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A lesson finally absorbed

This will be a review of a political lesson I first encountered in 2012, and only recently came to fully understand. It involves Montana Senator Jon Tester and his opponents  Denny Rehberg and  Dan Cox. Party designations are mere surface … Continue reading

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Just for giggles …

The two photos above were taken on the same day, part of Jon Tester’s run for Senate from my former and Steve Kelly’s current home state of Montana in 2006.  I am hoping that our astute readers can point out … Continue reading

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Conrad Burns, Jon Tester … Round and round we go

I was walking down First Avenue North in Billings, Montana on election night, 1988. At that time I was a loyal Republican. I met a smiling man on the sidewalk. He was smoking a cigarette. I had voted for him … Continue reading

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Inconvenient documents

The post below dealt with the matter of fake death, and a commenter noted that fake deaths are not uncommon: “We are now able to disappear thousands of bodies, whole passenger planes and the most notorious “terrorist” in history. Practice … Continue reading

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Hitting the right notes

The rising star of Mary Sheehy Moe Most of politics, just like the events we see around us, is fakery designed for effect. It is just a distraction, as public opinion is managed, and not heeded. There is precious little … Continue reading

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Politics as an exercise gym (2)

(I had to do some revising of this post, as I misunderstood, or had forgotten, the makeup of the Montana State Senate. Though still heavily weighted towards land ownership, it is not as skewed as I thought.) I regard  politics … Continue reading

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Journalism in a fake democracy

I can tell you from my viewpoint that spinning Montana’s newspapers was as easy as spinning a top. There’s precious little congressional news that is actually broken by a Montana newspaper. That works to the advantage of the politician. Absolutely. … Continue reading

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Too much time on my hands here …

Still trying to shake this New Zealand bug, a persistent little bastard. My wife says that the last line of this email to William Marcus of Montana Public Radio is uncalled for. I responded that genuflection at the door is … Continue reading

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There’s Jon Tester, but then there is this too …

Of course it is discouraging to watch the world all about us and realize that moral courage is a rare, rare commodity, and that men and women of low character and ethics are not only plentiful, but successful. Men like … Continue reading

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Figures don’t lie, but liars figure

I’ve been dogged by the bug I picked up in New Zealand and now, seeing my compromised immune system, a cold/flu bug has piled on. Hence I am awake at 2:48 A.M. I have taken NyQuil, and honestly, if we … Continue reading

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