Pizzagate – nothing there. Move along, folks …

I was in the gym one day doing whatever, and had my headphones on. I was unknowingly singing along with a song so that anyone around me who had not similarly blocked out the room could hear me. A woman, who was under supervision of a trainer, tapped me on the shoulder and pretended to dance to my singing. We both laughed, and I told her the name of the song. She then said that given the terrible thing that had happened, glancing at the TV screen, it was nice to have some relief from the horrible world.

The event that troubled her was the Paris bombings. It was the first I heard of that event. I have seen the woman in the gym several times since, and have wanted to console her as I could have that day had I understood what was happening to her. I would have said “Oh, don’t worry about it. That event is fake. They do that just to make you feel scared and alone and depressed.”

There is really no way to broach that subject. She does not need to be visited by a man from outer space while working out. It was on TV, and so it is real. She’ll just have to get along without my wisdom, as do most of those in the gym (except my wife, who accepts that I am terrestrial), and the world.

I have read things about Pizzagate. I have decided not to waste time on it. Gnostic Media wants to believe it is real. That surprises me, as I like those guys and think they are really smart. I know there are pedophiles – I imagine they are isolated and do most of their business via the Internet and in their basements, alone. After all, how would pedophiles hook up with other pedophiles? Why would they want to? Are there trafficking rings out there that supply children to wealthy men? I doubt it. Most of that stuff, when it happens, is going to be in family settings, where adults have power over children, and children do not know they are in danger. And I would guess there are amazingly few people who actually commit such crimes, so few as to be negligible.

The reason I sat down to write this is because I just got done with a paper by Miles Mathis, and I thought since only a select few of us traffic in his direction, I would offer up his words on the matter of Pizzagate to our audience here. He does a lot more traffic than us, and this will augment it a bit more. This link will take you to the paper, which is about the mating ritual as it stands today, most people damaged by media perceptions, women having illusory power and men feeling like shit about themselves. At the end, he tosses this in:

As a tack-on, I will quickly address the Pizzagate scandal. I am getting a lot of emails on it, but I have no wish to write a long paper on it. Why? Because it is faked. It is like the Flat Earth project: it was created to divert attention away from the real problems, and also to blackwash real researchers. First of all, it came out of the Wikileaks papers, which are controlled leaks. Assange and Snowden and all the rest are agents, and they are running controlled opposition. They leak small stuff to keep you off the big stuff. More specifically, the Pizzagate scandal is the attempt to keep your eyes on Congressmen and other politicians, and off the trillionaires. That’s why they still have a Congress and a President and political candidates: as puppets to draw your attention. It is a constant “look over here!” But all those politicians, including Trump, the Clintons, Biden, Podesta, and the rest are just actors, paid to keep your eyes off the prize. You should know that by now, but if you didn’t the form of the Pizzagate scandal should have clued you in. It is ridiculous, and has signs of being manufactured all over it. It shouldn’t fool anyone. Plus, please notice that it is being pushed in the mainstream, by places like the New York Times and the Washington Post. You will say the mainstream is trying to debunk it, but ask yourself why they would give it legs at all? The media covers up all real news, so why would these places be publicizing Pizzagate at all? Because they want you wasting your time studying it.

Just so you understand, I am not claiming pedophilia by politicians is “small stuff” while pedophilia by trillionaires would be “big stuff”. That isn’t my point at all. My point is that this is completely faked from the ground up. The stories are planted. It is all a tempest in a teapot. It is like the serial killer stories, which I have completely pulled apart in many papers. It simply did not happen, in any way or any form. It was either staged or only happened on paper. Manson, Dahmer, Bundy, and all the rest were just actors. They were never in jail and are still alive. Just as Sandy Hook never happened, the Boston Marathon deaths never happened, the O. J. Simpson murders never happened, and Pizzagate never happened.

