Your “crazy driver” is my premeditated risk

By: D. S. Klausler

I love to drive. Backing up a bit, my pal Mark over at PieceOfMindfulprompted this diatribe a while back. I’ll get to the specifics, but meanwhile know that driving in Chicagoland can be mentally challenging and is frequently infuriating. Traveling out on the big road has had its events, but the city mayhem is the driving (hah!) theme herein. In typical fashion, I’ll stay modest and brief. No, I am not in a hurry on the road, but…

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A family affair

Note: This story can also be found with others at Dave’s blog, The Old Badger Speaks

It’s a Family Affair

By: DS Klausler

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

“God’s not on our side because he hates idiots, also.”

Jackson Guðmundur Zorch ignored the ringing phone displaying “Possible Spam.” Just a coincidence those bank forms were created requiring a confirmed phone contact. Lying sell-out assholes. The second, third and fourth calls all had a familiar area code; they too were ignored. No voicemail was left… shocking. The final call (same area code) matched on his contacts – his demented sister – who he hoped never to hear from again. Frowned at. Ignored. Eventual voicemail:

“Pardon the intrusion Jackie, at your earliest convenience, would you ring me up. There has been a bit of an event regarding your father. Toot-a-loo.”

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