Odessa witness: “Third force” terrorists in Odessa set House of Trade Unions fire

It has become apparent to me in reading about the Odessa Trade Union fire, seeing videos, watching foreign news reports and listening to interviews, that the following took place (gruesome descriptions follow, but no photos or videos):

There were protests and counter protests in Odessa that day, and a group of “football fans” represented supporters of the Kiev junta that came to confront anti-Kiev protesters. It was tense, but there was no bloodshed until a “third force” intervened. In English, we call them agents provocateur, a French expression. This third force started firing at the anti-government protesters, who were unarmed, and set their tents on fire. They forced them to disperse into smaller groups with their weapons and bats. The anti-junta protestors took refuge in the House of Trade Unions building. The third force then set fire to the building, blocked exits, and fired their weapons into the building. One witness reported machine gun fire and collected spent shells as evidence. Armed thugs then entered the building looking for any who had survived. They used poppers to stun anyone they found, and then beat them, shot them, strangled them and killed them. Outside armed men in flak jackets fired at anyone trying to flee. People trapped on the roof were eventually arrested. At least six people jumped to their deaths. Bodies were left in the street for as long as three days.

Police arrived and the scene quieted somewhat, although Tatyana Ivananko, interviewed at the RT link above, says that they refused to assist anyone in trouble. The area was cordoned off, the police refused to interfere.

Outraged Odessa citizens surrounded a police stations where many of the victims were detained. The Chief of police ordered their release. However, the release order is rescinded now, and those they let go are sought as fugitives.

Ivananko is asked in her RT interview if there were foreigners involved on her side, and she says no. If the Russians were involved, they would have had weapons. If Russian soldiers and agents were there, the third force, the agents provocateur, would have suffered casualties as well. As it was, she said, they were unarmed and undefended.

Two thoughts: One, who was the “third force,” the agents provocateur: Ivananko says that none of them were known to people of Odessa, that thy were strangers. This is idle speculation of course, but we now know that Academi (Blackwater) has 400 people in Ukraine, professional terrorists. That might be a place to begin an investigation into the identity of the provocateurs.

Secondly, to what end? This event is so brutal, so ugly, and so pointless that it has to have a higher purpose than to just kill and burn and bash heads. And the answer is speculative again, of course: the US/London regimes are using the Kiev junta and are trying to lure the Russians into Ukraine. So far, the Russians have resisted. They are too smart for knee-jerk reactions, and are likely watching, working behind the scenes, and planning a defense of the region that does not involve bloodshed and violence.

Two things that the Russians know quite a bit about: Fascism, which is what we are watching on display in Ukraine, and strategic traps. It was Zbignew Brzezinski who bragged to a French magazine in 1998 that Carter Administration had set a trap in Afghanistan in 1979 to lure the Russians in. Of course, the interview, translated by Bill Blum for his book Killing Hope and linked here, was never covered in mainstream outlets in the United States. Are they trying to trap the Russians again, this time in Ukraine?

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