Was OWS another turkey shoot?

I mentioned over at Intelligent Discontent that the level of corruption we now face in this country can only be overcome by massive and peaceful resistance, and that a dumbed-down (spell-check wants me to use “numbed-down” there, perhaps more descriptive) public isn’t ready for that. I also mentioned Occupy Wall Street, and how efficiently it was crushed by the Obama Administration.

This brought to mind an incident in American military aggression in the Mideast known as the “Highway of Death,” or more accurately, the “Turkey Shoot.” The “war,” such as it was (a barbaric onslaught on the Iraqi civilian infrastructure) was pretty much over in February of 1991 when the Americans gave the Iraqis permission to return to their home country on Highway 80, which runs from Basra to Kuwait City.

The Turkey Shoot
The Turkey Shoot
Once exposed, the Americans blew up the vehicles on either end of the convoy, blocking escape, and then systematically destroyed every vehicle and human in between. It was called a “turkey shoot” because there was no opportunity for resistance, so that brave American pilots could dump their loads without any fear of being taken down by missiles or gunfire. Pilots returning to aircraft carriers were reported to be orgasmic swelling with patriotism.

The reason this came to mind is that it is an long-practiced military strategy to get the enemy to expose himself in order to destroy him. This was the effect, if not intent of Occupy. Internal resistance in the US exposed itself, and was crushed and demoralized. (The state also took names, which combined with dictatorial TSA authority effectively makes it possible to prevent future travel by any participant.) We know that the movement was infiltrated. The question is, was it instigated by the same forces that did so? If not, it would have been a good idea anyway.

32 thoughts on “Was OWS another turkey shoot?

    1. One, if I understand your argument, your audio clip exactly contradicts it; two, if you can ever think beyond anecdote, please immediately contact everyone you know on the Internet. We will all celebrate.


    2. Never occurred to me before, but you may not be aware of the following:

      Anecdotal evidence is considered unreliable because of the small sample, since there is a larger chance that it may be unreliable due to cherry-picked or otherwise non-representative samples of typical cases. Anecdotal evidence is also considered dubious support of a claim; it is accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence. This is true regardless of the veracity of individual claims.

      In other words, no matter how much you spray the Internet with your links and YouTubes, you’ve accomplished exactly nothing to advance your beliefs.


      1. My anecdotal evidence was merely peaceful demonstrations get you killed.

        Of course a comeback to that would be eventually we got out of Nam but I’m thinking that had more to do with incompetence in the art of war rather than the protests themselves.

        Oh by the way, you used on Utube and three links in your post. But who’s counting.


      1. I agree violence in self defense against aggressors is justified, which is why it thought the Iraqi resistance to be OK. I also agree that violence in trying to attain goals is counterproductive, which is why government infiltrators are the ones to instigate it. Is am not a pacifist.


  1. The revolutionary half of OWS always understood it was being monitored and infiltrated. Many of us already had big fbi files, so it was no big deal to add to it. But most of the reformers were both in denial of, and aghast that their country would treat them like terrorists. So when we would point out the cameras in the courthouse windows, they would assume that it wasn’t what it appeared to be. When we would point to agitators and likely infiltrators, they wouldn’t believe their government would do that. So we’d shrug and going on doing what we do…

    See, reformers believe they can fix the government. Some would call them republicans and democrats, with a sprinkling of libertarians and independents. The revolutionaries, however, knew that partisan politics could never do anything but assuage the masses. Fortunately, OWS had the effect of turning many reformists into revolutionaries, and they have been driven underground by the government, where they wait for the next upwelling. Afterall, government sponsored whack-a-mole can only last for so long, before the nation becomes full of Stasi-ism, and implodes.

    And what radical cares if the TSA oppresses them? True revolutionaries keep on doing what it is they are called to do. Here, look at this blog from my buddy David Rovics, who is a modern day Phil Ochs — a troubadour traveling the world despite getting harassed at every border crossing. He’s an inspiration to all who fret about being on a government black list, and writes eloquently about his experiences.


    1. I wondering if the next “up-welling” will coincide with the return of the “Great Pumpkin”?

      “Just wait ’til next year, Charlie Brown. You’ll see! Next year at this same time, I’ll find a pumpkin patch that is real sincere! And I’ll sit in that pumpkin patch until the Great Pumpkin appears. He’ll rise out of that pumpkin patch and he’ll fly through the air with his bag of toys. The Great Pumpkin will appear! And I’ll be waiting for him! I’ll be there! I’ll be sitting there in that pumpkin patch..and I’ll see the Great Pumpkin. Just wait and see, Charlie Brown. I’ll see that Great Pumpkin. I’ll SEE the Great Pumpkin! Just you wait, Charlie Brown. The Great Pumpkin will appear and I’ll be waiting for him!”


