Too stupid to survive?

We live in an gullible age, and “evidence” is not needed anymore to produce outrage and hysteria. I’ve been looking for actual evidence of deaths in the Paris bombings. I hope the readers will provide some. So far, I’ve got this from the Billings Gazette:


Hmmmm. Gotta get me some Kong Squeaker Balls too.

But “friends of a cousin” doesn’t do it for me. We saw these sort of stories, probably planted or spread by false rumor, after Boston. That’s not good evidence. It is hearsay, and very weak at that.

So I searched for photos of the bombing sites. I found this:


Must have been a small bomb. Most of the windows and light fixtures are not even broken. Bombs have several ways of doing damage – the immediate blast wave, which diminishes exponentially as it travels, is normally thought to be the destructive mechanism. But to kill a lot of people requires a lot of explosives, so devices targeting humans usually are loaded with shrapnel and incendiaries.  Either way, if a bomb had gone off in that building, the site should be littered with debris hundreds of feet in radius, broken windows and destroyed furniture.

This might be a civil defense drill – they are often used to bring in unsuspecting participants and to draw on government resources when false flag events are underway. The area is blocked from view, mostly, probably because there was at best a noise device, possibly some smoke at this site. It could also be a different kind of device, a POS bomb.

(POS = Power of Suggestion.)

NATO, back in the 1970’s and 80’s, did some terror bombings in Italy, intending to blame communists to keep them out of government. It must have been  different time, because the bombs were more than smoke and noise devices, innocent people were really murdered, and there was a real investigation with adversarial trials and punishments. Here’s the aftermath of a bombing of rail station in Bologna, Italy, in 1985, that killed 85 people and injured another 200:


Imagine the quantity of explosives used to produce that much damage – it was not a shrapnel bomb, and those killed or injured suffered under falling debris or had their internal organs ruptured by the tsunamic blast wave.

It was horrible, but most Americans are unaware that NATO engaged in terrorism, was caught, and people were punished. It was called “Operation Gladio.” Americans immediately reject the idea that NATO is a terrorist organization. In our indoctrination system, NATO is good guys. Period. No further thought, and anything contrary not just rejected, but not even comprehended.

It’s pretty bad here in the United States. The bulk of the population is controlled by images and suggestion, even giving up grief and tears, anger and anguish on cue, like Pavlov’s dog. It is so bad that Peter Dale Scott said the following:

“Americans are not capable of believing truth. They have been brainwashed that truth is “conspiracy theory.” A population this stupid has no future.”

Indeed. I’ve been alive 65 years, and maybe it’s just the faulty and selective memory of an old man, but I have never seen it so stupid out there as now.

7 thoughts on “Too stupid to survive?

  1. Well, watch the following video, and tell us what you think. It’s pretty graphic. The guy who took the video is Daniel Psenny, a journalist for LeMonde.


  2. I hope you’re being sarcastic. I see nothing there that cannot easily be staged, including the fortunate position of the camera to capture the action. There is some blood on the street after a body was dragged, but without closeup examination, we cannot determine if it is blood or Tempera. We hear loud noises and screams, which have in past fake events been added after-the-fact, as in “Oh my god, a plane is flying into that building!!!”

    In the past, as at Boston, they wills stage small scenes, and then amplify that in our minds so that we assume that seeing a small part, we have seen the whole. It’s a PSYOP, a mind-fuck operation.

    I want to see the names of the victims, proof of their existence, and morgue photos. I want to see open-casket funerals, grieving families at those funerals. Where necessary, I want to see autopsy reports. I am not a person who loves to see such things. I am simply someone who does not trust convenient events where small countries virtually beg to be bombed by big countries.

    We are fortunate, however, that the events are fake. The bombings Gladio in Italy were quite real. The hundreds of thousands who die in the subsequent state-sponsored terror bombing attacks after this will be quite real as well.


      1. Thanks – I will look at it later, as I am swamped right now. I have heard of Club Orlav before. Always feel free to submit links here – just know that WordPress will spam comments that contain more than three.


      1. Do you really consider it? You’ve opened a large subject and write me off far too easily. Think about it.

        Ask yourself, and let’s go way back in history, not just the last fourteen years, but back centuries, why do weak people enflame the passions of strong people? Because they are crazy? I’d hope you’d be able to admit we have our own share of crazies. The answer is, they do not. They lay low, play a waiting game.

        With these events as Paris, you always have to analyze from the point of view of tactics and strategy, and all sides are playing a game. None are stupid. Military minds scope the horizon, evaluate the possibilities, and act accordingly. If they are weak, they attack strategically, maximizing their strengths. This is how the colonies won the revolutionary war against England – they avoided direct confrontation, hit from the bushes, and eventually were able to get the British to recognize that it was futile to carry on, big ocean and other problems and all. That is how military minds work.

        As things are imagined today, the colonists would send some provocateurs over to London, set off some bombs, claim responsibility, and rally the British public for a massive assault on the colonies. Nonsense.

        Why do I automatically assume false flag until proven otherwise? Because that is how it works. Weak people do not want to be attacked. They avoid provocations. In that situation, the strong people have to supply the provocation, the false flag event. It is as old as written history, older in fact.

        Ever was it thus. (That’s a line from a Bourne movie that I like.)


  3. The threat was known, as usual. What is simpler for the world’s best surveillance systems, the most well equipped military and police, and most effective intelligence agencies and agent-handlers than to do nothing. Repeat when necessary.


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