Of rabbit holes

I received some criticism down below of being too far down the “rabbit hole.” That’s fair – all criticism is fair if offered without an agenda. For instance, when I wrote about bison in another piece, I was set straight and brought up to speed by a couple of men of good will who simply know the issue better than I do. All I need do in that situation is get up to speed.

So understand, I do not mind criticism. It’s a healthy thing. But I do want to answer the rabbit hole remark, and in such a manner as to respect the integrity of my critic. He’s good and fair minded, the latter a rare quality among bloggers.

I wanted out of blogging a while back. I was tired of having the same conversation every day. Worse than that, I had seen too much of this world, this country, and had lost all respect for our institutions and leaders. I was tired of visiting the same issues and always arriving at the same conclusion – we are being lied to. I was tired of the extreme gullibility around me, how every lie is believed with utter credulity. That is still the case.

Knowing what I know, having spent 27 years of my life looking for answers, I can spot a lie fairly easily. For instance, every public word uttered by every politician is some form of a lie. They have to lie, as by definition they are serving two masters and cannot tell the truth to both. To survive in office, they have to be loyal to one and lie to the other. They always end up serving the one with the most power, and it is not the uniformed and gullible voter.

So I long ago lost interest in politics and politicians. It’s wasted energy, as election outcomes have no bearing on public policy. Representative government long ago took leave of this land. I can’t pin the date, but for my purposes, I will guess it was 4/12/45, the day FDR was murdered [or died naturally or faked his death], and his successor, Harry Truman, a corrupt and crooked man of little talent, took office. I like that date because it frames the events of my lifetime. I came along five years later. Before that time is probably just as corrupt, but I wasn’t around for it. Since our history is a lie too, there’s little point in going back too far.

We’ve not had real presidents in my life then. Just actors and aristocrats and intelligence operatives, as we have now. The news media was a joke even in the 1930’s, when General Smedley Butler was told not to worry about them in the 1933 coup attempt. It has not reformed itself, so that virtually nothing we see on TV or read in newspapers is true save perhaps the weather forecast. These days, with six companies owning just about everything, it’s a sad joke.

Some say the military runs the show behind the scenes, but I take it a step higher. The military serves at the behest of an even higher power, the oligarchy. And that force, our wealthiest families, our .1%, knows no end to its avarice and greed. The whole planet is on a platter before it, and the enormous wealth generated by this vast country is at its disposal. Our taxes are used primarily to fund wars, and when they run short of cash, they attack Social Security and Medicare, the only two government programs still functioning well.

It’s an endless quest. The American public is regarded as the domestic enemy, and so we are under constant attack, lied to, dumbed down by entertainment and sports, and kept barely literate by education (just enough to easily accept advertising and propaganda into our pretty little heads). We are now fed a steady stream of lies – easily unraveled by anyone with a functioning brain. And when there is need for a war, an attack on some still-unconquered and independent place, we are fed a false flag event to stir our silly little heads into a frenzy of support.

Thus did I know the Paris attacks to be fake. Where once they might shed real blood and do some real murdering (as with Operation Gladio), these days they don’t have to work that hard. They just set off some noisy firecrackers and call in the dogs of the media to spread lies. Soon enough we see Facebook filled with photographs covered with French flags, comedians offering solemn tributes to fake dead before they go back on script, and singers paying lofty tributes stirring our hearts to mourn for the fake dead. Your country is about to go on a another killing spree, real murders – not fake ones – and needs your support. Patriots, do not let them down!

Does that sound world weary? Probably, but I am not. I’ve never felt so alive as I do now. Truth is an energizer. It always thrills me.

I came to realize that the reality around me is fake, and that I would never get that point across to anyone, and so I decided to quit blogging and just tune it out. But that did not last long. I need to write. So I decided to stick closer to home and heart, and write about my home state, Montana. And to keep my wits about me, I decided to ban three men who bring me down into the depths of silliness and stupidity.

I may waver, but still intend to stick by my plan. As I saw Paris go down, and then saw all of the automatic Pavlonian credulity, I could not help but say “Folks, if everything before now was a lie, it is highly unlikely they decided to start telling the truth this time.” So I went off track and wrote about some obvious fakery there, an easily understood false flag event designed to lure the American and European public into support of yet another massacre. Can’t help myself.

But if you, dear reader, cannot help yourself but to fall for every fresh lie they put on your plate, who am I to stop you? Enjoy. It’s your brain. You can either use it or not.

Truth is not a “rabbit hole.” It is a source of solace, a calm port in a sea of turbulence. I will always find comfort there. I am my own man. Can you say as much?

