Forecast for tomorrow: Much like yesterday

MachiavelliI would like to add some order to the matter of conspiracies, a topic for which an ordinary person can be ridiculed and led to confounding arguments far from the matters of importance. To wit:

  • The term “conspiracy theorist” is a CIA invention, and a bit of a PSYOP even of itself. It is meant to separate those who do not believe official truth from those who do, and cast them in a negative light.

It’s clever. Before we ever get to evidence or perps or motives, we have to overcome the presumption that our thought processes are corrupted. In fact, once at that point, most people never bother to look at evidence due to fear of ridicule. Orwell called it Crimestop.

My first endeavor in looking at actual evidence came in 1988, the 25th anniversary of the JFK assassination. At that time, I was a reflection of my upbringing, a right-wing Catholic Republican. But I wanted to solve the crime and was so arrogant as to think I could. Skip over that period or exploration, wide and ranging, and understand the following:

  • The JFK assassination is a portal. If you step through it, you will change.
  • The crime itself is horrifying and fascinating, but the implications of the crime are staggering.
  • The most powerful people in the country at that time (at least known to the general public), including the new president and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, went out of their way to ignore, misrepresent and manufacture evidence. They literally changed the direction and trajectory of the bullets that hit the president that day.

Once through that portal, I was left with far more than a mere crime. I had to begin to understand why the most important institutions in our society, including our news media, courts, and law enforcement, were seemingly “in on it.”

There could have been valid reasons for covering up the crime in 1963, perhaps the most important the fear of a confrontation between two nuclear powers. For that reason, people of integrity might participate in the lies and cover-up for noble reasons. That is a soothing palliative, but false. There is no evidence of foreign participation in the murder or of fear of nuclear war. It was an inside job.


  • There was already in place on November 22, 1963, a force within government so powerful that it could intimidate other important institutions in our society, including the news media, courts of justice, Secret Service, local and national police, the successor president.
  • The military failed to protect the president that day, and supervised a fraudulent autopsy.
  • Such a force, which I can only imagine to be a Medici-like cabal of high-placed people in and out of government, is still there.
  • This has to be so because power never concedes without demand, and usually force.

Was this power in place before 11/22/63? I cannot know, but assume so. Otherwise, there was on that day a coup d’état of such wide range that other officials would have to have been killed or removed from power at the same time. There were no such machinations. Therefore, I conclude that before that day there was already in place a powerful force that allowed us to imagine we were self-governed even as it ruled from the shadows.

If an official government investigation of the murder of a president is so deeply fraudulent, and if the powers that brought that about are still there, then it stands to reason that subsequent investigations of other crimes cannot be trusted. After all, we know that elections did not cause the powers that exist to be there, so that mere elections could not have removed them.

Therefore, consider the following incomplete list:

  • The assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Malcolm X, Johnny Roselli;
  • The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan;
  • A suspicious and timely accident that ended the presidential aspirations of Edward Kennedy;
  • Supposed accidents that killed John F. Kennedy Jr., Paul Wellstone, Hale Boggs, Michael Connell, Mel Carnahan;
  • Convenient suicides such as those of David Kelly, Bruce Ivins, Gary Webb, George de Mohrenschildt …

All are suspect.

It all hinges on one bullet said to have caused the wounds to JFK and John Connally. Evidence easily understood by an ordinary citizen proves beyond doubt that that one bullet could not have caused the injuries attributed to it. There is no need to believe in magic.

There were more than three bullets, therefore more than one gunman, proving a conspiracy. The resultant cover-up, minus any evidence of a national security threat, proves beyond doubt that the crime was deliberately covered up by an additional criminal conspiracy, and that the true perpetrators were never pursued.

Subsequent to 11/22/63 we’ve had assassinations, bombings, supposed aircraft defying Newton’s Third Law, anthrax and other poisons. Lately there have been mass shootings and other unusual events where the supposed victims cannot be proven to even exist (or to have suffered the injuries attributed to them). Because we know that the shadowy forces behind 11/22/63 are still there (not having been exposed or forced to leave), we cannot trust any government investigation of those events.


  • Mere mathematical progression makes unlikely the coincidences in failure of security behind the major events of our time. There is strong possibility of (and evidence for) criminal conspiracy such as happened on and after 11/22/63.
  • There have been no investigations of these events by non-governmental sources.
  • Official investigations are suspect.
  • There has been no justice.

The country is corrupt. There is no way around it. Our elections do not change our true governing forces. People who stand in the way of those forces are assassinated, die in accidents, or commit suicide. (They are often scandalized out of office as well.)

Such as it is, such has it always been?

Most likely.

6 thoughts on “Forecast for tomorrow: Much like yesterday

  1. No, it was not always like that in this country. The creation of the CIA changed everything. Ike was an asshole. He aided and abetted the Dulles brother and co., thereby changing the dynamics. And with the coup, they brought in the REAL criminals. I’m not talking about corruption, I’m talking about criminals, for that is what they were/are. But your post is pretty accurate.


    1. “real criminals” as opposed to …? The pieces were in place to use government resources to commit the crime and cover it up. A similar cover-up happened with the Battleship Maine. Stalin told FDR’s son, Elliot, that his father had been poisoned to death by the “Churchill gang.” The McKinley assassination … lone nut. An attempted coup d’état during FDR’s time, in which Prescott Bush was a participant … No one caught or punished. Think of all the industrialists that supported the Third Reich, Neville Chamberlain representing the British faction that wanted Hitler to have everything he needed to attack the Soviet Union.

      It all reeks of corruption and long before 11/22/63. JFK merely proved to be an exceptional leader who had to be removed by violence, as his reelection was assured. So the criminals had to risk exposure. We changed. The [true rulers of the] country remained as before that day.

      Presidents are usually puppets. Bush, who you loved to hate, was merely that, as was Clinton and Ike and Reagan and as Gore would have been too. And JFK too had he not been changed due to the missile crisis, would have been just another man on a string.


      1. Again, I beg to differ. There was once a hard fought union movement in the county, and also a thriving communist party. Where are they today? My point being that the country did indeed changed when they created the CIA and wacked Kennedy. We did actually have a real state department at one time filled with professionals. That’s all gone, supplanted by the CIA and to a certain extent Defense. All the hard won victories of the past are gone. And also, there were some very decent people in the government at one time, even from the south. Think Sam Ervin and others. That’s all gone.


        1. Stop and think: history from a mere 12 years ago is officially muddled, much less 50 years ago. How can you think history further back is any better told?

          “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”


  2. One reason I so enjoyed Evidence of Revision, the six part documentary is that the past. as we saw it and lived it, is still there through the miracle of video tape (now digital video)


    1. Thanks, as I need something to get me through the holidays. I see it goes all the way back to Lincoln, which would not surprise me. After all, The Emperor’s New Clothes, which adequately describes Crimestop, was published in 1837.


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