Distinctions without differences

One of the most incomprehensible features of the Citizens United ruling by our Mullahs, our Supreme Court, was the secrecy provisions. That made no sense – even if they decreed that money should rule, even a modicum of democratic governance would indicate that we should at least know where the money comes from.

As always, it came as a revelation from someone else that made me slap my head … Of course! The secrecy provisions are in place because CU allows unfettered manipulation of political campaigns by organized crime.

We then need to understand what “organized crime” means. There’s an old meme at work that Castro kicked the mob off the island of Cuba in the early 1960’s, along with United Fruit, oil and gas and mining interests, etc. The assumption there is that there are legitimate imperialists, and there are mobsters. But take it one step further: The Mob, and not the CIA, killed JFK, say Hartmann and Waldron. That makes it more palatable.

But what if they are all one and the same? What if the mob operates under the same rules, and with the same exemptions from civil society as do Exxon, Citibank, and Chiquita Banana (once known as United Fruit).

Isn’t it then all an academic exercise? The Mob killed JFK! The CIA did! The military-industrial complex did. But I repeat myself. And the Mob/CIA/MIC obviously own some of our Mullahs, perhaps all of them. That would make them mere tools, or toys of tyrants.

3 thoughts on “Distinctions without differences

  1. And so it goes, vetting is done to select the tool best suited for the job. Since the job may change with time and events, best suited is best at following orders and not getting caught lying their asses off to those who elected them. A “Peter Principle” of sorts, sans principle.


  2. The mob went legit long ago. They weren’t stupid. The knew that the had to go legit to stay in business. Hence, they sought out and groomed men of intelligence and promise. They educated them, and then, ran them and placed them in judgeships. MUCH easier than wackin’ folks all the time. Hence, we get the big Scalia as a supreme! Hell, the mob is running the damn country!


    1. Far more likely that the mob is just a group of regional power centers that were co-opted into the larger scheme than the opposite. Their Yale and Harvard brothers would never stoop so low. Please.

      Just expand your definition of organized crime to include Citibank, AHIP and Exxon, with low-level back benchers like mobsters called on for various tasks.


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