San Bernardino

Just a word to the wise here, as there are a few such people in our country still. The event in San Bernardino again has markings of a false flag provocation. The first clue is that the supposed shooters are dead. That means no trial. The patsies in false flag events are always either killed, fake-killed, or disappeared in some other fashion.

These events happen on a regular basis now. Why? The American public is so dumbed down that Langley* hardly has to try – I am wondering now if one of the supposed “gunmen” left a driver’s license or other piece of incriminating evidence around – a diary? A flight manual in a car in a parking lot? That too is a clue – stupidly-easily-seen-to-be-faked evidence.

Please just wait for real evidence from independent investigators. I know it is hard to comprehend, but mainstream news reporters either lie themselves, as the media is loaded with CIA moles (Anderson Cooper the most prominent), or they are fooled like everyone else. CIA admitted in the late 70s to congressional committees that it controlled the major news organs, including Washington Post and New York Times. Since TV is the mostly widely used news outlet, it is also the most infiltrated and controlled. Truth only gets through if it is truth that doesn’t matter, like some prominent person having a sex change.

Just because you saw it on TV does not mean it really happened. It is a two-dimensional screen and all manner of trickery can be used to fool you. I mean, honest to god, there were no planes on 9/11 – the power of suggestion is a marvelous tool in the hands of the state and its controlled media.

So don’t be scared, don’t buy everything you’re being told. Wait for independent evidence – better yet, look for it. Do not wait for it to fall into your lap. This is our biggest problem – people do not use their heads. They wait for things to be explained to them.

My bet … by the time this event unravels, another will take its place. It is probably in the planning stages right now. If you hear of civil defense, medical response and police or military drills in your areas, get in touch with your local authorities, and demand they be cancelled. These drills are the basis for false flag events, the means by which Langley ropes ordinary people into unwitting participation.

And again , don’t be afraid. The only terrorists out there wanting to harm Americans reside in Langley, Virginia, and lately they have taken to making stage plays rather than actually killing people. They must have realized how pathetically easy it is to fool Americans.
*I use the word “Langley,” supposed location of CIA headquarters, here, in the same manner as we say “The White House” when we mean the executive branch. “Langley” is mere shorthand for the military/intelligence community, a vast unaccountable apparatus.

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