Damar Hamlin and musings about professional sports

I was only half-paying attention to last night’s game, and I noticed a crowd of players on the field. I then learned that Damar Hamlin had been seriously injured in a clean-contact play. He got up and fell backward on the ground. Players immediately summoned medical assistance.

I learned later that Hamlin had suffered cardiac arrest. Players were shocked, and when asked to resume play after a five-minute referee timeout, they refused. Buffalo Bills Coach Sean McDermott and Cincinnati Bengals Coach Zac Taylor met and decided to pull the players off the field. Later it was announced that the game would be postponed. The crowd left the stadium.

Hamlin remains in critical condition at this moment. There is no word on resuming the game. I think they should just call it a tie and let the cards fall, but I would not be surprised if they finish it up on Monday, January 9th, un-televised. After all, the NCAA national Championship game is that night, and the NFL and NCAA have turf agreements. Maybe they play on Tuesday, but the NFL playoffs start four days after that. That is not a lot of time for both teams to prepare, as both are in the playoffs this year. Come to think of it, both teams play on Sunday the 8th, so Monday is probably out. Again, call it a tie.

I have enjoyed watching football for many years. I do not gamble on it in any form, no betting, no fantasy team. If I put any name on the back of a shirt I wear, it would be my own. I just enjoy watching the players and the athleticism. My loyalties go with the Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals. I should also be a Denver fan, but am fair weather only. I used to own a bright orange shirt, and one Sunday I wore it to the grocery store only to find half of the patrons were wearing orange that day, in support of the Broncos. I gave the shirt to a local resource group, not wanting to be a part of it all.

I was once a baseball fan, but completely lost interest in 2020 as teams played before empty stadiums. It has not since rekindled. The team I followed, the Cincinnati Reds, has an ownership group headed by Bob Castellini. That group seems to have little regard for the fans. They put a good team on the field in 2019, and had a good shot at the playoffs, but swooned late in the season and finished out of the running. The following year Castellini and company dismantled the team. Their last World Series appearance was in 1990 (won), the longest drought in the major leagues at 32 years. That’s a long time for fans to forego excitement.

This year some loyal fans formed a movement to encourage Castellini to sell the team, to bring in new owners willing to invest in talent and try to win. Several fans appeared in the stands with paper bags over their heads. Castellini had them ejected, but later apologized. Some time back a Reds blog analyzed the value of the Reds franchise, placing it at $2 billion. That’s a lot of money for a rotten franchise, and came from newly legalized gambling and streaming revenue. Even before Covid, Reds teams played to a mostly empty stadium, but it does not seem to matter to ownership. The money rolls in anyway.

Miles Mathis has demonstrated that the Monica Lewinski affair was probably fake. Not that it matters, but a phone call was placed to Clinton’s office while the canoodling was supposedly going on. That phone call came from someone high in the Cincinnati Reds organization, perhaps Carl Lindner. He was head honcho at that time, and had Clinton’s direct number. The team is now controlled by Castellini and members of the Williams family, which at one time had a controlling interest in United Fruit, now called Chiquita Banana. United Fruit was well known as a CIA front, or at least a beneficiary of CIA activities in Central America. Lots of land was at stake. The team sucks, but the ownership of the team is juiced, it appears.

I wondered how I could have been a fan of that lousy franchise for so long. I not only don’t care about them, I do not care for baseball. But my loyalty interest transferred to the Bengals, another disappointing franchise that came to life after long time head coach Marvin Lewis was fired in 2018.

What I saw last night was outstanding behavior by all involved – the players, coaches, and especially the medical team that restarted Hamlin’s heart on the field. They even went so far as to bring Hamlin’s mother out of the stands to ride in the ambulance with him. As the players were kneeling around Hamlin, I wondered if this could be a fake event, but what I saw on their faces appeared to be genuine emotion. They were not acting. They were genuinely concerned for a downed teammate. It was a brotherhood.

I know, it is a violent sport, and players are at great risk of injury, often career-ending. But the pay is enough to justify it for them. They know the risks. Hamllin knew the risks.

49 thoughts on “Damar Hamlin and musings about professional sports

    1. I only caught the game by chance, as it was on ABC; usually MNF is on ESPN and I have no cable. My daughter was turning off a film and I heard NFL noise. Only six of 18 MNF were not on ESPN, so what are the chances ? (33.3%, wouldn’t you know?)

      Anyway, also a long-suffering Bengals fan, but with full knowledge of the scripted nature of the league(s). The NFL, and other leagues, is not even obligated to play fair, as it is an “entertainment” enterprise. This is a good short overview, about 15 mins. Brian Tuohy has written books on the schemes.

