Why Hillary will win the nomination

I listen to Rush Limbaugh when out and about these days. I find him less abrasive than in years past, even a little more open and honest.

It appears his primary function is to keep the eyes of his right-wing audience on the ball, focusing on Obama and the Democrats as evil lefties. This reinforces the illusion of two parties. Whether he knowingly does that it is just a useful idiot – who knows?

But he said one thing of interest, if just in passing. He noted that Hillary’s campaign appears to be collapsing, and of course finds Bernie repugnant, as do I. But then he said “Hillary will get the nomination, of course, as she owns the superdelegates.”

I had forgotten about that facet of the nominating process, the backstop in place to prevent real delegates from choosing someone upapproved by real power. I’ve been away from fake politics for too long!

5 thoughts on “Why Hillary will win the nomination

  1. I thought the Repos were destined to win the general, according to your sources, and as such why would Hill want to be the loser in the general?

    Or isn’t she in on the plan?

    By the way, in answer to you question, Rush would know. His lawyer might as might his wife or close members of his family.

    Unless Rush is a CIA plant. Then his interesting items might be just government propaganda to discourage people from becoming politically active.

    One thing I love about the Sanders campaign is their explicit and repeated focusing on the complete corruption of our political system. Is that one of the things that you find objectionable about the senator? Or is that one of the few places you agree?


    1. And another thought. If in fact, as your new past-time Rush says, the super-scary super delegates supercede the express will of the revolution, wouldn’t that blatantly and widely expose the corrupt under belly of the Democratic party to the largest voting age block in the country?

      And that would be a good thing, no?

      But, sadly i fear, Rush is again wrong. While it’s obviously true that some Dems appear willing to do whatever it takes to stop Bernie, the fact is they are too little too late. History has shown the supers follow the voters. Most of the supers have to get elected too.


  2. Steve, no one genuine makes to to national TV or radio, or even prominence in alternative media or podcasts. It is a total information control environment, so no matter which way you turn, they’ve got you covered. I do wish people would internalize the concept of controlled opposition. That does not mean I should ignore them (though Thom Hartmann makes we wanna retch). Since party politics is merely distraction, I enjoy listening to Rush’s view. He is all about party stuff.

    The idea that there will be a successful grassroots movement inside the Democratic Party is absurd, as the party exists to prevent grassroots movements. That’s why Democrats hated Nader – he did not play by the rules, and stay inside party boundaries and be crushed.

    Generally speaking the parties take turns, but HW Bush was allowed to serve a third term in 1992 (you thought Reagan was president?). Carter was cashiered after one. If Trump is a genuine man. not under control, he won’t be allowed in office, so a caretaker Democrat might be allowed to win.

    I don’t know the future, but I do understand present and past pretty well.


    1. Trump has far more media access than anyone. So he’s fake.
      Either that, or the amount of media access isn’t what determines your fakeness. You have to make up your mind.
      Since they blacked out bernie for the first six months I suspect he’s the real McCoy.

      But only based on your criteria.


  3. Trump gets nothing but negative coverage, in case you did not notice, though it has not stemmed his support. He is too big to ignore. He will not be the nominee, I think it safe to predict. I do not know if he is fake or real.

    Bernie has been getting powerful support from the beginning. I don’t watch TV commercials, but see that he is all over the screen now. I see two possibilities – he is a sheepdog, which I still weigh most likely, or he is simply there to damage Hillary and open the door for the eventual Republican nominee. But he is not real, cannot be real, as reform movements are not allowed in the Democratic Party. If his is being allowed, you need to look for other reasons.

    I am surprised at you, having to explain the intricacies of politics as if you were a newbie. Have you been talking lessons from Pogie? The first rule of politics is that nothing is as it appears. The real power is behind the candidates, who are mere cardboard cutouts.


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