Bruce Lee became Judge Lance Ito of OJ fame

We used to search for what we called “zombies,” or famous people who faked their death. What becomes of them after? My favorite of all time was Evita, or Eva Perón, who retired to the northern US and became Madonna Fortin. She raised a family, one of whom was the lightly talented Madonna,  who then played her own mother in the 1996 film Evita. It took a commenter to spot that for me, Richard Juckes, as I had only discovered that Evita faked her 1952 death. Then it got exciting.

Another of our discoveries came from a guy I called “Straight,” whose name was Eric, who had an eye for this sort of thing. Since Miles Mathis has now run two pieces on the fake death of movie icon Bruce Lee (1940-????), I thought I would resurrect this piece, which takes it all in a different direction. I offer no criticism of the Mathis pieces, as each has worth and goes in different directions than my work. It is the kind of stuff that I do and no one else, and is lightly regarded, but I trust it. It has to do with facial recognition patterns, and the uniqueness of facial plates. It is rare that two people line up precisely after adjusting faces for the distance between eyes. When they do, it speaks.

Straight came to the conclusion that Bruce Lee was twins, but that work fell by the wayside. The important conclusion was that Bruce Lee, fake death 1973, went on to Play Judge Lance Ito in the OJ Simpson hoax.



Keep in mind that Lee faked his death in 1973, and the OJ trial started in 1994, so that there was 21 years of aging to account for. Still, the results were telling.

Of course, it could be coincidence that all facial features, including head shape, align.

But the question I have always asked about fake deaths which Mr. Mathis and his guest writer do not ask or answer, is “What then?” Lee would have been 23 when he faked his death, so what does he do next? Return to Hong Kong? The answer is that he was on a shelf, and was called on to be a fake judge in a fake trial. Here’s more evidence of that. Nicole Brown Simpson was supposedly brutally murdered by OJ Simpson, but that did not happen. Instead, she merely became her sister, Denise. Hidden in plain sight.

That is Nicole on the right, Denise on the left, actually the same person. Here’s another photo to look at and analyze.

That goose-necked lady at the end of the table is supposedly “Denise,” while the one closest to us is Nicole. This is some of the sloppiest photo work I have ever seen. There was a fourth person in this photo, maybe the mother, although there was another sister who did not feature in the OJ hoax, Dominique. Maybe it is her body under that superimposed head.

I went looking for some details around Ito the Judge, and struck gold. I found a NBC news piece that was loaded with hints and clues that Judge Lance Ito, outside of the Simpson trial, was a ghost.

“He is so humble. It’s kind of amazing, considering the spotlight he got put on,” said Sergio Robleto, the former commanding officer of the LAPD homicide unit who was also a detective.

A man who was head of LAPD homicide would surely know that the Simpson trial was fake, and that there was no murder. He would also know to cover for the fake judge who refuses to give interviews. Robleto goes on to talk about meeting Ito in 1978, in other words, filling in the backstory.

A spokesperson at the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed that Ito retired on Jan. 5 [2015]. [Former LA County District Attorney Robert] Philibosian said he quietly spent the last 20 years on the ninth floor of the criminal courts building, where high-powered cases involving major murders, robberies, and rapes are tried.

We are told that murders, robberies and rapes require a judge with high-caliber expertise. I would find it just the opposite, that those types of crime, where eye-witness testimony and physical evidence are the drivers, would require less expertise, than say corporate disputes or criminal conspiracies or even bankruptcies. I would judge that any number of qualified men and women could preside over the trials that we are told were routed to Ito because they were “high-powered.”

“There’s separate security to get in there. He was assigned there because of his high level of expertise,” Philibosian said.

In other words, he comes and goes through a private entrance. No one sees him.

In the two decades since, Ito’s signature facial hair has turned gray, and the name plate outside of his courtroom has been stolen more times than he can count by thieves who want a piece of history.

And, oh yeah, his office has no name plate on it.

That very much appears to me to be a ghost, a man who played a role in the OJ trial in 1994, and then went back to his regular life. So oddly enough, Bruce Lee is alive, was living in LA in 1994, and occasionally stepped back into the Lance Ito shoes for public appearances.

That pretty much sealed it for me – Ito works high in an umarked office with no name plate on the door, and comes and goes through a private entrance. What does that tell you? For me, it says he ain’t there.

Comments and “likes” at the bottom are from the original piece, run in 2017.

37 thoughts on “Bruce Lee became Judge Lance Ito of OJ fame

  1. And yes, agreed, the article reveals he’s a ghost. They sell his “office on the 9th floor” a little too hard. The office with no name plate. The office behind an extra layer of security. How funny that the curious could never find Judge Ito’s “office,” but name plate stealers were able to get past security countless times? LOL. Just a lame attempt to cover a few embarassing loose ends during the year of multiple OJ miniseries!

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  2. This is timely because it looks like they may be killing off the actor that plays Charles Manson, from the original courtroom drama that preceded OJ Simpson. He has been transferred to a hospital and is seriously ill. Time to bring the Manson psyop to a close.