      As for the intense player reactions last night, I wonder how many of them are wondering when their ticket might come up. The hit was clean and “ordinary”, yet players are refusing to play? Did Hamlin die out there? Many players get carted off weekly, and games go on after a few moments. Lotsa room for speculation on why the cancellation. I fear the worst for this young man.

      Searching for info on the injury, this doc says at 00:15 how this is not related to vaccines…his opinion less than an hour or so after the injury…the denial stood out. If this were “commodio cordis”, would he not have stayed down due to the initial shock, not get up and then pass out a few seconds later? Very mysterious. Had millions of views well before midnight, now stands at 9.2 M, if the numbers are to be believed.

      Of course, how many youth, high school and college players have/had CTE and suffered brutal hits this season? Thousands. I recently found out a high school player I saw get taken away by ambulance last season is paralyzed, but could find no mention in the media at the time, and he is from a small town. Heard about it from a local player’s dad, though I suppose I could have called the school, they may have told me something.

      If player safety were the concern, the helmets would be toned down (maybe back to leather?) so players would not lead with the head or face. Tackling would adapt.

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        1. Ouch, what a rabbit hole, SK! Tucker and McCullough talking about heart attacks in the young…why would THAT be happening? Same as it ever was…

          Tried to watch the Tiger and Buffalo vid…got about 20 seconds in and my head started to hurt. Partly the melange of unidentified unisex youngsters dressed as hobos/circus performers, partly the horrific animation…scary as F. Reminded me of a Kubrick scene from 2001 mixed with Eyes Wide Shut; nightmarish.

          That twit acct has a video by Lincoln Karim, a videographer in NYC who used to work for CNN; he has a good video about how he was filming commentary on 9/11, and documented the Rona circus in the Big Apple, mostly from his bike, some while stationary, including the BLM mural on the street in front of Trump Tower. Watched him daily from April 2020 through the summer. He’s quite sarcastic and doubts everything. The embedded 11 min. video “How to recognize propaganda” is about the Mariupol situation from some months back, and is worth a watch. Many of LK’s vids of fake “morgue trailers” in 2020 NYC have been removed, and one about a auto shop that became a morgue also has been scrubbed.

          False 33 alert from my post yesterday: there are only 17 MNF games this season, as week 18 has no MN game since the CFB playoff is next Monday. So, 6 of 17 broadcasts were “free”, raising it to 35.3%.

          At least Damar’s legacy will be toys for kids…$4+ million atm, mostly for China. Nice.


          1. There’s a photo (I cannot figure how to cut and paste it here) which shows only 33, “Neal,” isn’t kneeling after play was stopped. Oh, what was all that kneeling, or not kneeling, at NFL games all about? Tribute! Mockery! All scripted/programmed. Remember Tim Tibow? Fragmentation and polarization keeps the chaos swirling about.

            Well, actually, it’s not kneeling at all, which is “going down” on two knees. Genuflecting is on one knee, and act of submission. Wiki: “One genuflects on the left knee to a human dignitary, whether ecclesiastical or civil, while, in Christian churches and chapels, one genuflects on the right knee when the Sacrament is not exposed but in a tabernacle or veiled (conversely, one kneels with both knees if the Sacrament is exposed.”

            So, all this NFL ritual and tribute is for who’s benefit. God? The Crown? Freemasonry? The U.N.?
            I dunno’.

            The 33 code is constant at Monday Night Football.
            MNF = 13+14+6 = 33


            1. I saw that (K)not-Kneeling (K)Neal photo too; goosebumps. Ritual of the habitual, ferrsure.

              Having been possessed by the football demon since the age of 8 or so, it has been hard to shake. The rona-circus killed soccer for me, my only other sport, and killed music, films and series by 95%. But the NeFeLim still has me in its grasp. Likely nostalgic reasons, implanted memories.

              Tim Tebow is still on commercials. He used to piss of my lib pals, who hated any show of religion because it was an insult to their intellects. But players kneeling against racism? Smart!

              Great info on the kneeling, thanks.


      1. Re “The Proof” video.. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but why does he lead into his list with hypnotic spirals and other cues, and flash signs saying “trust me” – why does he want to persuade by using such techniques?

        It may well all be true, but it feels like this could be part of tearing down pro sports. That seems like it’s been on the agenda awhile, and I often hear sports fans talk about being pushed away by one thing or another. I’ve never gotten into it, but I can see it has some redeeming qualities in the culture – celebrating excellence, athleticism, the aesthetics, competitive drive, and much more.. Is CT just an angle being played to discredit it for a percent of the audience? Maybe the rigging of the games has even been ramped up, to give fodder to this guy and others?