49 thoughts on “Pizzagate – nothing there. Move along, folks …

  1. One thing that is not fake is Goldman Sachs. I know this because my power bill reflects power deregulation in Montana and the demolition/liquidation of Montana Power Co., Inc. Treasury, and the Senate Finance Committee control our tax code. Trump, Clinton, Obama, it does not matter, Goldman Sachs will run Treasury for our fake Republic — fake since day one.


  2. FE is an interesting topic…the reason I haven’t dismissed it out of hand is because of the obvious fakery from all of the space agencies. If FE is a complete psyop, why is there so much photoshop/CGI/’artist renderings’ regarding the Earth, satellites, space, moon landing etc…? The only legit evidence we have seen appear to come from private balloon launches, which seem to create more questions than answers.


    1. That’s kind of what I’m saying. I can believe they’re putting it out there to hide something else, but from all that I’ve seen I’m having a real difficult time believing the earth is a spinning globe. And, there is really no evidence put forth by anyone that it is.


      1. I would go to Truthiracy on youtube – he presents all kinds of empirical date to show that the earth is a sphere. We wouldn’t have eclipses, solstices, elliptic, seasons etc if the earth were not a globe. INTELLIGENCE is pushing FE. Polymath Miles Mathis totally against FE, saying it blackwashes all good truth seekers. When a legit question is asked of Nasa, it’s surrounded by FE types so that anyone asking legit questions gets put in the category of a crank. When Miles Mathis pointed out that Elon Musk’s rocket launch WAS FAKED, he was surrounded by FE’s so it would blackwash Miles. FE is the stupidest thing ever put forth – don’t buy into it no matter how scientific the FE people sound. Don’t trust it; it originates from spook city.


    2. Well, the answer to your question about NASA from the folks over at CluesForum is that rockets don’t work in space, and so all the pictures from NASA are faked because there are no satellites, etc. So you don’t have to go FE to explain why NASA fakes. I don’t agree with their argument about rockets not working in space. I also don’t agree the Earth is flat, and I don’t think we need to see it from space in order to have “legit evidence.” I admit I probably haven’t spent more than an hour or so looking at FE arguments. I haven’t found one that makes much sense or stands up to scrutiny. In fact the arguments I’ve seen are so bad, that I don’t have patience to listen to more. In contrast, I have watched a few ‘why the Earth is NOT flat videos,’ and they always seem very logical and make (to my mind) extremely convincing arguments. On top of that, Miles does not buy flat earth, and nobody has cut through the BS of contemporary science like he has.

      I believe it is the consensus of the contributors to this blog that the Earth is round and that FE is a psyop meant to blackwash conspiracy theorists (who happen to be the most susceptible to FE arguments because they are justifiably willing to believe they have been lied to about anything), divide the conspiracy community against itself (FE-ers vs. non-FE-ers) and waste our precious time learning, discussing and debating it.

      It is also our consensus that we do not want this blog to be a forum to discuss or debate the question of flat earth, in part because we do not wish to be tarnished as ‘Flat Earthers,’ (and I say that with the utmost respect for the non-spooks who genuinely believe the Earth is flat). So let’s just agree to disagree and drop the subject.

      I have extended an invitation to discuss it over e-mail, and that invitation still stands: I would be interested in seeing what the best evidence for FE is in your opinion.


  3. Regarding #pizzagate, I came to the same conclusion. Although many in the ‘truther’ community think they have stumbled upon something big for some reason, i just don’t see it. I can’t believe people still fall for this stuff like an ‘anonymous FBI source’ or ‘Wikileaks’. I don’t doubt there are degenerate elite that have committed terrible crimes against children, and some pedophile rings may exist, but this #PizzaGate thing is really nothing more than a story designed to inflame, with no real substance, it seems to be a manufactured distraction, the #FakeNews meme. For example, there is not one image of abused children, you’d expect to see some hardcore degeneracy based on what has been reported. They gave us a scrubbed version of the pedo rings that could never be definitively proven. It is only inferred, extensive hearsay ‘evidence’ and they let your imagination run wild to make up the rest.The Jimmy Saville case in Britain was a good example of the real deal IMO, due to the large scale, number of real witnesses (200), actual police reports, etc… but the only reason we probably heard details of it was because the guy died, and they didn’t need to keep the info secret any longer, which we know is used to blackmail/control the individual. The Saville case seemed like a real ‘limited hangout’…they could throw Saville under the bus because he was dead anyway, and to protect any remaining members of the ring, or any links to them.