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  3. The twin discoveries add credence to the zombie theories, as the fact that they are faking things from the beginning lends itself to continuing the con to extract maximum value from their assets. Obviously the twins are fine with the duplicity, so they don’t have to bring in new converts to their methods when they need a zombie.

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    1. According to the most recent Mathis paper, an update of Golden Suicides, Jay Sebring (a Manson victim) discovered Bruce Lee.

      But if Bruce Lee was a set of twins just waiting on the sidelines, that is not likely. Sebring would have been some kind of facilitator.

      I would like to find Sebring, as he is still alive (at at least did not die in 1969) and might be someone powerful and important today in another guise.

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      1. Well I suppose I could mention that OJ’s last movie was Naked Gun 331/3 and that the Hornet’s first episode was called The Silent Gun, A story about a man who was shot at a funeral and none of the 20 witnesses heard anything. But I think the monsters have had a good enough laugh as it is.

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        1. Funny – I was just standing in line at the Post Office, and in a display case there they have the original NY Times reporting on the Lindbergh flight to Paris. The headline says he completed the flight in “33 1/2 hours.” It was fake – not the newspaper, but the flight. .

          I never made the connection with the Naked Gun series, and seeing now “33 1/3” makes me slap my well-slapped forehead one more time.

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          1. Rofl….Well I assure you that well slapped foreheads are quite common around these parts. But I never saw the full circle on the OJ thing until I saw your article. The links are endless as I take a closer look, and I don’t usually work on cases concerning celebs as I prefer 18th 19th century stuff. I just happened to remember the Hornet as it was a favorite when I was in 2nd grade. Anyways, keep up the good work, please remember some people appreciate all you and the gang do. If I find anything that seems of interest I’ll send a note. Thanks again!

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  4. Just happened to see the “Game of Death” movie yesterday. You know, that one Bruce Lee supposedly worked on when he died. And while I always fancied those Bruce Lee martial arts movies, I deemed the plots as stupidly week. Gosh, I see it with different eyes now… :

    A celebrity actor “Billy Lo” is bothered and threatened by a mobster syndicate (who could that be …?). They offer him a contract he can’t refuse, or else ..
    When he still refuses, he is shot while filming a scene for his movie, by replacing some blanks with real cartridges. He is rushed to hospital, where he is soon declared dead officially, but actually getting an aesthetic (face) surgery. And while he receives new, faked documents, a fake funeral with a fake corpse is officially celebrated.

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it ?
    Could it be they tell us (and told us) straight to the face how they do it?

    Oh wait – didn’t his son Brandon supposedly die exactly the same way ?
    On 3/31, 1993 ?
    OMG, what a torrent of coincidences …


    1. Almost forgot it.
      While his face is still covered in bandages, the movie character “Billy Lo” ponders about the appearance of his new identity. He draws a full beard on one of his photos, and later actually wears a false beard.
      And guess what – it looks exactly like Lance Ito in the animated image above …


  5. How hard could this be to prove I mean seriously? Go confront Ito, film it and get some DNA off him by force if necessary. Lee has one child alive to compare it with. This would literally shatter the matrix of true. Personally I don’t think it’s him because Bruce was fanatical about fitness and Ito is a out of shape old man and Bruce loved martial arts demonstrations and doing film so to give it all up just seems a million to one odds.


  6. Being a lifelong fan of Bruce Lee and also living in Hong Kong, I never believed the story of his death. It’s so absurd he “died” conveniently in his girlfriends flat and literally within eyesight of Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. And to this day Betty Ting Pei remains a recluse in Hong Kong and maintains she will write the story of what happened the night Bruce Lee died. But “there are other people involved so I don’t know when I’ll write the book”.

    Recently I was watching one of the episodes of The Green Hornet and noticed Kato leaning on a table with one hand using the two finger devil horn sign. I also noticed his Kato character displaying the Freemason Napoleon open hand over the stomach sign in another episode. And there are many photos of Lee using both hands to show the inverted pyramid. And another photo with his fingers spread oddly opened over his eye.

    Another curiosity linked to Bruce Lee-Lance Ito transformation is the claim his parents were interned in a Japanese prison camp during WW2. In life, Bruce Lee’s best friend during his Seattle days in the 1960s is a man named Taky Kimura. He claims his parents were held prisoners at Tule Lake and Minidoka internment camps during WW2 due to their Japanese heritage. When you look at the wikipedia page of Taky Kimura, it specifically states the exact names of the “internment” camps. But when you look at Lance Ito’s wiki page it’s a vaguely mentions an interment camp. It does not state what camp he was at?

    According to wikipedia Lance Ito attended John Marshall High School in Los Angeles. Marshall is named after jurist John Marshall, who served as the fourth Chief Justice of the United States for three decades. This seriously reads like a spook wrote it.

    It’s also curious Lee and Ito both married caucasian women. And Ito’s wife strongly resembles Lee’s former wife? The women could easily slip in and out of the relationship or be seen in public with Ito and nobody would be the wiser.

