Our fake republic

imageIt occurred to me last night as we discussed American politics … once in office whoever wins has no real power. The parade is already in motion, its destination determined by other, more powerful forces. Politicians are nothing but baton twirlers. (Think of the scene in the movie Animal House where the lead baton twirler in the parade is bumped aside and replaced. That is a nice metaphor for our presidential elections.)

If the Democrats need a sheepdog to keep them in the game, this year Bernie Sanders, then why not the Republicans too? The slate of candidates is comprised of dull, witless automatons, one of whom will take on the role of leader. None inspire enthusiasm or confidence, but they are all we get.

Sanders and Trump inspire crowds, keep people in the game. They are both sheepdogs.

Why could I not see this before? I think I suffered from the illusion that the Republican base, even though like Democrats dumb as a kettle of fish, did not need revving up to stay in the game. But of course they do!

Election outcomes do not matter, but the fact that we have elections does. That is the key – so long as we believe we have democratic rule the state of the union is solid. Our fake republic stands.

3 thoughts on “Our fake republic

  1. The two-party structure, with all its booby traps, brick walls and other barriers to free, open elections serves as the league that manages all the games. Its purpose is to perfect impenetrable (fortress) structures to thwart anyone or any group not satisfied with the duopoly that might decide to take on the establishment powers that be via the election process. Without parties, many of the dull candidates that take up all the oxygen in today’s charade simply would not be running their fake campaigns.


  2. Your post is a case study in conformation bias. “How could I have missed it,” indeed?

    Bernie is beyond your experience, Mark. Hill was surprised as well and is being continuously surprised.

    Two major tells that you are completely oblivious to.

    The DNC’s Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (DWS) cut off the Bernie Campaign’s VAN GNP access. This showed major and complete desperation. And Bernie prevailed immediately in Federal Court Action, which is also ongoing.
    DWS just changed the fund raising rules to allow Clinton to expand her now exhausted universe of donors to lobbyists. The Clinton campaign is in serious trouble. Both economically and organizationally.

    Bernie is a threat to Hillary’s inauguration plans. Any fool can see that, but many don’t.


    1. I am 65 and never in my lifetime has a populist campaign succeeded. Bernie’s would be the first. Lucy is holding the football for you. Kick it!

      Something is up here. I may not have yet figured it out. But something is up I assure you. Bernie is not real. He’s a Democrat. The party exists to quash movement politics. Not promote it.

      Something is up. Something is up.


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