folks were vaxxed, they continued to test “positive” for Covid, the PCR and rapid antibody tests being false indicators of presence of the illusory virus.

However, over time, I learned to STFU, never make waves, and sit silently as utterly vapid comments issued forth from otherwise intelligent people. If they came down with the sniffles, they voluntarily underwent PCR testing (!). I regarding this as insanity and a tribute to the power of effective gaslighting.

The notion that it was the “worst pandemic in a hundred years” is certainly disputable. We still don’t have real clarity on precisely how many people died from COVID, and this confusion is due to vast false positives of PCR testing backed by subsidized and rampant death misclassification. To this day, we don’t know precisely how many people died from COVID or merely with COVID, or even if they truly had symptomatic COVID at all. None of this do we know for sure.

I’ve done my own research (The Illusory Pandemic) regarding how many people died in the “pandemic,” and found by consulting different (non-CDC) sources, that excess deaths in the United States were nonexistent. CDC, howver listed 779,540 excess deaths while Macrotrends, an independent research group working under auspices of the UN, recorded none.  Of course, the powers in charge of these matters took the trouble prior to 3/11/20 to change the definition of pandemic, eliminating “excess deaths” as a factor. That was prescient.

Then we can talk about the vaccine, which was never sterilizing the virus simply because it isn’t possible to create such a thing around a fast-mutating coronavirus, a fact that we knew long before the pandemic began. So they called it a vaccine and lied that it would prevent infection and stop transmission even though that was never possible. Once this became obvious, and the whole point of mandatesdisappeared, they demanded we get it anyway at the pain of losing our jobs.

Tucker is a good writer, but the notion of the reality of the virus blew right by him. Nonetheless, I find The Epoch Times good reading for folks who can keep their bearings intact, and a decent source of news not reported elsewhere. Wikipedia rips the newspaper for various sins:

The Epoch Times opposes the Chinese Communist Party,[32][33][22] promotes far-right politicians in Europe,[8][10][22] and has championed former President Donald Trump in the U.S.;[34][35] a 2019 report by NBC News showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[30][36][22] The Epoch Times frequently promotes other Falun Gong-affiliated groups, such as the performing arts company Shen Yun.[34][24][37] The Epoch Media Group’s news sites and YouTube channels have spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, such as QAnon and anti-vaccine misinformation,[34][40] and false claims of fraud in the 2020 United States presidential election.[43]

I can live with all of that. I have no illusions about Donald Trump, regard “conspiracy theories” as mere disallowed skepticism, and know there was massive fraud in both the 2020 and 2022 elections. I’ve never trucked with QAnon, my own good sense steering me clear. I see the Chinese Communist Party as a source of corruption in that country, but do not excuse the United States from accusations of similar corruption, finding it to be equally repugnant and censorious. Pointing the finger at China still leaves three fingers on that hand pointing right back at us.

So Wiki, you’re not scaring me away from what appears to be, on the whole, a legitimate news source. Nice try, however.


*** We have visited Florida twice during the pandemic, and each time came down with sniffles. As I sit here I have a box of tissues handy. My wife suffers as well. On another trip to Fort Myers some years back, pre-pandemic, I developed a runny nose and cough that scared my aunt, who refused to come near me.  Symptoms went away immediately on return to Colorado. I do not know what causes this, and can only speculate that it has to do with toxins, particularly in wandering about in the massive Miami International Airport complex, where sulfur and nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons abound. A quick Duck-Duck search tells me that sunlight has significant effects in turning these compounds into particles, which can lead to illness. This would be a post on its own, but would tend to implicate Denver and Miami International Airports, our usual haunts when we travel lately. 

On our recent trip over Thanksgiving, we were a gathering of ten people, and only my wife and I developed symptoms, although another person in the gathering developed gastrointestinal issues on departure. This tends to discredit any notions of viral or bacterial infection. If it was that, it would be contagious, but only three of ten were affected. I find the coincidence of presence in Miami and five incidents of sniffles or other issues telling. There is something in the air.

Sage of Quay (Mike Williams) responds

I wrote a post below critical of Mr. Williams, and he critiqued it. Since I have had my say, I will not respond to anything written here, but comments are welcome from all.


Mike  Williams said:

It’s not my intent to debate whether Billy exists or not. We can let our respective readers and listeners decide for themselves based on what resonates with them.

