If you believe …

moon-landingI spend a lot of effort trying to get people to look at evidence. It speaks, but usually says things we are not supposed to know. Consequently, just as a mother might ignore all the signs that her husband is abusing her children, most Americans studiously ignore evidence that their government has committed grisly crimes against them. Some things are too difficult to ponder.

It is irrational to believe the official story of the JFK assassination, 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing. Evidence does not support those stories. But it is entirely rational to believe in Apollo and the moon landings. Evidence is both convincing and abundant.

And false. It had to be manufactured and it had to be convincing because it was not only the American public that was being fooled, but most of the excellent people who participated in Apollo. If you choose to believe in Apollo, I won’t argue with you. Have a nice day.

The usual reasons given for diverting $40 billion to fake the moon landings are not believable – to instill patriotism and belief in the wonders of our technology? To honor the legacy of a dead hero who boldly stated we should boldly go? Those are nice side effects. (I wonder if JFK was involved in the hoax, or if he was merely deceived by people around him. He spoke of going to the moon in 1961 even as the Van Allen radiation belts were discovered in the late 1950s.)

Among the reasons for belief, the most prominent is that if it were a lie, people would talk. The government cannot keep secrets. Consider this:

  • Gus Grissom, astronaut, was an open critic of NASA, and went so far as to hang a lemon on one of the space capsules that was supposedly going to take him to the moon. He and two others died in a fire that Grissom’s family believes was deliberate murder.
  • Tom Baron was a quality control and safety inspector for North American Aviation, the primary contractor for the lunar module. He testified before congress as what we would now call a “whistleblower” about the mischievous goings-on at Kennedy Space Center. Six days later he, his wife and stepdaughter were killed at a railroad crossing. It was ruled suicide.

That’s not how the government keeps secrets. People are right when they say that governments cannot keep secrets. That is how the military keeps secrets. It’s effective. It’s why not even Truman knew about the Manhattan Project. Three things are going on:

  • Contractual obligations to secrecy. If you violate them, just the financial consequences are enough.
  • Compartmentalization. Most people involved don’t know the big picture.
  • FEAR. Grissom and Baron and others who were murdered served as a dog whistle to insiders.

The silent whistle says that if you talk, you die. And not just you – your family too. (Ergo, the absence of deathbed testimony.)

Some time down the road I’ll offer up some opinions on what NASA was really doing in those days when it was not going to the moon. It is still a closely guarded secret, so the best we can do is informed speculation. NASA is a military organization disguised as civilian. It was not playing around with rocketry for fun. The business was dead serious and the need for secrecy was paramount. But knowing that the moon landings were faked does answer a few questions:

  • Why did we never go back to the moon? We didn’t go there to begin with.
  • Why, if we had the technology in 1969, are we still searching for technology in 2015? Self-explanatory.
  • Why the quirky behavior of the Apollo moon walkers? They are and were good and decent men who must lie in public. It is not in their nature. We should just leave them alone. If they speak, they die.

If you are of a curious bent, take a walk on the wild side. The photos taken on the moon are very good fakes. That fact alone does not prove anything, but seeing how they were faked tells a much larger story.

As always, your own thoughts and abilities come into play. And again, given the abundance of evidence …

If you believed they put a man on the moon
Man on the moon
If you believe there’s nothing up his sleeve
Then nothing is cool…

… you have an abundance of good hard evidence to support you. I won’t argue the point.

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