Hitting the right notes

The rising star of Mary Sheehy Moe

Most of politics, just like the events we see around us, is fakery designed for effect. It is just a distraction, as public opinion is managed, and not heeded. There is precious little connection between elections and public policy, as the power of suggestion and advertising are all the public needs to imagine that we have representative government. Why give people more than they expect?

I dabbled briefly in politics back in the 90s, and carried away some perceptions that took a long time to gel into a solid outlook. My strongest take on the whole of the political class was seediness … such shallow, manipulative and ambitious people. Eesh! At the center of Montana politics at that time was Max Baucus. He left me feeling so cold. He was both ruthless and mean, surely a sociopath, and yet so admired within his party. Power is a magnet that can transform a stuttering geek into an admired leader.

He’s gone now, and others have moved in to take his place. Jon Tester is well known, equally transparent, a right-wing Republican in all but name, using words for effect as his actions spell out a completely different agenda. And the Democrats eat it all up.

There is another shining star on the horizon, and I see her now churning the waters, striving for recognition, ambitious, possibly ruthless, and certainly feeling entitlement due to prominent people in her lineage. She is not just Mary Moe, but Mary Sheehy Moe. Gotta get that name in there. She is saying all the right things, evoking all the correct emotions, even invoking the ghost of Dr. Martin Luther King. That’s calculated, and scary.

Check out her Facebook page. It’s a little bit disturbing, painfully phony. But that’s politics. That is the kind of people it attracts.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have another player in the works. Is she of the Baucus mold, lacking substance, or is she perhaps something better? Time will tell, but early indications are that she is hammering hard on the political xylophone, trying to hit the right notes, wanting to catch some attention. That’s not a good sign.

Max Baucus as a young man viewed the political landscape and decided to cast himself in the role of a Democrat, and so said Democrat-sounding things as he moved up the power ladder. That’s what I see going on with Sheehy. Yecch.


2 thoughts on “Hitting the right notes

  1. Rising star, or “double-dipper” retread? Cooney, another double-dipper rises again to save Gov. Bullock’s bacon. Eric Feaver (MEA-MFT) still seems to have a firm grip on statewide party affairs. Seriously, is there anyone in the Montana Democratic Party moving up who doesn’t qualify for SS and Medicare?


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