Normally, I don’t address these types of issues but your post came across as sincere to me and I figured I would reach out so any future posts (if any) reflect my research and positions accurately.

There are several statements regarding my work that require clarification which I explain below.

Have a great day.
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[This is Part 1 of my W0RLDBU1LD1NG Series ~ How life on Earth is being reimagined by techno-sorcerers as commodified 0s and 1s to enable gamified, militarized mixed reality.]

We all watched our Platinum Queen

Light up a Tree from her green

The scheme was Magenta

so soon we’ll all renta

some space in her great World Machine

By Jen Lake @ https://jenniferlake.wordpress.com

Writer’s Note: It takes a village — even if only a small handful of individuals — to send out warning signals to society that unsettling and nefarious plans are afoot. I surmise these plans involve a seemingly attractive, alluring — and as I hope you will come to perceive — entrancing color, with the objective to blanket reality with a synthetic overlay. People can choose to heed this caution, or not. Part 1 of my series represents a collaborative effort shared by this village. For grounded and helpful context, please read this analysis by Alison McDowell, and watch this examination by Matt McKinley of Quantum of Conscience (QofC). A generous hat tip to Matt’s engaged and independent-minded QofC viewers for their collective input. I should note that it was Alison who first clued me in to this notion of the Magenta Beacon, when she detected the magenta podium to which the Queen of England approached at the June 2, 2022, Platinum Jubilee Beacon lighting ceremony. The Queen’s symbolic touch of a globe (placed on the magenta-lit podium) set off a chain of magenta (transitioning to white) LED lights from Windsor Castle — leading to a Principal Beacon outside Buckingham Palace. I chimed in that the carpet on which the Queen stood also appeared to be magenta-hued (in some footage/photos it appears red, in others more magenta). Incidentally, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, looked “Marvelous in Magenta” at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Well, the rest may be ongoing magenta history (with covert signaling, AKA weaponized memetics) occurring in front of — and to our eyes — most people being completely unaware. Read my take here (from July 2020) on how weaponized memetics is used to unconsciously program the masses via strategic embedding and anchoring, and listen here about memetic engineering (referencing “Soylent Green”) being applied by the W0RLDBU1LDERS to transform our reality, by incorporating an artificial veneer.

What follows herein is a compilation of what has been recently scrutinized in relation to deconstructing what seems to be an overwhelming and highly obscure presentation of the color, MAGENTA. I suggest the world is being painted with this rare, bright, and equivocal color — a phenomenon that may be both intentionally directed, as well as driven by the changing reality itself, exhibiting this technological transition from what we perceive as natural into a mixed reality; and ultimately, an entirely synthetic existence. Let’s just say, magenta may be the new “33,” as it seems to be serving as a marker, an embedded anchor, and also a facilitator of synthetic, fantasy-like reality. At the very least, it may be an esoteric signaling phenomenon to look out for what I refer to as faux-tonics (the weaponized use of magenta color/light to actuate and perpetuate the simulacra). I think it is important to emphasize that just as we may notice the “33” frequently in our life once we take notice of it (as in seeing it more often on the clock as we go about our day); so, too, may we begin to “clock” the magenta presenting more prevalently. My point, though, is to notice when the magenta (like the “33”) is being utilized strategically in an occult manner. In accordance with my theory, as you will see in the extensive list below, media narratives in June and July 2022 have been profoundly magenta-forward

Introduction to the W0RLDBU1LD1NG Series

Before I jump into this first installment examining the magenta scheme, following is a description of my W0RLDBU1LD1NG series . . . 

Acknowledgments: I would like to express a loud shoutout to both Sebs and Aly of (what was) the highly undervalued Doom&GloomHQ You Tube channel (Note: Due to complex circumstances, unfortunately, Sebs and Aly had to remove their channel). There is one conversation, in particular, that inspired the title of my new series. It is captioned “Fake Spirituality, Theosophy & Peter Thiel w/John Brisson [we’ve read the documents].” (Note: This video link is still active.) In the last ten minutes of their dialogue with John, Sebs and Aly referenced a relatively unknown 2002 film called, S1M0NE. POM readers may have already seen the movie, but it was unfamiliar to me. I realized at the moment Sebs and Aly described the film — and its stylized title — that it might offer an umbrella concept under which to encapsulate most of my previous, current, and ongoing examination of the emergent digital imprisonment of society. I intend to circle back to the film, S1M0NE, in a future installment, “W0RLDBU1LD1NG: One GAN at a Time.” 