      1. Swede, it only takes a few dedicated souls to form critical mass and force creative change. You probably think NSA is watching everyone because they are concerned about terrorists. They are not, as they know who the terrorists are and where they reside (Langley). They are concerned about popular uprising. When someone (especially in the black community) gains traction, that person is often murdered or imprisoned, or if an office holder, scandalized. The Kennedy’s, John Lennon, Paul Wellstone, MLK and Malcolm X and others (even Reagan, though in his case only to make room for HW) did not just happen to have gunmen waiting for them – they were assassinated by the American ‘deep state.’

        Every new generation arrives a blank slate. Ours is spent, wasted flesh now. Only a few of us have any awareness (you, I am afraid, have none). But the younger kids have not lived long enough to have their minds deadened, their senses corrupted by advertising and propaganda. There are a lot of really smart kids out there, and the internet really does have potential to set minds free, so that there is an undercurrent now, which is why NSA is so busy watching everyone – they fear an awakening. OWS was one sign that a part of us is alive and well. As I mentioned to JC, they need to focus, get together and form a Port Huron statement.

        I am writing this because 1) I am up early and don’t feel like reading just yet, and 2) of all the people I’ve met on the Internet, you seem most bullheaded in your stupidity, not only unable to see through anything, which is common, but intent on not seeing anything, less common. You are especially dense in that you are wearing blinders and focus intently only on a few things that harmonize with your goofy Randian world view, requiring you to ignore 98% of what is going on around you.

        Go milk the cows. Have a nice day. Say hi to TH, if you can get a word in edgewise with him.


  2. Merry Christmas to you, too, Dick, I mean, Swede.

    So tell me, did you just discover that the US is running a secret war in Colombia? You might want to write to Bush ClintonBush … Obama about that. They’d be shocked.


  3. Unrelated, but there was a Boston globe (I believe) article about the Boston bombers that briefly mentioned how the main guy had been expressing how he believed his mind had been compromised in some fashion to family members. Sounds like some juicy sirhan sirhan stuff. I’ve been looking for a Russ baker or someone to jump on this but haven’t seen anything yet. Lots of fodder.


    1. No doubt there’s nasty business there – Tamerlan was brutally murdered, and his friend Todashev down in Florida – there has to be threats and scared people there to keep a lid on that. It is hard to know with Dzhokhar – they certainly could have killed (finished murdering) him at any time during the time he’s been in captivity.

      Boston was interesting (along with Sandy Hook) in this regard: they seem to be running tests of various national security control apparatuses. The media is working well, not a soul speaking out or up, utterly useless in every aspect. The shut down of Watertown, busting in houses, holding people at gunpoint, all if that, was seemingly a drill for larger observation purposes, to see how the state police are functioning I suppose. The general PSYOP feature, to hold an entire population mesmerized with crude TV images, fake victims, very interesting indeed. We are told there are hundreds, and maybe a dozen show up in the photos of the incident – power of suggestion.

      But the most interesting aspect to me is this: security around the event was tight, participants, most just doing a job and getting paid, know now to STFU. Very little of the actual “bombing” got out – just a Big Bang that obviously did not hurt anyone. But a set of very high quality images of the crisis actors getting in position carrying pouches full of blood – all of that stuff, was taken from the second floor of the Lens Crafter building or nearby. That cannot be an accident – those photos got out on the internet too easily. That, to me, can only mean that in addition to everything else under test that day, the ability to control internet images was too – to set up web sites like Nodisinfo.com to spread those images and control that part of the spin too. It is total information control from the event to those who do not believe the event – we we all mesmerized, so that even if we saw through the bullshit, we were still being observed for other purposes.


  4. Interesting take about the benefit to observing how we will respond on all levels. That makes sense but I still don’t buy the crises actors stuff for a minute and you’ve gone off the deep end with that. You are seeing in those pictures what your confirmation bias is telling you to see. The crises actors stuff is the alex jones area. You are going to say I “refuse to look at the evidence” but ive looked at all the same pictures as you and simply don’t see in it what you do. You will say my brain is willfully or subconsciously refusing to acknowledge what you see and I will say there’s nothing objective or clear to support your points. So just skip all that.

