Colin Powell to make UN appearance?

The Kiev Putsch government offered satellite evidence showing that its defense systems were not in the area at the time if the crash of MH17. The problem, says the Russian Defense Ministry, is that the photographs offered up were taken at a time when Ukraine’s satellites, Sich 1 and Sich 2, were at another location. Base on the time of the photographs, it could only have been taken by an American Key Hole satellite. Russia wonders why the US does not wish to claim ownership of the photos, instead allowing Kiev to claim they came from another source.

In response, the Obama Administration today announced that it has ask Colin Powell to briefly come out of retirement to appear at the UN to give a photo presentation of the crash site proving that Ukrainian rebels, using Russian equipment, shot down the airliner. “Our credibility is at stake here, ” said an administration spokesman, “so we wanted an unimpeachable source.”

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