Wikipedia: The encyclopedia of the National Security State

The “con” in “con game” stands for “confidence.” The artist behind a con game can pull off any stunt if the “mark” believes him to be sincere and honest. I’ve often been a victim, less often as I get older. Even so, any time I turn on the TV or enter a retail store, I am exposed to confidence games. (“Loyalty cards, “coupons” and “mattress sales” on Presidents’ Day are all con games, for example. It’s a way of life for Americans.)

One such con game is American “news.” It is only effective to the degree that people trust it. It is comprised of outright lies and half-truths (along with many other fractions). It serves more as distraction, keeping our attention on some events and off others, just as a pickpocket hires a shill to distract the victim while he is removing the wallet.

Con man
Con man

Brian Williams, a very talented actor/comedian, was removed from the lead spot at NBC news because he was caught in a lie. That he lied did not matter. Getting caught did. If Americans sense that he is lying, which he does as a matter of routine,  then we might lose confidence in him. The game is up. That’s why he is on hiatus.
Wikipedia is an important information source. It too is a con game. It is supposed to be the encyclopedia of the Internet, a place to go to look up anything. I use Wikipedia when I need to know things like celebrity birth and death dates, the history of rock groups, or other non-political matters. It’s fairly reliable.

But we live in a National Security State (NSS), and all our information is controlled. Unless we are aware of that fact and take steps to leave the mainstream to search for information, we are blissfully uninformed. Do you imagine that in our NSS that a powerful tool like Wikipedia is allowed to work free of control?

I have read Wiki’s version of the events of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon false flag event. Wiki is under harness, and parrots the official state line. I don’t bother with it. The lesson is this: If you choose the path of least resistance for news, you’ll be kept in a state of ignorance. The NSS, knowing that we use least-effort procedures to obtain our “news,” will give us the business.

If you rely on Brian Williams for news, you’re uninformed. If you rely on Wikipedia … you’ll have stars and dates and even some astrophysics and math, but for the important events of our time, forget it. It’s a confidence game.

Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez is a man after my own heart, bouncing from rock to rock, and not so inured to official truth as to be completely brainwashed. He once trusted Obama, and doubting the official story of 9/11 immersed himself in the “9/11 Truth” movement. He joined Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,” not knowing it was but a front group.

But he did not stop there, and like me, came across the works of Dr. Judy Wood. imageHe bought and read her book, a 500-page compilation of evidence covering everything from the impossibility of a pancake collapse to the barely-reported existence of a major hurricane off the shores of Manhattan and Long Island that day. She found hundreds of cars that had been “toasted” by some cold process, and examined seismic evidence. She found odd behavior in the earth’s magnetic fields that day that coincided with the Twin Towers being “hit by planes,” or as she puts it, “getting their holes.” She found “fire” (plasma) that toasted metal but did not affect paper, as with the cars shown below. She found that 1,200 people had jumped to their deaths that day to escape whatever process was underway inside the buildings. And more. Much more.

Cars parked blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11 - notice all the unburned paper.
Cars parked blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11 – notice all the unburned paper.

Curious as to A&E’s take on Dr. Wood, he emailed its founder, Richard Gage, who is (as I see him) a government agent. (A&E’s function is to catch skeptics and misroute them.) He asked about the group’s position on Dr. Wood’s work.

What happened next surprised him – he was removed from the mailing list, and his membership was canceled. A&E later offered to refund his membership dues if he would shut up about the matter, but he was a bit too proud to be bought for $80.

Oddly at peace
Oddly at peace

Rodriguez then moved on to Wikipedia, and put up a page on Dr. Judy Wood’s work. In very short order, the page was taken down by the overseers. He asked what was up about that, and got no answer, and so appealed the decision to remove her page. That process, which is supposed to be open for five or six days, was shut down after twelve hours.

After that, he found that his own Wikipedia account was closed. He could no longer access it. Not only was Dr. Wood banned, so was he. (Note: I searched Wiki for her name prior to writing this. It appears one time, mentioned in a Qui Tam* court case against NIST brought by Dr. Morgan Reynolds. Dr. Wood’s own Qui Tam case against NIST is not mentioned there.)