    And speaking of Lee’s former wife: after Lee “died” in 1973 just three weeks prior to his first and only Hollywood movie’s release; his wife and kids moved back to LA. Linda Lee was from Seattle and her family lived there so wouldn’t a grieving widow and mother of two young children want the comfort of her own family close to her and the children?

    On a side note: the Hollywood producer of Enter the Dragon was Fred Weintraub. A well connected big shot in Hollywood. During the 1960’s he owned a small club called The Bitter End in NYC’s Greenwich Village. The clubs entertainment featured up and coming musicians and entertainers and is a virtual who’s who of Hollywood ie, Lenny Bruce, Neil Diamond, Woody Allen, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Ricky Nelson, Nina Simone, Dustin Hoffman, Charles Aznavour, Lily Tomlin, Stevie Wonder, Kris Kristofferson, Joni Mitchell, George Carlin, Bob Dylan and Harry Chapin. And it’s curious that Bruce Lee and Harry Chapin both were connected to Fred Weintraub. And both “died” or more appropriately were reassigned new roles to play in life. I’m not insinuating Fred killed them but he obviously knew them both and was instrumental with the success of their careers.

    Harry Chapin’s life and “death” is filled with red flags and deserves it’s own story.


  7. Good to see you back in your bread and butter Mark. My take is that NBS became Meghan Kelly. Facial splits work and perhaps more convincing is the voice print. They both have the same voice, or at least to me. Before the big censorship push, there was a good channel on youtube that made vids with side by side comparisons of voice and physical features of these dopplegangers. I can’t say too much more or my comment will be removed. JFK became Jimmy Carter, Morrison became Rush Limbaugh, Hendrix is now Cornell West, Sam Cooke now plays Farrakhan etc… you know it better than I. Thanks for all you do here. I need this page the way a junkie needs dope.


    1. JFK did not become Jimmy Carter. Morrison did not become Limbaugh. These are not even close. Hendrix-Cornell West, had a huge problem with teeth. Sam Cooke Farrakhan, have never looked at it.


        1. Well, I remind you that Jim Morrison did not become Rush Limbaugh, and JFK did not become Jimmy Carter. That kind of stuff takes very little research. It is a far reach with no evidence. I would even call it misdirection used to discredit this kind of work.It is absurd on its face. I did work each of those angles, but not for long. It is bullocks.

          Sam Cooke and Farakahn? I had forgotten about it, as it was around that time Straight left, and I no longer had his insight behind me. I should look into that again.

          I remind you that I only discovered Madonna to be the daughter of Evita because of Richard Juckes. I have made a few discoveries on my own, but I also sit on the shoulders of others. The Sam Cooke stuff was Straight. I did not pick up where he left off.


            1. Tyrone, it has been six or seven years since this stuff was posted,, and I do not recall, but was it you who directed us to the Lee/Ito connection? If so I want to give due credit.


  8. I like many of the points raised in post and comments, but imo the chop is not a precise match, and their features have various differences that age doesn’t account for (I suppose plastic surgery could be claimed to account for just about anything, but that seems a stretch to me.)

    Also, Miles and his writers did suggest a plausible “afterlife” for him – rich kid, been in films his whole life, maybe he’d had enough. Retire and enjoy life. Why come back for a role such as Ito? What’s the allure there? He’d have to have fallen on hard times or gotten crossways with the big club, one would think. But interesting thread nonetheless.


    1. I guess it’s a matter of opinion, and maybe appealing in that decade,however consider the movies he was making. They are C list movies, and i’m sure Lee wanted something better. I can’t watch them all the way thru from start to finish can you?


      1. I don’t really know his filmography, but he was a huge celebrity anyway.. a glamorous film star, from wealthy background. Then you come back from island life to play Ito?


    1. Megyn wants to be Nicole Brown Simpson:)

      fake discussion:
      Megyn Kelly on Her Admiration for OJ Simpson Prosecutor

      23 Aug 2022 — Megyn Kelly is joined by best-selling author and former prosecutor Marcia Clark to discuss her admiration for the OJ Simpson prosecutor

      Prosecuting O.J., Misogyny in the Courtroom, and Race

      22 Aug 2022 — Megyn Kelly is joined by Marcia Clark, best-selling author and former prosecutor, to talk about her role in the iconic O.J. Simpson trial


  9. The work I have done easily shows that NBS became Denise, a nice ploy also used with Sharon Tate, who also became her younger sister. I find the heavily made up Meghan Kelly quite attractive, nonetheless, and NBS not so much. I will look at it without enthusiasm but be forthright in my findings.


  10. Here is a face split of Nicole Brown Simpson and Megyn Kelly:

    I can see why people claim that one became the other. A couple of things argue against that. One is that NBS is now 61 years old, and while they can do wonders with makeup, she should now be showing 28 years of aging from the 1994 photo I used. Kelly is 52 and looks much younger. Secondly, the shape of the heads – Kelly has a square jawline apparent in this photo, NBS is round. They can do many things with plastic surgery, but they cannot change head shape.

    I suggest you look at the face chop I did within the post above, where OJ stands beside Nicole, and I superimposed “Denise” Brown on the right half of her face. There I see precise alignment.


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