Summer pastimes

Our little town up here above Denver is just like every other little town in the country. Every summer they put on festivals, concerts, celebrations and fairs, and people come out in droves. We did so over the weekend. It was a small affair with booths, and the corporations co-opt these opportunities to hawk their own crap. Direct TV had a booth. I walked by it several times and watched the lonely man there gathering spider webs on his body. Nobody cared.

The reason I write this is because I am so often critical of humans of the American variety. It is true that we live in a thought control regime, cluelessly. It is true that we are poorly educated, diddled by what we call “news,” and made to feel important by a PR device known as “elections.”

But these gatherings are so much fun, even just to sit in a chair and watch the people and the stuff they can do. Musical and artistic, athletic, culinary and mechanical talent is out there in abundance. Antique automobiles are crafted, preserved and spit polished by men who understand internal combustion, a mystery to me. People know how to make jelly out of wine, engraving and wood carving. They do some really nice photography (along with the usual photoshopped stuff).

imageAbove is a photo [of a photo]  I purchased … I’m no judge, but think she did a good job. It’s taken out in the Colorado flatlands.

My point is that people are amazing and wonderful, even if politically inept. As a country, we have limitless talent. I watched the ponytailed and tattooed guys on motorcycles and the ladies at the cookie stand and have nothing but affection for them.

We we suffer from bad leadership, and have for decades. We have a lousy educational and political system. But we are a wonderful people. Please don’t get me wrong about that.

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