Kiev government using American mercenaries to put down eastern rebellion

Nicholas Slatten charged with 2007 Iraq murders - is he hung out to dry?
Nicholas Slatten charged with 2007 Iraq murders – is he hung out to dry?
The Kiev government is unable to rely on its own military to suppress the counterinsurgency in the east, and so is now using foreign mercenaries for that task. This story, from Voice of Russia, points to a German report to Angela Merkel that 400 of them working for the American firm Academi.

Academi, by the way, is just another name for Blackwater. Ever since Jeremy Scahill wrote that book about the company, they have been regularly morphing from one thing to another. They have gone from the unpronounceable “Xi” to Greystone to Academi. As “Blackwater” they were notorious for murdering civilians in Iraq but were left unpunished by the US legal system. Just recently the charges have reappeared via a grand jury – one lone agent is charged. That’s about all the justice that exists in this country.

The Green Berets, Navy Seals and all of that were put together as military units outside the military command structure, essentially paramilitary units under CIA control. They traveled under the euphemism “advisers” in Vietnam, and our entertainment system has done everything in its power to glamorize them. Navy Seals are held in near godlike status these days after the fake Obama killing in 2011.

Blackwater/Xi/Greystone/Academi are generally populated with ex-Berets and Seals. The companies merely uses them as hired guns, terrorists for hire, essentially removing their beards, making honest men of them.
Update: Moon of Alabama repeats the rumors and their source and offers insight here.

6 thoughts on “Kiev government using American mercenaries to put down eastern rebellion

  1. The navy seals, delta force etc are generally not under the control of the CIA there is a dod command that controls them (jsoc). I think they are actually pretty territorial about letting the CIA command or direct these units. Not to sat the department of defense may be involved in some way but the CIA has it’s own separate paramilitary divisions and contractors.


  2. “Not to say the department of defense isn’t involved” is what I meant to say until rudely interrupted by auto correct


    1. I am going by Fletcher Prouty. He writes about Korea and Vietnam and the need to generate low-intensity wars after it because apparent that nukes had ruled out the usefulness of big conflicts. The Green Berets were a terrorist force sent to Vietnam to stir up local tensions.

      Of course we are talking about extremely large groups with tentacles all about, so that any statement that says “it is all this and not that” is going to be wrong. But Prouty’s general thrust was that the new national security apparatus in the post-war era needed its own paramilitary, its own funding, and non-accountability. They ended up with Berets and Seals, drug money, and the Act of 1947 that allowed them to act with “plausible deniability.” Thus was cancer injected into our system.


  3. Good info. BTW, great job of whacking that moronic idiot greg stanberg’s pee pee! That guy is embarrassingly stupid! police academy 8. Luved it!


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