The premise on which installments will be founded is the following: The culture creators on this planet are reshaping life to contain, constrict, and code life inside a Skinner Box. What was innately permeated with the spark of spirit and nature will be re-formed as mathematical datafied commodities encompassed by 0s and 1s, digitally entrapped in a programmable World Operating System. Plans are in place to not only create human digital twins (see here, here, and here) of each of us, but to eventually converge these human digital twins (HDTs) with us.

We, as cognizant human beings (pre post-human), can willfully refuse consent to a “new world order,” but only if we understand what this new model truly entails. Hint: If you are still reading analyses decoding Davos, The Great Reset, and Agenda 21, these are only scratching the surface. It is time to dig deeper. 

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Sir Faul

Sir Faul

Boat photo with arrows

It all started with the boat photo, and two “Paul’s” visible. I have arrows pointing at them in the photo above. I saw this photo long before I discovered the McCartney twins, and it stuck with me. But I did not know to follow my instincts. It just struck me as very strange.

Years later (it is now 2022), I do not think the guy under the arrow on the left is Paul. The secrecy around this band would preclude any photo of the two of them together. He is someone else. But the guy in the middle (I can see his cowlick) is Mike McCartney. It is not his twin brother, Paul. Mike is the guy we today call “Macca”, or “Paul McCartney”. He is a huge phony.

We were walking through Barnes & Noble not too long ago, and I came across a book called The Lyrics, supposedly the words and stories behind all of the musical work of Paul McCartney, maybe the biggest walking impostor of a genius who ever tread on our planet. Lorne Michaels, the man behind Saturday Night Live, calls him a “fucking Mozart.” That’s OK by me, as I do not care for Mozart either. I do not buy all the stories about this child prodigy who was writing complete symphonies at age six. He was a project. So is Sir Faul. He is a guy who is perfectly comfortable taking credit for the works of scores of anonymous others. He did not write Yesterday. Neither did his brother, Paul.

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Rocks, Rubble, and Roubles . . . and Boulé PsyActs?

“The military . . . establishes contact with a TA [target audience] using face-to-face communication (F2C) and psychological actions (PsyActs) . . . Both are audiovisual products consisting of agents of action who deliver messages to a TA . . . Both require that the people involved follow a set of guidelines while play acting to deliver the messages. Both are used to modify the behavior of the A [audience] . . . to help create audiovisual products, the military can enlist the services of theater actor guilds . . . The people who convey these messages are known as agents of action (also called actors) . . . Some agents of action can be key communicators . . . These individuals are usually seen as trustworthy to the TA . . . PsyActs are conveyed by these actors in the presence of the TA . . . The agents of action follow a general script to convey these messages. These scripts are basic guidelines which allow the actors to adjust their message as the conversation progresses so that it doesn’t sound fake . . . This is a type of live theater performance that can be carried out in a variety of settings . . .”

~ Mark M. Rich, New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

Several researchers in the truth community (see here, here, and here) have determined that the main reason for the seemingly choreographed stunt performed collaboratively by Will Smith and Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony was to surreptitiously promote the new Pfizer alopecia drug treatment (AKA a covert alopecia awareness campaign). Accordingly, Pfizer was a primary sponsor of the 2022 Oscars, and recently announced their new drug under development to treat alopecia.

I submit this March 30, 2022 article, “Ridiculous: Viral Oscars Theory Says Pfizer Staged Slap to Promote Alopecia Drug” and this March 31, 2022 article, “Evidence does not support the claim that Pfizer staged Oscars confrontation to promote new drug,” as evidence that the alopecia promotion narrative may have been an intentional bread crumb to lure conspiracy theorists down a scripted rabbit hole. 

I surmise that the reason why numerous truthers immediately recognized and described this stunt as being “transparent” fakery is because it may have been designed to be relatively obvious — and then subsequently (and almost instantly) mocked by the MSM. My suspicion is that the Pfizer sponsorship (and its future alopecia treatment) — as related to the Oscars and Jada Pinkett Smith — may have been inserted to induce this conspiracy theory. 

It seems nearly everyone in the fakery analysis community took the bait. 

