My guess: Scalia just up and died

The Scalia matter:

  • Ignore stories about pillows on his face, other suspicious stuff like death on the 33rd parallel if that is even close to where he died. Those are probably planted. They like to fuck with us. News is not of much use. The Broncos did beat the Panthers. Beyond honest reporting of things like that, high skepticism is the rule of the day.
  • If the spooks wanted to off this guy, they could do it and make it look real. It is their stock in trade, and the tools they have at their disposal are immense and sophisticated.
  • The key right now is that there will be no autopsy. That is odd, as anytime anyone dies unexpectedly, an autopsy should be performed to determine cause of death, and especially for a public figure. It is generally up to the family, but spooks often pressure families to not exercise that right. We need an autopsy, have a right to know how he died.
  • However, that said, a heart attack can be induced and no trace left behind, so that an autopsy, even if an honest one, would not resolve all doubt.
  • The body will lie in repose all day Friday before a Catholic funeral on Saturday. If the casket is open and we are allowed to view the corpse, that should end the questions on the fact of his death, if not the means.
  • Personally, I cannot imagine any reason for powerful people wanting him dead. He’s been a good soldier for the fascist cause. The idea that Obama will appoint someone with a more liberal background is nonsense, as Obama himself is only fake liberal, and so would at best appoint a fake liberal (if he even has a say in the matter).
  • And anyway, it helps to understand that our institutions are corrupt, and the Supreme Court is no exception. The idea that they act and evaluate matters independently should be set aside along with notions of a free press and honest elections. If Bush v Gore and Citizens United did not teach you that, you’re not paying attention.
  • This stuff about Obama wanting his seat, resigning, being appointed by Biden to fill it is nonsense. The president does not have that kind of power. He’s an actor, nothing more. It has been that way for decades. Nixon was the last president to forcefully exercise the power of the office.
  • And anyway, is Obama even qualified?
  • That would be interesting however, as if he were nominated to the seat he should have to supply his college transcripts from Columbia and Harvard, currently under lock and key. It would finally answer the question of whether he actually attended those places, or whether his resume’, like the rest of his biography, is fake.

It appears to me at this time that Scalia just up and died. I would mourn his passing, but I’m a little busy. He was no one important or unusually talented. He was just another soldier.

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