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  4. I did a bit of “research” on porn sites and I see that you can find many videos where the pizza (normal pizza) is “abused” . According to urban dictionary cheese pizza is child pornography. Also on the porn sites you can see videos of women waiting naked for the pizza delivery guy. Is this random silliness or some social engineering.
    I don’t always eat pizza, but when I do I eat only kinematic pizza because I get 27% more crust.

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  5. School shootings, pandemics, celebrity car crashes, molested children- Tragedies all- When I see people who never believe a word I say getting their panties in a bunch over anything like the above, I know its a bum steer- Like Bukowski advised: Never bet with the crowd because people are basically morons- That’s a bit harsh, but that’s Bukowski for you- But what can you say when friends are having an emotional orgasm over a hoax? Just enjoy the between hoaxes down time when they can only think to post pets in silly hats Instagrams, I guess-
    Oh, and the NASA lies about one thing means anything they support, like common sense, must also be a lie is the most moronic stance one can take- False in one, false in all is like Occam’s razor and all those other argument derailers: Simple minded internal logic- Something for the insecure to wield when they know they can’t handle the truth- Harumph!

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  6. Mark, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? I don’t really care to talk about it here on this site, but I truly wasn’t aware that there were certain subjects that were verboten.


    1. Phil, I understand your consternation, I really do. But you see, we here at POM view Flat Earth as a psyop with malicious intent. From our perspective, discussion of Flat Earth is not only a waste of time, but also gives conspiracy theorists a bad name so we do not wish to be associated with it. We cannot distinguish disingenuous shills from genuine truthseekers, and since we view Flat Earth as an Intelligence project, we therefore assume that people pushing Flat Earth (in ways more and less subtle) are not well-intentioned. They are spooks, disinfo agents, shills, or whatever term you want to use. We do not want this blog to be a space where those projects can be furthered, either by agents or by real people who have been convinced or confused by FE arguments.

      So what you view as ‘censorship’ is, from our perspective, simply not allowing the discussion to be hijacked by a spook project. You and others were asked politely to drop the subject, but the conversation continued, so that whole comment thread was deleted. There are many forums to discuss Flat Earth. This is not one of them. (I would also include Reptilian Overlords, Nibiru and the Mandela Effect in the same sentence.) If people are going to abandon the blog because they can’t talk about Flat Earth here, then I say ‘good riddance.’

      Note that our opinion about Flat Earth being wrong is not because we are unable to consider the possibility and examine the evidence due to cognitive dissonance or something like that. Nor is it because we accept mainstream science hook, line and sinker. One can reject mainstream science and NASA CGI without rejecting logic and critical thinking. For various reasons, we think the arguments for flat earth simply do not hold water. But this is not the place to discuss the arguments for and against.

      At the same time, and as I noted in my earlier comment before it was deleted, another goal of FE is to divide the ‘truther’ community against itself. And to that extent censorship can play into their hands if it makes us angry at each other. So we’re in a bit of a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation. It’s a difficult needle to thread. So here is what I propose, and if nobody objects I will go ahead with it: I will make a post in the near-ish future declaring that our ‘official’ position here is that the Earth is a sphere (or oblate spheroid or whatever). I may even offer some arguments as to why or linking to what I view as very convincing arguments. That will allow us to distance this blog from Flat Earth. But the comment thread there (and only there) will be open to discussion of Flat Earth. I realize that by doing that I am falling into the other trap they’ve set: wasting my time on Flat Earth nonsense. So maybe I will veto the idea myself if I find it takes up too much of my time. Hell this comment is already taking way too long. (That, by the way, is the answer to why Miles doesn’t take the time to explain why it’s wrong: he does not want to fall into their trap, but he does want his position to be clear.)

