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Sir Faul revisited

Note to readers: The following is a piece I wrote in early 2016. I was still quite wet behind the ears, and new to the idea that the truth is not only “out there,” but barely hidden and often easily … Continue reading

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The Bradley Manning saga

Above are three photos of Bradley Manning. I was suspicious at one time that they were pulling a body switch on us, but there is not enough evidence to make that assertion. However, I was very suspicious that his arrest, … Continue reading

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Welcome to HELL (Part 1)

Silent Letters Say So Much … Someone asked me at breakfast the other day, “Does anyone pronounce the ‘l’ in yolk?  I answered: I am unaware of any dialect that sounds out the ‘l’ nowadays, but at one stage in … Continue reading

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Straight on Mathis and trannies

Note to readers: I have been vacationing on Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands. While there we spent a lot of time on the beach. The ocean is like a a drug. I was sleeping more, and was enthralled by … Continue reading

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Trees are fake

The theory that all trees are fake, an optical illusion put there by bears to hide their dens, is gaining wide traction these days on the Internet. Bears are actually very clever manipulators who run the planet from underground, with … Continue reading

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