        1. Hey Tim,

          Sorry, not seeing the spirals and whatnot in the video, but suggest you watch the whole thing. Maybe the presentation is strange, not sure, but the examples he cites are solid. An “entertainment” company is able to do much more manipulation than a sports league, methinks.

          I am a life-long football, and ex-soccer fan (Qatar killed the pro sport for me), and admire many things about sports too. Some of my best teachers were coaches, and I learned more than just blocking, catching and staying fit. However, if you watch many games, you see these moments where a miracle happens to send the game into OT, or win it, or hobble the underdog.

          Another example is how some calls by the refs can be reviewed, others not, and none in the last two minutes…which is often the most important part of the game. I recall two years back when the Browns were giving KC a run for their money in the playoffs. Sorensen, a KC safety, clearly hit the Browns ballplayer with a spearing/targeting call as he went in to score, which caused a fumble into the end zone. Instead of a penalty at the goal-line, Browns ball, KC got the ball on a touchback. KC ended up winning, 22-17. The call “could not be reviewed”; maybe the Browns did not have a young, exciting ad-man QB like Mahomes, and so were not welcome to win? It was early in the game, but one clear example of favoritism, and right at a time when targeting was in focus to try and reduce CTE injuries.

          Why are there no more US teams in the Canadian Football League? Despite NAFTA, and Canuck teams in NHL, NBA, MLB, US teams are prohibited from joining the CFL, which only has nine teams. Not that many US cities would, but I would wager there are some northern cities that might do so, places with no chance at an NFL franchise. It’s about protecting the NFL market, of course.

          Why is this happening, this degradation of sports? Not sure, but they seem to be tainting it….maybe too egalitarian? How long before fast players have to wear weights in their shoes to slow them down, ala “Harrison Bergeron”?

          Possibly related, but why do announcers on NFL and college football commentators offer their gambling/betting opinions before games now? Why are point-spreads included when showing pre-game match-ups? I would imagine to encourage gambling, which now includes “in-game” betting, meaning, who will score next, or what kind of TD, or turnover? It’s not limited to pre-game anymore, it’s become massive, apparently.


          Baja AZ


          1. I don’t doubt what you’re saying, in any event as a non-viewer I defer to your expertise (unless someone presents a persuasive counter argument.)

            Just interesting/ curious that the video producer used those little hypno cues – it’s very overt, 3 or 4 cuts to rhythmic images and spirals, to lull the viewer into a suggestible state – right before he begins the numbered list of items.


            1. I liked the clip from Network at the beginning, though. Also noted was the creepy choice of photos of the owners and big-wigs, but good catch, there is something a bit sinister to it. I was emotionally invested, so maybe those touches went over my head.

              But yeah, you’re better off for staying away from TV sports, and never bet on games, Tim! 🙂


  1. The doctors on TV assured us that this had nothing at all to do with the deadly jab. That is reassuring. In Europe, healthy “football” (soccer) players have been dying suddenly for over a year now. Odd that we haven’t heard about it on U.S. television. I agree that our favorite contact sport should be played without live TV. We certainly don’t want to broadcast any more such tragedies. Sports fans can always see recordings of the games. Should any more players collapse or die suddenly, that can always be edited out, right?


      1. I wondered why you didn’t mention it, Mark. I thought perhaps you thought it was so obvious no need to but then the omission didn’t really fit with what you said.

        Dr Scott Jensen doesn’t get how what’s happening is a total psyop and he’s really doing great wrong injecting patients with the toxic jab but nevertheless I still admire him. I found his explanation of the differences between three types of heart problems illuminating:

        — cardiac arrest: the electrical system stops (which can occur when there are other issues with the heart)

        — heart attack (or myocardial infarction): the arteries get plugged and stop blood flow

        — cardiomyopathy: heart muscle becomes inflamed (can be caused by myocarditis)

        Dr Jensen explains that what’s concerning is the increase in cardiac arrest with no other heart problem showing and the sense of complete unpredictability.

        Explanation starts at 6 minutes in


      2. “I wondered if this could be a fake event, but what I saw on their faces appeared to be genuine emotion. They were not acting. They were genuinely concerned for a downed teammate. It was a brotherhood.”

        Those genuine-emoters weren’t in on it. Maybe not even the coaches.


        1. Excellent observation, thought the same; supposedly Josh Allen, the QB, and Cole Beasley did not take the concoction.

          Another thought about the ritual…his last name, Hamlin.

          Wasn’t there a Pied Piper from Hamelin/Hamln in Lower Saxony? Got rid of the rats in the town, and then led the kids away after the town refused to pay him. I hope the NFL’s check does not bounce!