      One last thing: last month in the post on JonBenet Ramsey, you brought up Flat Earth. I think you were not getting comment replies e-mailed to you at that point, so you may not have seen it. Here is what I wrote in reply to you:

      “Phil, when I woke up to the realization that 9/11 was in inside job, I swore to myself that I would never dismiss another ‘conspiracy theory’ outright, no matter how outlandish it seemed. I promised myself that I would always examine the evidence and come to a judgement myself. And I actually think the flat earth idea should be treated the same way, although every fiber in my being tells me it’s wrong. I have looked at some of the arguments, and to be honest I can see why many people have been convinced — there are some seemingly compelling arguments. But compelling arguments are not that hard to come by. When I was in 6th grade our teacher asked us to debate whether the world was round or flat. Nobody wanted to take the flat earth side, so on a lark I volunteered. I ended up debating my whole class and winning. But I still think the Earth is round, and I think the arguments for that are far more compelling and conclusive than Flat Earth arguments.

      “But this really is not the forum to discuss any of that. The contributors to this blog do not believe the Earth is flat. Instead, we view the recent wave of arguments and propaganda in favor of that idea as being a deliberate attempt to convince honest, well-intentioned open-minded people (including “conspiracy theorists”) of something that most people view as being irredeemably ludicrous. This is so they can later say, when somebody brings up 9/11 or JFK or whatever, “oh, and I bet you believe the Earth is flat, too.” Furthermore, we tend to view people who bring it up here, especially in support of it, as trying to associate this blog with the idea that the Earth is flat. So please, drop it. If you want to discuss it via e-mail I’ll be happy to do that.”


      1. I am with you. We should all stay away from FE. It’s really a dead end and complete distraction. I look out at the Pacific ocean every day and I see a curve at the horizon.


    1. Yeah, flat earth is a mud pit. You can’t jump in it without getting some on you. That’s by design. I also don’t care to discuss “illuminati,” NWO, Jews … anything that shortcuts critical thinking. If you use those terms, you’re immediately corralled with people who either cannot think rigorously and honestly, or are hateful. But I would not just automatically delete a comment containing those words. I would ask you to be more thoughtful and rigorous and avoid such toxic terminology. If you persisted, yeah, I would take down a comment, which everyone hates. I know how that pisses people off. It is like I have unwarranted power over others. That’s why we were first polite, and only secondly authoritarian.

      You call it censorship, Phil, but you were asked, politely, not to discuss the topic. We have our reasons. It is respect. We try to run an honest forum here … I’ve never asked any of the others who write here to avoid any topic or not publish something they have written. We don’t agree on a lot of stuff, but these guys have good minds and will take us places beyond my scope and ability. It is fortunate, and nothing more, that we are all of one mind on this topic. We see it as pernicious and insidious and infectious, and so avoid it. You might view it differently, and if so, fine. Simply respect our request to discuss it elsewhere.

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      1. I don’t say very much on here because I’m still new with all of this but, isn’t what Phil is saying is pretty much what this site is for? I mean you do want people to keep reading your article’s correct? What’s really wrong here? Are you guys afraid that we may indeed live on a flat earth? And just let me say I’m not so sure myself but, at least I’m willing to listen, read, and ask questions about it…after all it’s just a topic for discussion….


        1. Christine, please see my long reply above to Phil. I think it addresses all of your points:

          1. What’s wrong is that Flat Earth is a psyop and we don’t want the comment pages here to be used to further a project. Note this does not mean I am accusing Phil or anyone specifically of being a spook. We can all assist in projects without realizing that’s what we’re doing.
          2. No we are not afraid of it. We believe the arguments for Flat Earth don’t hold up.
          3. There are only so many hours in the day. I listened to a few Flat Earth videos and thought they didn’t make very good arguments at all. It seems like a waste of time, and I would rather waste my time doing something else. Have you ever noticed how so many FE videos are like, really really really long? Sure there are some short ones like ‘best arguments’ or ‘top ten arguments’ or whatever. But most of them seem to be at least an hour long. I saw one that was 6 hours long. (!) Ain’t nobody got time for that. In any case, if you want to listen, read and ask questions about it, we are not preventing you from doing so. Just not here. I would suggest looking at this guy’s videos:

          4. If people don’t want to read the blog because they are put off by our stance towards Flat Earth, none of us are likely to lose any sleep over that.

