Pizzagate – nothing there. Move along, folks …

I was in the gym one day doing whatever, and had my headphones on. I was unknowingly singing along with a song so that anyone around me who had not similarly blocked out the room could hear me. A woman, who was under supervision of a trainer, tapped me on the shoulder and pretended to dance to my singing. We both laughed, and I told her the name of the song. She then said that given the terrible thing that had happened, glancing at the TV screen, it was nice to have some relief from the horrible world.

The event that troubled her was the Paris bombings. It was the first I heard of that event. I have seen the woman in the gym several times since, and have wanted to console her as I could have that day had I understood what was happening to her. I would have said “Oh, don’t worry about it. That event is fake. They do that just to make you feel scared and alone and depressed.”

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