I can indeed be surprised!

This article from the Independent by Nick Harding is worth a read. Harding, light of intellect, is doing the usual ridicule routine, questioning the sanity of anyone who does not, like him, believe with utter credulity and doe-eyed incuriosity every hoaky fable fed to him by official sources.

It is how he got his job, and how he keeps it. He’s a stupid man, an incurable condition.

Down deep in the article we find the following passage:

“The number of people who believe conspiracy theories is staggering. According to various recent surveys, a third of Brits believe Princess Diana was murdered (a Daily Mail survey), a quarter believe the moon landings were faked (from Engineering and Technology magazine), nearly half of all Americans do not believe global warming is man-made (a Yale University survey) and 84 per cent of them believe 9/11 was an inside job (a New York Times/CBS poll).”

Is it not interesting that the 84% figure he cites from New York Times/CBS is reported not in the New York Times or on CBS, but rather in a British publication?

Nothing surprises me in this crazy country, but to know that those who believe the official 19-Arab fantasy about 9/11 are actually in the minority, well, that surprises me. I have to rethink. I am in the majority, but we are carefully kept from knowing about it.

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