          Having said that, I have not yet heard any objections to my suggestion to have a post and discussion directly on this topic. Please respect our request to refrain from discussing FE elsewhere on this blog, including here.


  7. Not talking about Pizzagate specifically, but pedophilia by politicians in general, Miles makes the blanket statement: “It is like the serial killer stories, which I have completely pulled apart in many papers. It simply did not happen, in any way or any form. It was either staged or only happened on paper.”

    Really? Any proof? I mean thousands of proofs for thousands of cases and allegations? Proof that the Franklin scandal in toto was a hoax? The Dutroux affair in Belgium happend only on paer? The whole Jimmy Saville saga involving hundreds of children was staged? No? Nothing? Just a flippant remark…?

    Mark’s “Pizzagate – nothing there. Move along, folks …” has the same nonchalant, slightly off-putting ring. No research is given, no sign even that the author has any clue about the topic he is talking about, namely Elite pedophilia. On the contrary, Mark gives the reader the impression that he is annoyed by the very topic and wished it hadn’t come his way.

    I think this a case when saying nothing would have been much better, than making half-assed, arrogant sounding, substance-less statements about matters that stir people on a primal level.

    Hillary is real, the Podesta brothers are real, James Elephantis is real, Marina Abramovic is real and dozens of other people directly or indirectly involved into this loose, multi-layered, meandering case. Short: Pizzagate is real and won’t go away any time soon. It will be very interesting to see how the story develops.


    1. I agree. If John Podesta’s emails are genuine, and if the de-classified FBI document that explains the code words involved is real; then we have grounds for investigation.

      American politicians and military have a long history with pederasty. This includes the Franklin Scandal, as you pointed out, also Michael Aquino and the grisly situation at the Presidio military base in the 80’s. Aquino and company were found out when kids from military families came home from child care with STD’s. What’s more, Max Spiers was investigating Mr. Aquino and the Temple of Set for the same sort of activity when he turned up dead.

      I could go on and on about how the CEO of the BBC that covered for Jimmy Saville, is now the CEO of the NY Times. The Times is, of course, a leading source of pizzagate updates (sarcasm). There is so much smoke here that I can’t wave it away and ignore it.


      1. As with all “news,” you are seeing what you are meant to see, and not seeing what you are not meant to see. It is controlled. So these emails getting out and all of the associated nonsense is not a spontaneous or natural phenomenon. It is meant to achieve some other purpose.

        When the actor went into the pizza place and fired a gun at the floor (allegedly), the reaction of the media and corporations was quick – they had to clamp down on “fake news.” “Fake news” caused that incident. That was nothing more than the other shoe falling. The entire event, I realized then, was set up to allow them the liberty to clamp down on Internet outlets that are managing against all odds to get real information out and in play.

        And of course the absurdity of this play is that the “real news” or mainstream outlets are all fake, and do fake news all day every day. They are actors reading scripts. We have identified quite a few of them – Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Bill O’Reilly, Charlie Rose, Brian Williams, Judy Woodruff, all fake people using fake names and reading their lines. It is all fake, all of it. And so is Pizzagate.

        We know now that JonBenet Ramsey was a fake event, and so it is not much of a stretch beyond that to guess that Presidio and Franklin were fake too. These fake events are meant to be rabbit holes for you to waste your time in. It keeps you occupied and allows the real phonies and fakes of this world to carry on unmolested, so to speak.

        If you are going to spend time at this website I suggest you get caught up on our research, highlighted above and on the right hand side of your screen.

