The great climate con

The above video is over an hour and a half, and I do not make such claims on anyone’s time. I listened to it this morning while I was cooking and cleaning, as background. For anyone’s benefit who wants a brief synopsis of what I regarded as high points, read on. If you make your way through the whole thing, as I did, good on you.

  1. It is good to see Jordan Peterson and Alex Epstein in touch with one another. Each have facile minds, and each, acting alone, figured out that there is no climate emergency. Epstein analyzes the nuts and bolts of the Climate Alarmist movement, while Peterson hits hard on the lack of morality behind it.
  2. Epstein mentions that Michael Mann, the man behind the Hockey Stick hoax, has said that the ideal population of the globe is one billion people. How does he know that? He doesn’t really know anything, but it fits within the larger scheme of things, that Climate Alarmism is really just a misnamed attack on fossil fuels aimed to reduce global population. (The Georgia Guidestones had ten principles, the first of which was “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”)
  3. An attack on fossil fuels is an attack on humanity. What people like Mann and those behind the Guidestones are advocating is mass annihilation. Hatred of humanity is at the core of it all.
  4. The Climate Alarmists, even as they reek of evil, have seized the moral high ground. Epstein’s two books, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels (2014) and Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal and Natural Gas – Not Less (2022) makes a strong case that fossil fuels occupy an necessary and highly moral place in our world. They have helped relieve humanity of poverty, and made our world much safer, protected as we are from so many ill effects of climate. (Reading either of Alex’s books relieves the need to read the other. The 2022 book is like an updated version of 2014.)
  5. Climate Alarmists don’t really care about climate. If they did, they would all move to Kansas City to avoid rising oceans. Theirs is a perverse agenda that relies on stealth to achieve real goals.
  6. Climate Alarmists imagine that anything that humans do that affects the planet is a bad thing, that is, hunting, fishing, raising beef and poultry for food should all be outlawed. Building dams is an outrage! They seem to think that the planet in its natural state is preferable to a civilized one.
  7. Fossil fuels do have side effects, but the good effects far outweigh the bad. So-called renewables, in addition to being unreliable sources of energy, have very bad side effects – rare earth mining is basically strip mining, and both solar panels and windmills require them. Cobalt, needed to manufacture lithium ion batteries (our future we re told) come from the Congo, and mining it has basically placed people there in slavery once more.
  8. Finally, Climate Alarmists merely proclaim their objectives, and use them as virtue signals without any other investment. As Peterson mentioned, getting up to speed on this subject requires lots of work (don’t I know it). Coming to grips with the truth of it, and deceit behind it, requires time, intelligence and energy. Being a Climate Alarmist requires none of that. If it did, the movement would shrink to nothing, as the science is nonexistent, even fraudulent.


“According to the RSS satellite data, whose value for April 2014 is just in, the global warming trend in the 17 years 9 months since August 1996 is zero.” (Climate Depot, Marc Marono) (RSS = Remote Sensing Systems, a company that processes NASA satellite data.) But it gets even more interesting:


If you like graphs and understand how to interpret them, you’ll see spikes and valleys, but a flat line that interprets the variations. Data is taken from satellites and tracked by Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Those high spikes are El Niño events, oscillations in the southern Pacific Ocean, which are generally followed by La Niña, or cooling events. I call the straight blue line a “moving average”. If you can read the fine print, during the period in question here, 2015-2022, global mean temperatures have fallen by 0.07 C°/century since October of 2015.

During that time period, the media have repeatedly screamed “warmest year on record!!!”, and claimed record after new record temperatures, which is nonsense. The hottest decade on record for the lower 48 was the 1930s, and that remains unchanged. It appears we are in a bit of a cooling trend right now, which would make sense as we tiptoe out of the Holocene interglacial period and back into our Great Ice Age.

It is confusing reading about Pleistocene and Holocene, as it seems that climate scientists have ceased to refer to Holocene as an interglacial period, and now refer to it as an “epoch,” with the epoch prior to Holocene known as the Pleistocene (that lasted about 2.5 million years). That word seems to indicate that climate scientists do not expect the Holocene interglacial period to end in typical 10-15,000 year length (we are 11,700 years into this period). That befuddles me. Are they saying that human activity (anthropogenic warming) has caused an end to an ice age epoch and start of a new, much warmer one? What power we humans have! Who knew?

7 thoughts on “The great climate con

  1. Thanks for that synopsis, it seems almost like it should be common sense but I guess the propaganda and schooling has the power to cloud minds. Meanwhile however, Peterson is also busy on the covid front. From NakedCapitalism-

    “In a shamelessly fawning interview earlier this month by Canadian clinical psychologist and media personality Jordan Peterson (here is the link but a word of caution: it is not for the faint of heart), Netanyahu breezily explained how, in his conversations with Bourla, he had offered up Israel as a laboratory for Pfizer to tinker around in.”


  2. The Covid/vaccine/climate change narratives take up mind space, which prevents other topics from entering the competition for thought and discussion. The “new crisis” serves to eliminate historical perspectives and ancient wisdom from interrupting our focus on the “crisis.” We are unplugged from continuity and context, and managed to follow the narrow path of limited viewpoints controlled by the (chosen people) “authorities.” Our imagination, creativity and being is smothered in this (retro) cartoon existence. Colonialism, slavery and class descrimination remain my top 3 (interrelated) categories for 2023, the year of the rabbit, BTW.

    I never forget what McLuhan said: ““We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.”

    We are being “shaped” by the AI, the “jab, ” the mask, the blockshain, the token, and more technology than can be named or understood. Little wonder distractions are so popular/necessary.


  3. Maybe one of the reasons they got rid of the guidestones. As they amp up their climate agendas to reduce any information of the real purpose getting in the public mindset. Not a large percent of people visited the guidestone area but many did online. The censorship for this issue may eventually match the Covid and vaccine related censorship.


  4. I agree that these topics take up space.It is a little hard to focus on colonialism, slavery and class discrimination, as the topics are barely covered ,vaguely defined, but maybe pick up a non-censored YouTube video now and then. It is a small part of our awareness, and unless you pull people’s eyes off that blue screen, it does not resonate.


  5. Then the blue screen (the tool) is indeed shaping us in ways that keep our awareness small and ignorance dominant. Re-production, echo, ape, or whatever description one chooses is polar opposite to resonate, so, I guess retro/simulation is no accident, and as MWA and their “liberal” category is so fond of accepting and parroting/saying: “It’s the best we can hope for.” I cannot accept that (aspiring to hope as a virtue), so for me, it will be onward through the fog in 2023. Not quite ready for the zombie life.


  6. 1 – “””satellite””” data doesn’t exist, cause man-made satellites do not exist.
    2 – “epoch” has always been the geologic term for Pleistocene and Holocene. It’s sinply the division of time. Glacials and interglacials are climatic terms and not even the same per hemisphere (N/S)
    3 – How can you promote pro-vaxx carny Peterson and some Epstein I don’t know, but clearly belongs to the Tribe of Tricksters???????
    4 – “climate science”, the term I was brought up with was climatology, the study of past climates, is very very simple, not needing years at all to understand.

    mankind is way too small to be able to affect a (non existing) global climate


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