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Photo fakes – spotting trickery

Note to readers: You will find this post quite long, but I hope not tedious. I hope there are enough photographs so that reading goes fast. Enjoy. The last paragraph is repeated here as most people won’t read that far: “One more thing to mention at the end of a long post where very few readers will find it: At the Mathis site there is a 47 page article by “Lestrade” called Pacific Theater. Because it is a PDF and I am technically inept, I cannot link without having a dead link. So you’re on your own to find it. Lestrade has done some excellent work in deconstructing the Aleutian campaign in World War II. The reason I bring it up here is that his photo analysis is superb. It’s well worth a journey and perhaps an hour of your time.”

In a prior post, I mentioned that Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Denver and Taylor Swift had all been pasted into family photos, that is, we do not know their names, only that their last names: Morrison, Joplin, Deutschendorf and Swift are not their real names. It appears from the outside looking in that these musicians were (are) lifetime actors. I would guess that they were recruited because someone spotted some talent that could be developed.

However, it had to be made clear them that they were not to be let loose on the world, that they would put in their time, learn their trade and then exit the music business. They would be given intense training and then songs to sing that they pretend(ed) were (are) their own creation. In fact, Morrison, Denver and Joplin faked their deaths. Swift is still with us, but I have to suspect a fake death is on her horizon. (Prince probably fits into this category, but I never listened to his music and so have not taken the time to look into his very suspicious death. So too a few others, like David Bowie, for example. Rappers and hip hop, I never tuned in. Die away.)

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February 2022: The Passage of Pluto and the Palindromes

“Mechanization, we must remember, originated in the clock, in the mechanization of time…It is the mechanization of time that presupposes the tendency toward mechanization as a state of mind…Insofar as it is the projection of human thought, the technosphere is the materialization of the sum mental processes denoted and conditioned by mechanization in all its aspects, and that have their primary root in the mechanization of time. It is the mechanization of time that essentially establishes the artificial timing frequency as the capacity to engender the machine and, consequently, an artificial structure, the technosphere…The effect of adaptation to artificial mechanized time creates a social-political hierarchy known as the technocracy — rule according to the needs of technology. It is the effect of maintaining the technocracy and the technosphere itself that establishes the inability of human consciousness to do anything more than remain in a constant, servile, and unchanging state of machine dominance. All the while, by contrast to the unchanging condition of consciousness, the machines evolve exponentially in number and complexity. As Marshall McLuhan so correctly put it, the humans are the bees of the machine.” 

~ José Argüelles, Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs (p. 81-83)

Writer’s Note: My December 2021 post, “The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults,” may serve as a primer to grasp the broader context of this exposition. Once again, I am simpatico with Goro et al. in the context of occult timing of current events. I gratefully offer multiple hat tips to Goro and his commenters at Super Torch Ritual for their keen insights (although, very importantly, I do NOT share their collective perspective on Putin and nuclear weapons).

Pluto and the Palindromes . . . Sort of sounds like it could be the catchy name of a 1950s rock-n-roll band . . . It does have a ring of retro music to it. For readers who may have landed upon this post to hear some rockin’ music, or to read a reminiscent diatribe on “oldies,” I will disappoint. However, for readers who have an interest in palindromes (and time inversion), please stick around . . . Hey, who doesn’t love palindromes?

Herein, I present how the timing of events matters to the mechanized Machine. At this moment in time — in order to gain clarity amidst perceived chaos — it may be less helpful to explore the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” involved in the most recent reported events (as well as the obvious question, qui bono?); but instead, ask a potentially more informative question,“why now?”

Why now?

Whether we believe in astronomy, astrology, or numerology does not really matter. Whomever — or whatever — comprises the predatory dominating system on this planet will still continue to operate within these esoteric territories . . . as they believe in these constructs.  I think this is a crucial distinction. 

So let’s peer retroactively behind the occulted curtain. In a sense, we are going backwards — rewinding in time. I suppose we could say this exercise in hindsight is not 20/20, but rather, so 2022. That said, I would much prefer to have a heads up prior to orchestrated events, but I am no fan of (nor believer in) prophecy, nor do I have access to advanced time-altering devices (keep reading). Thus, hindsight remains in play for now. 

Given that all the airwaves have been buzzing about shelling in Ukraine, I thought I may raise some esoteric considerations, most of which are not on the radar. Speaking of radar (yes, a palindrome), shall we explore palindromic explosions in Ukraine? Have I piqued your interest? Hopefully, my term, palindromic explosions, will make more sense by the end of this read.