        And yes, there are pedophiles around, isolated creeps who prey on family members usually. Pedophile “rings” have never been proven to exist to my satisfaction.


  8. Okay, thank you. What I was asking for was an explanation. Both of you have done that. I was in bed already when you posted these comments. I do agree that some subjects are ludicrous and a waste of time, but I don’t put this in the same camp. However, it can certainly muddy the waters for other subjects. I enjoy this site and will certainly respect that.


    1. I understand you are angry with us. Please try to understand our position. Daddieuhoh has gone out of his way to accommodate you and explain what we are doing and why. Can we now just drop the subject? He will put up a post and open the floor for debate in the near future. In the mean time, end of comments about FE. OK?


  9. The poignancy of this malaise is even if there were instances that occurred it has been overlooked by the mere factor of MSM involvement of reporting on it. (If it’s in the news you bet its made by the news)
    The adherence of having a social norm which protects all that society deemed sound has all but relinquished (Not in Armageddon type away but the more decency perspective)
    If I may also Opine on the STRAIT EARTH devolvement What’s being over looked is much more simpler; Albeit I agree with your perspective on what Dallasgoldbug has regarding his illusory perspectives I’m certain the characters are were & will be actors in any form involving any type of interstitial travels. Simply said Van Allen Radiation wont allow for any of it to happen. So wethers if its Strait, Flat, Oblate, Inverted Square it still doesn’t change the fact we’ve been roused.
    But the most important factor Regarding all of this is Charles Ortel sound clinical legal documentation of the clinton foundation which we’ve all seem to have forgotten as if it never existed. This in my view I believe to be the more sinister of all.


    1. I tend to view Clinton Foundation as I do the Koch Brothers, scare crows. The fact that we know about it/them means we are meant to know about it/them, so is probably another form of “hey! Look over here! Not over there!”


  10. Ok, Mark Tokarski, I don’t know who you work for but your blog is pretty disturbing dismissing Pizzagate. This goes along with all the other dark corrupt governments and certainly the cabal at the top with the satantic rituals and sacrafices of babies, children and even adults to drink the blood in order to survive.

    I know there are probably thousands of you planted to debunk the absolute truth about the dark forces that are not being taken over. Hopefully there will be full disclosures of all the thousands of officials involved in these horrific crimes against humanity, including war crimes!



    1. Yes, an “apologist”, a climate change “denier,” as your friend JC calls me. That sort of language has a religious tone to it, that we are either inside or outside a thought system, evidence be damned.


      1. Not everybody is able to see things as they are. They take the bait, and are terrified by the scarecrows. No reason to waste time in heated discussions. That’s another take-away from Miles Mathis’ papers.
        Neither do I agree with all of your points (on your site), but every one has a right to his own opinion. Well, until one can prove you wrong. Then it’s either time to learn, or to put the dogmatic blindfolds on …


  11. Don’t know about this one Mark? What is the logic? Surely either something is going on, or a deep pocket crowd wishes us to believe something is going on? If there is enough smoke, there is either fire, or a deep pocket crowd operating the smoke machine. I was reading all your stuff and finding it interesting but I’ve hit a roadblock on this one.


    1. If we all agreed all the time, no one would be thinking. I accept your invitation to think harder about this. The whole pedophilia thing to me is a small matter blown way out of proportion to sow seeds of distrust among us, as are things like terrorism, identity theft, AIDS, the Tylenol scare … to name a few. But if I am painting with too broad a brush, I appreciate the thoughtful criticism.

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  12. I think that organ harvesting is the thing they are afraid of public disclosure of

    Kids are disappearing but it’s not what we think

    how does David Rockefeller live to be 100 ?
    and JDR lived to 98 !


  13. Yes, I realize JDR died before 1940 and therefor had no organ transplants. That is if you believe the wiki pages on transplants , the elite have a reality very different than ours . And he could also have gotten stem cells through ingestion of humans . Not for a second do I believe these people owe their long lives to genetics or clean living .


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