    Mind control experiments though have been around for a while and how interesting would it be to know how far along its come. Maybe the guy was just mentally ill but if he actually was coming out and saying this stuff to his family, that he was having these thoughts and issues, that’s a little hard to let slide. Something was definitely up. He was telling family members that something was splitting his identity. His background makes him the perfect candidate for this stuff supposedly. Piqued my interest at least.


    1. Alex Jones is a cia mole, most likely, as he is connected to the CIA front Stratfor. That too is part of total information, to provide the supposed radical opposition too. So I don’t go there – I do not truck in anything Jones does. There are very few trustworthy sources. For instance, the photos, the high quality ones, were dissected by “Nodisinfo.com,” and if you go to that site you’ll be sullied with all kinds of anti-semitism. Every other word out of ther mouths is “Zionist.” That too is part of idsinfo, to mislead, the confuse, soil and keep everything up in the air.

      The photos are of themselves not enough to decide what is real. People do indeed see what they want to see. I had never heard of crisis actors before Boston, but they do exist, they do participate in civil defense and preparedness drills nationwide. I don’t understand how that can be an issue. They exist. Perhaps it troubles you to think they were knowing participants. These are “capstone” drills where only a very few people need know the big picture. The actual “bombsite” itself ought to trouble you, as table cloths and table settings were unaffected by the supposed blast that tore off limbs.

      I think I know what’s up, but you won’t like it. So I’ll stop.


          1. Did you see any more than one person missing limbs? Did it occur to you that he should not be alive in that condition? Did you have any reasons to suspect the Tsarnaev’s? Do you have any evidence now of their guilt? How can you know what, if anything, happened?


          2. I saw enough and have seen enough that I don’t have any serious doubts people actually suffered the injuries claimed. I’ll grant you that is not independent of what’s put forth by the general media and govt. But I’ve reached the conclusion that there is no evidence disproving that the injuries occur and to me it makes far more sense if it was done or condoned in some way by those in power here it’s much simpler to simply do it and set these guys up some way. I don’t know what happened and am not even saying conclusively I know or believe it to be an inside job so to speak. For as you say we simply can’t know. Icertainly wouldn’t put it past anybody though or say it’s absurd to think it was set up.much as with 911 and other things though I think the door is somewhere else. That’s what I find intriguing, and to me his alleged statements about being influenced by things that sound like classic mind control experiments is compelling. Far more so then the supposed discrepancies in victim photos.


          3. Funny, I did not see all those people with injuries. I only saw a few. What you just told me is that you are taking it on faith. Evidence “disproving” is hard to come by, but evidence proving is missing too. If you only go by the actual evidence offered, you don’t have much to go on.


          4. True but the rules of evidence aren’t applied here and I recall quite clearly the laundry list of links Steve t put up here for one thing showing victims in their various states of recovery. I think focusing on the issue we always seem to end on here is the wrong question.


          5. There is always just enough evidence to put minds at ease. I do not believe any of it. But there is a threshold that you must cross, one that I crossed in 1988. Once done, it’s quite a relief. So too with Steve – he, like Freddy spends his time at debunking sites, put there to put his mind at ease.

            I said I knew what was up and that you would not like it: you fear the implications if any of the evidence proves to be bogus. For that reason the photos and victims are all acceptable to you, and you’ll look no further, thank you.


          6. Your premise that I fear the implications is nonsensical as I already tacitly acknowledge the possibility of govt involvement. How are the implications in your scenario any different than in one where the bomb went off & victims exist but the brothers did not do it or were set up? You are a one trick pony on this one.


          7. If there was no bomb of any real force, then the victims are false. If the victims are false, the police, local and national, have not investigated the fraud. The media has participated in the fraud. The military has participated as well. Just a short list. Read my most recent post regarding implications.


  5. The implications of participation of the media indicate a partnership, as they are privy to all of the photos and were in fact on the scene and gave false reports. This indicates willing or coerced partnership with whatever agency supervised this affair, most likely DHS and FEMA. The military and police used the occasion to violate the rights of thousands of citizens and shut down an entire town. If there was no real bomb of any destructive capacity, then Tamerlan Tsarnaev was murdered, and indeed witnesses say he was deliberately run over by a government vehicle. His brother had his throat slit while in captivity. The murder in Florida has not been independently investigated, and the FBI cannot be allowed to investigate itself in a true system of checks and balances.

    Indeed, participation of crisis actors is early important, as they do that routinely all over the country, and quite innocently. But the other implications are significant if this is the first time you stuck your head inside a PSYOP.


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