A thrwarted false-flag attack at Donetz?

This from my own blog post a couple of days ago:

But will Russia be used as the perpetrator behind a new false flag attack? Are we looking at a Cold War franchise reboot?

From Diane Johnstone, Counterpunch (h/t Lizard):

It is not impossible that the pullback order [of Russian troops on the Eastern Ukrainian border] was linked to a Novosti RIA report dated May 6, which indicated that the Ukrainian secret service was planning an imminent false flag operation in order to accuse Russia of violating the border with Ukraine.

Novosti said it had learned from security circles in Kiev that the Ukrainian secret service SBU had secretly shipped about 200 Russian army uniforms and some 70 forged Russian officer ID into the Eastern Ukrainian protest stronghold of Donetz, to be used to stage a false attack on Ukrainian border patrols.

I was conversing with a young film student at MSU-Bozeman one time over coffee, and she was looking for scripts and mentioned one that talked about Armenia, which she said was the first genocide of the twentieth century. I said I thought that was wrong, that the US massacre of native resistance in the Philippines shortly after the turn of the century was the first. Her eyes flashed in non-comprehension.

That look – the eye flash that deflects information before it can pass through to the brain – is the product of a lifetime of absorbing not just lies and disinformation, but attitudes. Because she grew up in the United States and passively absorbed our culture through her education, entertainment and news, she was unreachable. It would take a transcendent intrusion to break down the walls that prevent non-conforming truth from reaching her brain. I guarantee that after that day, she never again considered the possibility of a US massacre in the Philippines, nor would she even remember our conversation. It passed into the ether.

I see this all day every day. I don’t have the power to create transcendent moments for people, so I just write about stuff that I know to be reliably in the ballpark of “things that are probably true,” as close as we ever get. And one of those uncomfortable truths is that before, during and after World War II, certain factions in the United States collaborated with the Nazis, supported them, financed them and urged them forward. The ultimate quest was conquest of Russia, restoration of the old oligarchy.

When the Russians won the war, the US/Nazi collaboration did not end. Worse yet, the collaborators grew more powerful in the United States, and now have their hands on the levers of control of our intelligence, military, entertainment industry, and news media. They have also, over the ensuing decades, been sponsoring and supporting fascists allies throughout the world, including the neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine that seized power. They did not just pop up overnight. They were loaded guns ready to be aimed and fired at the will of Washington/London, or CIA/MI6 to be more precise.

So the demonization of Vladimir Putin in ALL of American media, right to “left,” was not accidental, and was probably coordinated with a planned false-flag event that involved a “Russian” incursion into Ukraine that would be blown up beyond recognition, blamed on Putin of course, and then used to justify military pacification of Ukraine under the new Nazi/fascists rulers. That’s how our thugs roll. That is how our “news” media rolls. It does not report news, but rather acts as a conduit for state propaganda. Its primary role is to focus our attention on some things, and avoid other things. So as Lizard mentioned in his piece, association with the barbaric deeds by Ukrainian neo-Nazis is …

Impossible because our benign empire is pure of purpose? If you’re into that kind of stuff, there’s a conveniently timed sudden interest in kidnapped Nigerian school girls, hashtag BringOurGirlsBack, endorsed by the first lady. Only a total cynic would imply there’s something less-than genuine about the Obama administration’s concern over the nightmare of being abducted by scary, murderous zealots.

Oh, news does that, regularly. They deflect. In essence they say “People! Lookie here! Not there!”

It has been reassuring to watch the Russians and their calm, non-menacing but resolute actions regarding Western-sponsored terrorism in Syria (including exposing a false-flag chemical attack), and now Ukraine. They are not out to make war or grab territory, but in the end will have the Black Sea coast again under their control. Ukraine is in an untenable position, caught between powerful states. It can only be neutralized, like Finland, for everyone’s benefit. Putin’s troop pullback was a chess maneuver, and Russians have always been known as great chess players.

One thought on “A thrwarted false-flag attack at Donetz?

  1. I would welcome a short book on this topic. You’ve got everything you need and publishing has never been more accessable.

    As we inch closer and closer to another nuclear showdown with Russia (and perhaps China simultaneously) there are damn few writers out there with the “zoom lense” capability to track significant events, sort and separate them from the fake stuff, and not lose a meaningful historical context. It’s complicated, but you’re ready.

    Stephen Cohen is one who immediately comes to mind. More are needed. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/13/books/review/Noah-t.html?_r=0

    Timing has never been better. A bit like learning how to kayak in a high-water surge.


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