A moral coward speaks in code

“The work doesn’t get done on the far left and it doesn’t get done on the far right. It gets done in the middle. If you look at the folks opposing this bill, they’re the extremes. Quite frankly, extremists are extremists and I don’t really care. If they’re willing to become less ideologues and more realists, then come on board.” (Senator Jon Tester, D-MT, to Missoulian editorial board)

In the real world, compromise is the last step in reaching an agreement. People fight to get everything they can get, push as far as they can go, and the other side does as well. Then comes the term “at loggerheads,” and a compromise is made. Everyone somewhat unhappy, somewhat pleased.

The Democrat Party has cheapened the term, however. They enter a room on bended knee, giving up in advance, seeking a deal before fighting.

They are not weak or stupid, however. They are merely dishonest, sold out. They behave that way because they do not believe in the things that they say they do in public, so that “compromising” before fighting effectively undermines their own base. That’s why I mentioned to Swede yesterday that Republicans do not have to lie to their base like Democrats do, and consequently appear more honest.

2 thoughts on “A moral coward speaks in code

  1. Yet another example of Democrats in positions of power using in ways Republicans only dream of. https://www.greatfallstribune.com/article/20140406/NEWS01/304060018/Elk-plan-cross-hairs

    Governor Bullock could end this APHIS-USDA abomination tomorrow. Instead, he panders to a handful of powerful ranchers who would rather slaugher elk, buffalo, grizzlies, wolves and anything else they perceive as a threat to livestock production. APHIS abuses its power to grant “brucellosis-free status” to states as leverage to implement its larger goal of eradication of brucellosis is wildlife and livestock — an absurd, and futile effort when considering the actual, infintesimally low risk of transmission.


    1. A trip across Wyoming today reminds me of how land=political power. Miles of uninhibited land as more representation in the state senate than the cities and towns due to 2 senators per county.


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