          One possibility with Damar is a varnish from Malaysian trees…and others.


    1. Don’t EVER believe what you hear on TV = Tell-A-Vision, their vision. Not much truth in there. Lies, Lies And More LIES !!!


      1. Nice Kirsch piece, Swede. He gives me the vibes (believes in virus/vaxxes), but he is right this time.
        The doctor video I found Monday night was supposedly up 30 mins after the hit, Sutterer is the name of the medico, and he gets mostly roasted on this twit feed:


  2. I can’t not do this.
    The first thing I thought of was the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Then it turns out this Damar Hamlin has a toy drive of some kind which is now awash in millions of cash donations, me reading that concern for the children has caused the town to finally cough up for the Piper’s services. (Tho’ the donation scam is largely a money laundering op, with some proceeds going to the participants- in this case, Damar, his conveniently locatable mother, and a few EMT’s with NDA’s to honor)
    Then I heard a podcast that gives too much leash to FE to post a link, but otherwise has some fascinating observations, such as what a caller offered:
    The root of the word syringe is syrinx, an ancient flute. Now, let’s piece this monster together- Footballers have allegedly been keeling over on the pitch across the soccer firmament. Now it’s America’s turn. There is bold talk across the boards, forums and chans about Damar’s demise* as being related to the jab, much like the soccer dead.
    Cut to the Freedom Tower, designed like a syringe, with, apparently, odd musical sounds emanating from the site by the wind while under construction.
    Looking at footage of the play, one has to ask if cardiac arrest from the play would allow for him to first stand up before collapsing? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, in real life or on TV.
    Did he fall the way he should? He first folds up to land on his ass to spare his head. Just sayin’-
    A Bengal and a Bill come into contact with him as he rises and stands. He adjusts his face guard briefly and then drops. Is there signaling going on? Did he slip himself a mickey to ape unconsciousness? We are told from the booth there was CPR etc. but it’s not easy to tell what’s going on in the crowd of medicos and players. The crisis actors playing his teammates seem puzzled, the some tear up, grimace, either spontaneously as they are out of the loop, or are damn fine actors.
    Or it’s all real and I’m in desperate need of meaningful activities. As I now always default to hoax mode, any further information will have to be run through the same jaundiced filter for me to clear head space for the next televised distraction.

    *Damar technically died and had to be revived. He will live, Criswell predicts, as American exceptionalism requires we overcome what other countries can’t. This will mark a shift in the scamdemic’s plot, implying that the jab is not fatal. (Personally, I am very suspicious of VAERS and the idea the jab is doing anything but twisting people’s imagination in the opposite direction of the pro-vaxxer’s relief at joining the vax cult)


    1. Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ (Die Zauberfloete) sprang to mind when you mentioned the root of the word syrinx – an ancient flute.
      Wiki – The allegorical plot was influenced by… Mozart’s interest in Freemasonry. Are they signalling the (golden) dawn of a new era of wisdom and brotherhood?


      1. Going along the musical route, from Canada, RUSH’s iconic 2112 (mirrored?) album, the overture of the 20+ minute song 2112 is called “The Temples of Syrinx.” This was from 1976, and a prog-rock classic. Lyrics below, worth a perusal, maybe…

        “And the meek shall inherit the earth

        We’ve taken care of everything
        The words you read, the songs you sing
        The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
        It’s one for all and all for one
        We work together, common sons
        Never need to wonder how or why

        We are the priests of the Temples of Syrinx
        Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
        We are the priests of the Temples of Syrinx
        All the gifts of life are held within these walls

        Look around at this world we’ve made
        Equality, our stock in trade
        Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
        What a nice contented world
        Let the banners be unfurled
        Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand”


        1. Rush is echoing what the cartoon character Klaus Schwab sez: You will own nothing and be happy. The meek is the sheeple. The ‘earth’ they inherit will be feudal version c. Midto late first millennium AD. Individual life span approximately mid to late twenties.


  3. TyMc, you with the Hollywood pedigree…that may be the trick. Drag folks into the death pit, lower the frequencies, start in-fighting, raise money “for the kids”, then, on the seventh day, Damar rises! He cannot play any more, but will travel the land promoting “heart-consciousness” to athletes and schools/colleges all over, even Canada! School boards mandate new screenings for heart issues, buy new health devices/equipment, yearly fund-raisers for “heart issues”, special ribbons (royal blue?) are sold and worn…”Look, life is safer now!” Pied Piper indeed.

    And as a bonus, the evil anti-jabbers look like vicious death-cultists. Time will tell.

