Inconvenient documents

The post below dealt with the matter of fake death, and a commenter noted that fake deaths are not uncommon:

“We are now able to disappear thousands of bodies, whole passenger planes and the most notorious “terrorist” in history. Practice makes perfect. One need only think of the “witness protection” program to see how easy it is to relocate thousands of people in new lives and new places, in plain sight — like Montana. The truth is out there.”

Here’s another example: while no “plane” hit the Pentagon on 9/11, there apparently was a flyover, though witnesses place the track of that airliner off line with whatever hit the building. The pilot of that airliner, Chick Burlingame, is supposedly one of the thousands of victims of the sleek and shiny reptiles who pulled of that stunt that day. If he did not really die, he would have to take on a new identity and begin a new life. He would have to be careful not to blow the gig.  But what would happen if others knew about his fake death and began talking?

This might interest you. 

I’ve also written about John Lennon here, who apparently went on to live a quiet life after his fake death in 1980. That’s a complicated scenario, as Lennon apparently did not want to fake die, and came back to life as Mark Staycer. If such a thing confounds you, it might help to understand that we simply did not know the real John Lennon. He was one thing in public, something quite different in private. That is, I would hope, the beginning of understanding, so that rather than scoff at me you reflect on your own view of what is real. We need to question everything that is presented to us in that two-dimensional screen we stare at.

But why so many fake Kennedy deaths? Quick answer: They were one thing in public, something quite different in private.

We have among us class of people, the political class, leading duplicitous lives. They lie for a living, pretending to believe things they do not 24/7. Bernie Sanders is one, as are Max Baucus and Jon Tester, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Hickenlooper, ad nauseum.  (Republicans are given a little more latitude to publicly say the batshit crazy things they truly believe, and so have more dignity about them than Democrats.) These people did not crawl into life via blue blood birth canals. They only survive by means of the lie.  Low integrity  is a requirement of the job.

But imagine you are blue blood, born to extreme wealth and privilege, given the best education, rubbing elbows with power even as a toddler. They very idea of seeking the approval of ordinary people in elections is repugnant. You are born to rule and should not have to seek the advice of waitresses and cab drivers!  You are royalty.

Robert F. Kennedy, son of a very powerful mobster, was the last person of royal lineage to seek the presidency. Since his day we have had actors in office while real power ruled from behind. It is not just Kennedys, but Morgans, and DuPonts, Rockefellers, Ven Rensselaers, Van Cortlandts, and a whole host of names that might trigger some recognition. Real power likes to be cloaked, anonymous.

But it did not start in 1963. Apparently, what was real before that day then was merely formalized with JFK’s fake death. There was an attempt in 1933, The Business Plot, exposed by General Smedley Butler. That was a failed frontal assault on the constitution by some of Wall Street’s most powerful barons.

Lesser known, but a coup d’etat nonetheless, was the insertion of Harry Truman as Vice President in 1944. Once in office, FDR was removed (or removed himself), and the failed 1933 coup succeeded. We had our first formal cardboard placard president. (Truman stole the 1948 election, in case you wonder. That man, like so many to follow, was unelectable without powerful underground support.)

What we saw in 1963 was merely a manifestation of a unique event in Western history, the 1776 breakaway, the Declaration, and the Constitution. While the United States gave appearance of a constitutional republic, and might even have been so for a while, it soon reverted to Continental form as oligarchs secretly took control. The fake Kennedy deaths were nothing more than a stage play required by the existence of our inconvenient founding documents.

2 thoughts on “Inconvenient documents

    1. The official story on 93 was that it sank into an abandoned coal mine, and there were no recovery efforts. When I heard that I closed the book on it. Complete bullshit, start to finish. If people believe it, they are beyond help.


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