The note below is a screen grab of an email sent to Rodriquez by “Hooperbloob, an anonymous Wiki overseer.

Interesting that the NYTimes and Bloomberg are considered “really good references.”

Dr. Judy Wood is not part of the “9/11 Truth” movement. The official “truth” movement has marginalized her, attacked her. If you are interested in her work, you’ll have to take steps to see it for yourself, as you won’t find it mentioned in all the right and wrong places. It is removed from view, as our NSS does not want you stumbling on it.

This links to her web page, her book. This is a link to a YouTube about how the BBC censored her work. Please understand, you cannot be harmed by exposure to information that you don’t like or agree with. Your brain will still function afterwards. So if you’re bored, have a look at it!

I warn you, however, that you might walk away troubled by what you see and read. That state of mind, also known as cognitive dissonance, will open some doors otherwise hidden from view.
* “Qui Tam” is a whistle blower’s tool used to sue people who use government resources to tell lies. Dr. Wood and others found that “NIST”, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, lied in its offical reports on the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers One, Two and Seven. Because the private corporations who wrote those reports profited thereby, she sued them. Her case was dismissed (the judge asking her if she had a “death wish”), but we can gauge her honesty by the fact that she is willing to put her work on court record under oath. Other leaders of the “Truth Movement,” like Richard Gage of A&E, refuse to do that.

13 thoughts on “Wikipedia: The encyclopedia of the National Security State

    1. Eric over on Reptile referred to Montana Democrats as members of the “far left.” I avoid dealing with him as he is barely sentient, but I do wish that such terms would have a little more rigor. What does atheism have to do with political philosophies? Rand was an atheist, for example.

      It appears to me that anyone with an active intellect needs to confront the mysteries of the cosmos. There are many supportable viewpoints, from Malcolm Muggeridge to Chris Hitchens and more.


      1. Too funny. In my experience, 9/11 skeptics tend to be smarter and more skeptical than regular people. So what I hear you saying is that liberals are smarter and more skeptical than regular people. That’s nonsense.

        Alex Jones, by the way, is a government plant.


        1. Here’s (smart guy) Chomsky take on 9/11.

          “I think the Bush administration would have had to be utterly insane to try anything like what is alleged, for their own narrow interests, and do not think that serious evidence has been provided to support claims about actions that would not only be outlandish, for their own interests, but that have no remote historical parallel.”


          1. Smart and liberal truthers. Woody Harrelsen, Willie Nelson, Jessie Ventura, Rosie O’Donnel, Jeneane Garota, Charlie Sheen. All liberal air heads.


  1. Yes, I am aware of Chomsky’s take on 9/11, JFK and all that. At one time, when he was young, he was highly curious about JFK’s murder, but backed off. He likely knows that he would lose his job, his platform, that we would not even know his name if he spoke up. I’ve written about him and that matter here.

    Most intelligent and skeptical people know that the official stories are not true, but censorship is heavy in this land. If they have any prominence and speak up, they are punished. Sheen, for example, spoke up, and lost his TV show, woke up one morning in a closet with a hooker. That is their way of telling him to STFU, the iron fist behind the velvet glove. He’s lucky to be alive.

    I maintain, Swede, that people who see through the official story and have the courage to speak about it are both smarter and braver than you, who can’t even bring his little self to to look at evidence. You’re a scared little puppy.



    “At some point in our evolution, human beings developed the fear of death and the fear of future loss, traits that animals do not share. When used against us, these arguably irrational fears make us highly exploitable, and as such, humans have long been the most valuable resource on the planet, capable of the most extraordinary achievements, all too often receiving the most inhumane treatment.

    Originally, slavery was gruesome, brutal and quite direct, but it has evolved over the last number of centuries to include more sophisticated and cunning means of caging people. More like a psyop than a plantation now, management of today’s human farm is accomplished by setting boundaries, continuously over-stimulating fears and fantasies, rewarding high-productivity, and violently punishing divergence.”


      1. Take note, Swede, that at no point above have you taken into account any words written on this subject. You have merely posted words of authority figures. Some time, quite seriously, I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter, as I was quite clear in the post on my own, and Goldstein above as well. At a certain point, you should take the plunge, and look at the evidence.


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