    *Coach Tomlin of the Steelers says he has known Damar since the player was 12. Does recruiting start in elementary school? Inside football? I hope I am wrong, and that he is somehow OK for real.


    1. Could very well be that Drama-r will walk about as a hopium cut out extolling the virtues of invasive body scanning for innocent youth. But watch closely the Damar before face and the after character. I suspect the resurrected Damar will be played by a different actor/rubber mask, if he tours at all. Monitor ear lobes, nose, hairline, jaw line. Hand gestures and speech cadence. Relative height. Significant dates- the usual. If there is more needed, wade carefully into the Miles Mathis gene pool and genealogy whirlpool. (Truth be told, I like that angle he plays- no offense)


      1. Excellent point. Any behavioral differences, memory lapses could be explained away as, “He was in a coma for a week! Of course his memory and personality were affected.”
        Now how a coma would explain different earlobes is another kettle of fish. 🙂


    2. I was wondering why they would stage this event. I think ya nailed it. I’m sure after getting all that donation money Damar is doing as tony the tiger says :grrrrreat:! This was the most press fora injured player that I have evere witnessed. Nobody elsse got this much attention.


  4. Make sure you’re stocked up on bug spray.

    Chinese scientists are reportedly looking at a technique for using mosquito bites to distribute vaccines. The experiment was conducted on animals, but the possibilities for human exposure are obvious and ominous.

    The South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Wednesday quoted a paper from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that described a plan to send genetically-modified mosquitoes into the wild, where they would bite animals to trigger a “strong, long-lasting immune response.”

    The authors of the paper said their trials had been successful at making animal subjects more resistant to viral infections, most notably Zika, which was the big viral panic in the late 2010s before a certain other organism emerged from Wuhan, China, to rampage across the world.

    Zika is spread primarily by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a wide-ranging pest that breeds in swamps around the world, including the United States. The Zika crisis was particularly acute in Brazil, where pregnant women feared a mosquito bite could lead to birth defects or miscarriage from the virus.


  5. Further talk reveals that there is a Masonic ritual of an initiate playing a corpse while the brothers of the lodge kneel around him.
    He rises from the ‘dead’ after, what, three days?
    Of course Hamlin wears the number 3, the top tier in the rites that have only three steps.
    And while the players kneel, the one player standing is wearing 33.
    Are we viewing some form of elective submission of one rite to another?
    And is there anything ritualistically ongoing between buffaloes and tigers?
    I know we are all being buffaloed by this nonsense.


  6. Further talk reveals that there is a Masonic ritual of an initiate playing a corpse while the brothers of the lodge kneel around him.
    He rises from the ‘dead’ after, what, three days?
    Of course Hamlin wears the number 3, the top tier in the rites that have only three steps.
    And while the players kneel, the one player standing is wearing 33.
    Are we viewing some form of elective submission of one rite to another?
    And is there anything ritualistically ongoing between buffaloes and tigers?
    I know we are all being buffaloed by this nonsense.


      1. Here’s one for ya. After Bills game today QB Josh Allen revealed (while chuckling & looking to his right at who I’ve no idea probably a handler) that he was informed it had been 3 years& 3 months since the Bills had run a kickoff back for a TD which they did twice in the game, including opening kickoff.😬


        1. Yeah, old Josh did not look too scared yesterday, based on his grins and covered mouth comments to other players seen during the game…and he’s supposedly not taken the sacrament, either.


    1. The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes is a fraternal movement (freemasons in other words) started in 1822 by actors and stagehands.


    2. Remember the Metaverse ad “The Tiger and the Buffalo”?! Based on Henri Rousseau’s painting, “Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo,” located in the Cleveland art museum! I want to look into this more, but have no time just now…


    3. Further talk.. is the podcast IPS/ Tim Ozman? I’d like to listen, but I never know where to find his latest. Even though Ab the Fakeologist gives updates on where he’s moved to..


      1. Yes. I don’t know what to make of this Tim Ozman. I drop brilliance in the chat when I can link live on YT. Some of his observations are brilliant, and yet he dangles FE out there for reasons I cannot fathom. I just take what I can get.


        1. Brilliant guy for sure. I listen sometimes when Ab links, but no idea where his latest audio is. YouTube won’t let you play audio only unless you’re subscribed (and yes there are apps but I tried one and it was a hassle/ fail.)

          I am suspicious of the standard globe model and map, so I entertain alternate takes. But I don’t have any definitive views one way or another.


          1. Flat Earth.. Mark is not a fan IIRC and says it’s the type of topic that overwhelms a blog, so let people discuss it elsewhere – paraphrasing.


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