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Tying Up Some Loose Ends: Virus Narrative Aiders, Abetters and Tricksters?

Writer’s Note: Frequently, I spend time writing entire posts that end up getting scrapped before seeing the light of the day — despite having poured significant sweat equity into them. Recently, I set out to compose a fictional piece, but for several reasons (some of which may become obvious to the reader), I nixed it. That said, I include herein a few saved snippets (italicized for easy recognition), and then feature some individuals who have remained obscure from purview in the past two years. As I have previously expressed (see here and here), I have often envisioned the elusive SARS-CoV-2 virus (along with its propagandists and defenders) being put on trial. Contrary to others who may also be holding mock trials (notably, and very intentionally, without highlighting the potential non-existence of said pathogenic antagonist), the primary premise of my vision of a trial would be to address the colossal elephant in the court room. Namely, is there an infectious agent on the loose wreaking havoc across the world?

What follows is a fictional trial scene. 

In this fully contrived scenario, various witnesses are called to the stand. The judge tells the jury that the defendant (in this instance, the SARS-CoV-2 virus) has the right not to testify, and that the jury cannot hold it against the defendant. Spoiler alert: It seems the defendant is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND; in fact, no witness, nor juror, nor any trial participant has ever seen the defendant in the flesh. Only digital representations of the defendant have been observed. Additional spoiler alert: The Court may have pinned this crime on the WRONG culprit. The real criminal may still be on the loose.

Superior Court of Stephers County, somewhere in the U.S.

Bailiff: All rise. Superior Court is now in session. Judge William Fakespear presiding. Please be seated.

Hon. Fakespear: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the People of Stephers County versus SARS-CoV-2. 

[Clerk swears in the jury; prosecutor and defense team present their opening statements]

Hon. Fakespear: The Prosecution may call its first witness. 


Ok, readers, enough frivolity for now . . . on with the regularly scheduled programming.

At the beginning of the Coronavirus hullabaloo in February 2020, many readers may actually recall watching various mainstream news segments featuring an American man named Frank Wucinski, with his young daughter (see here, here, here, and here). In interviews, Wucinski claimed he was in Wuhan— the reported epicenter of this alleged coronavirus — when the purported outbreak occurred, and that his father-in-law had recently passed from the coronavirus. It is unclear if he was visiting his wife’s family in Wuhan (as he mentioned in interviews), or living in Wuhan, as he also asserted he had been living there for the past 15 years. His LinkedIn profile reflects him working there for this period of time. It seems (as he stated in the aforementioned interviews) that he and his young daughter returned to the U.S. and were quarantined at an army base, while his wife stayed behind in Wuhan. Wucinski had set up a Go Fund Me account, raising nearly $18,000 for he and his family. 

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Tuesday tidbits

We are going on a trip this coming Thursday, first to Miami to visit relatives, and from there to Akumal, Mexico for some sun, snorkeling and sand. These days everything is always up in the air, as Covid Nazis can alter everyone’s plans at will. But at this time Mexico requires no PCR test or vaccination documentation, no masks on arrival. To return to the US requires a PCR test, and given that the Moronic variant is said to be running rampant, the country may by then be in lockdown as Joe Biden’s Dark Winter sets in. It’s out of our control, but this is key: If we test “positive” for this fictitious entity, Mexico does not care. We simply extend our vacation. They do not quarantine. Maybe it is time to be looking for housing down there, as the country seems to have escaped the psychopathic insanity, On our trip to Baja a few years ago, I learned to appreciate fresh seafood – I can deal with being stuck on the Mexican coast.


I am reading Mask of Sanity by Hervey (yes, “Hervey”) Cleckley (1903-1984), an inquiry into the nature of psychopathy. I did not expect such good writing an potent insight from it. The man was deeply observant.

One of the later chapters (Chapter 34, page 303 of my 1955 third edition) describes a patient of his, an attractive woman in her middle twenties, who had slept with 20 consecutive men, each only once (one or two twice but no more). She was not uninhibited, and knew that she needed to come to grips with her own behavior. She was quite aware it was aberrant. She had no feelings for the men, but she was not a psychopath. Further inquiry by Cleckley formed a new idea of the reason behind her burst of promiscuity. She had a friend, a woman somewhat older, married. The two were attracted to one another, and the patient described their intimate interludes with this older woman as the most pleasurable and satisfying she had ever encountered.

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