Wild Montana


I thought I’d pretend I am on Facebook and put up a mediocre photo for all my friends and acquaintances so you can see where we are at. This is the view out our front window, looking southwest at the Montana Beartooths. Red Lodge is maybe twenty miles off behind those mountains. We are nearest Fishtail, Montana, a bend in the road and one of my favorite spots growing up. It’s on the road to the West Rosebud drainage.

We are on what was once a working ranch and perhaps will be again. I suspect the owner has read Omnivore’s Dilemma, as he is trying to make the place go using some of the animal husbandry that Michael Pollan espoused in that book.

So leaving Fishtail was a rush of pleasant memories of childhood and days of no responsibility. This place, these Beartooths were right in our backyard. Billings, my home town, has changed so much. It is just like all American towns and cities. Maybe ten percent of its population is doing well. The rest have little wealth and even fewer prospects for a better life. So the town is littered with high-end restaurants next to casinos, luxuriant new homes on its west end and miles of small and older homes in need of some upkeep.

But the Beartooths are the unchanged. They are now as they were when I hiked through them a a ten-year old kid.

2 thoughts on “Wild Montana

  1. Fracking for natural gas looms on the horizon. Democratic front groups have vowed to fight it. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/no-fracking-the-beartooth

    Only one problem, the same problem everywhere you turn: Northern Plains Resource Council and Moveon.org are controlled by Democrats and campaign contributions higher up the political food chain who blindly, or cynically, support big oil and gas, big coal and every other industry raping and scraping our public lands and looting our treasury to show quarterly earnings growth and profit.


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