4 thoughts on “Of rabbit holes

  1. Mark (see… only one Mark!), I don’t know the truth of the matter in Paris — I doubt that many do. But the aftermath is all the same dog-and-pony show that people have been trained to do, it’s so predictable, including the bleeding heart liberal focus on refugees coming to america part. I don’t automatically think that just because it is a false flag, that people didn’t die.

    The Paris event is definitely a false flag, there is no doubt about that (cui bono…). But I also know that the oligarchy (or the cabal, or deep state, or whatever you want to call it) is not beneath killing some people off to achieve their purpose. I think that in most of the false flags of the 21st century, there is at least a ring of truth to some happenings in these events. Discerning the truth, though is nigh impossible.

    There may well have been 8 suicide bombers in Paris. And they may all be dead, and they may have killed all those people with guns and some body bombs. But was this ISIS’s doing? Or were some impressionable young people funded and trained and handled by the deep state?

    I’m reading Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets: ‘The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years’ right now. What thing I am learning, other than the details of the hit on JFK and the coup against Nixon and how Poppy Bush was the shadow lurking around both events — which is fascinating in and of itself — but how the truth of these events is so hidden.

    These sorts of events, coups, assassinations and false flags, are meticulously planned with layer upon layer of plausible deniability and distraction, and deflection, etc. put into place sometimes years in advance. And people are killed and end up in jail, and pay horrendous prices for their part in the events (or are handsomely rewarded). Why would that be any different today? I would think that a cabal that would wage a false war against ISIS so as to effect a coup against Assad is fully capable of expending a few hundreds lives in Paris (or… wherever) creating a media and political firestorm that works to their advantage.

    One thing you don’t mention above is the role of the intelligence and security apparatuses at work in all of these events. They are the nervous system that connects all the various parts and allows the events to be planned and succeed and covered up. Baker does a phenomenal job uncovering the role of the CIA and security apparatus behind the deep state in its take downs and operations.

    Baker had a realization as he prowled around the shadows and history of how the coup against Nixon was effected. You might appreciate it:

    The reader may be wondering why almost everything in this chapter—in particular its theme that Nixon appears to have been ousted in a nonviolent coup—is not common knowledge.
    To understand why, it is necessary to contemplate the system through which information is disseminated to the public, and the mind-set with which it is received. The common narrative on the most complex, disturbing events is usually generated by insiders—so-called investigative commissions made up of figures acceptable to the establishment, and by a handful of designated authorities deemed suitably presentable as well. For the rest of us, it is almost always easier on the conscience to accept the most benign interpretation. If everything is tied up neatly, then we do not have to do anything. The key to it all is the gatekeepers.

    Yep, “gatekeepers.” All of the major media, and “investigative” journalists, and the rest of the players all have been infiltrated and used by the CIA and deep state. Same as it ever was, today and in the future. Baker takes on all of the conventional wisdom about JFK and Nixon, and puts it aside and moves forward, 50 years after the fact to try and find some truth. That is how long it takes for even a small amount of it about these events take to come to light. And yet no one is interested any more, because the gatekeeping has been, is, and will be so effective.


  2. Thank you JC! I am so happy to be down to one “Mark!”

    I understand how from your reading that I infer that Paris is a casualty-free event. We do not know, and will never know how many real casualties there were. We do not know if there were suicide bombers. We do not know what kind of explosions took place – real bombs, or noise and smoke makers as were used in Boston. One of the red flags that signifies a false flag event is present: all of the perpetrators are dead, ergo, investigation closed. Without investigation, questions are never asked, much less answered.

    I did read Baker’s book a few years back, and for a long time sent $30 a month to his investigative web site. I think he does good work. I hope he is the real deal.

    Regarding Paris, there is one other element that is present in all of these false flag events, be they large events like 9/11, or small ones like Sandy Hook or Charlotte, and that is that the events coincide with civil defense, national guard or police, emergency and military preparedness drills. Indeed, one was running in Paris. The drill is critical, as it is the means by which government resources are drawn into service of those who stage the false flag events. There are rescue workers running around, hospitals in high alert (warned of a mass casualty drill), and solders and cops all just doing their jobs, not aware they are part of a PSYOP. There are often [crisis] actors recruited to play injured people to make the drill seem real to the participants. That’s how they get involved – innocently. [Clueless or clued-in new reporters film the actors as if they were real casualties.]

    I don’t know why, but lately it seems that these events have been casualty free. 911 certainly wasn’t. And 911 could have triggered a rethinking, as the damned pesky victims’ families insisted on investigations (which never happened) and had to be bought off. Boston was casualty-free, and as a result, not one lawsuit resulted.

    Paris … We don’t know, but then again, we have no evidence of deaths, only news reports.


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