Votes being counted in eastern Ukraine – against Russian advice

“You son of a bitch, you moved the cemetery but you left the bodies, didn’t you? You son of a bitch! You left the bodies and you only moved the headstones!! YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES!!! WHY?! WHY?!!!” (Craig T. Nelson as Steve in the 1982 movie Poltergeist)

That’s a movie quote. It came to mind this morning as I read about elections going on in the Donetsk and Lugansk region of Ukraine. They are voting on whether to be governed by the new regime installed by London/Washington in Kiev, or to be independent republics. The Russian government urged them not to do this, at least at this time. I imagine it has to do with regional security. The elections will inflame tempers in Kiev, and violence and bloodshed will follow.

What caught my eye, the reason for the movie quote was this, from a Voice of Russia article

More than 3.1 million ballots have been printed for the referendum in the Donetsk region.

In the United States we have elections, but generally we don’t have real choices since both (we are only allowed two) parties are bought with the same money. Our news media only reports on partisan differences so that when the candidates agree on the issues, as they generally do, there is nothing to report but the horse race. Our voters are so dumbed down that they are easily influenced by low-information, emotional TV advertising.

But when all else fails, if there is a threat that an election will bring about real change, we have electronic voting machines. They are easily hacked, and rarely audited in any meaningful way.

Here’s an example: David Prosser, a Scott Walker man, lost his reelection bid to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2011 to JoAnne Kloppenburg by 204 votes. So we thought, until a former Prosser worker, Kathy Nicholaus, discovered 14,000 uncounted ballots. Amazingly there were just enough votes for Prosser in that fortuitous find to not only win the election for him, but also to give him a large enough margin so that there could be no recount.

The election was stolen in broad daylight.

So anyway, I imagined an exchange between, say Zbigniew Brzezinski and his protegé, Barack Obama, that went something like this:

  • Obama: It’s not looking good, Zbig. There’s a lot of resistance to our people in Kiev. The vote won’t be to our liking.
  • Brzezinski: So change the vote.
  • Obama: I can’t.
  • Brzezinski What do you mean you can’t? You send your people in with program fixes, you switch enough votes to change the goddammed outcome. You find missing votes in laptops. What the hell is wrong with you? You know this stuff!
  • Obama: They use paper ballots. They count them by hand.
  • Brzezinski: You son of a bitch, you let them have elections and you forgot to give them voting machines, didn’t you? You son of a bitch! You left the elections and you let them use paper ballots!! YOU LET THEM USE PAPER BALLOTS!!! WHY?! WHY?!!!”

It’s ugly however, as fascists, as with Walker in Wisconsin, do not care about elections. If they cannot change them, they ignore them. Kiev has already said it will not recognize the outcome.

There will be blood.
Update: Disruptions by the Kiev regime junta are underway as we speak.

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